10 Amazing Things People Use VPN For?


What VPN will do for you?

Of course, we all know that VPN encrypts and protects your connection online especially on public Wi-Fi. This means that you can hide your IP address as well as data from those surfing the internet by just using a Virtual Private Network tunnel. VPNs are not only for safe connections between you and your business but also protect your personal information from intruders and hackers.

Is VPN only for privacy purposes and functions? I know you are asking yourself this question right now. VPN is purposely designed to create an encrypted tunnel for transmission of data between your computer and VPN server. But this is not the only benefit that VPNs comes along with. Let’s discover 10 amazing things that people use LimeVPN for.


  1.    Playing online games


Guess what, nowadays people enjoy playing online games compared to those installed on their Smartphones or computers. Gamers usually prefer to use LimeVPN to enjoy playing their games while maintaining their privacy and anonymity.


  1.    Stops search engine from tracking


I love Google with all my heart and I meant it. I can even go ahead and describe it a lifetime companion. Why? With professor Google, I get the information I need. Further, I get all of my data protected in Google drives. No worries when my personal computer gets damaged. But not everyone would travel in the same direction as I do. There are valid reasons for some of us wanting to keep their data out of Google’s hands. Perhaps let’s say you don’t want Google tracking you while surfing.

But this doesn’t mean you have to stop using Google as a search engine. That’s Right: But how? LimeVPN will take care of your personal information from getting accessed by those websites you visit with no one even having a clue of your identity. Is this not amazing? Usually, LimeVPN acts as a third party server. The website you’re accessing will see you like a traffic coming from a different IP instead of the IP address of your computer. Thus, LimeVPN will stop Google from tracking you and your searches while surfing the internet.


  1. Shopping online


People who prefer buying from online stores have all reasons to hide their real IP address. For instance, having privacy for geographical location, eliminating digital footprint, avoiding web tracking or getting blacklisted among others reasons from being accessed. If you want to shop online with all your shopping activities anonymized, the safest way is to pretend to be someone else. LimeVPN will prevent intruders from stealing your usernames and their passwords especially with those involved in the method of payment. Let LimeVPN take care of secrecy and privacy of your online activities.


  1.    Unblocking website that is restricted


In some countries, some sites are banned to be accessed by the general public. Assume you want to catch up with the latest episode of your favorite movie. When you try to access the website s, you get a message alerting you the website is unavailable. Despite the urge burning inside you at the moment, you can do nothing about it. So, if the Urge continues to pursue you mercilessly and all you wish for is to access the blocked website, all you need to do is surf the internet via LimeVPN which is capable of hiding your IP to protect your identity


  1. Being safe on the public Wi-Fi


Public Wi-Fi hotspot available in public places like coffee shops, hotels, airports, and cafes usually lack security encryption. Though we believe that the Wi-Fi hotspots are safe to use since we trust the businesses providing the Wi-Fi, it’s not entirely safe for your data protection. Let’s not forget that criminals find it very easy to steal data from Wi-Fi hotspot lacking security. With no encryption, your personal information becomes available as any television you tune to.

To secure your wireless internet connection from a public Wi-Fi hotspot from hackers who are locally scattered all over, you can consider using LimeVPN. This virtual private network connection encrypts your data. As a result, no one will be in a position to decipher whatever you are doing.


  1.    Save money on airfare


Finding one of the best deals for traveling purposes can be a challenging process entirely. Comparing websites that offer flying services is not an easy task as you may think. You will note that price rises as you continue to search for a more affordable flight. This is because the airlines often track whatever details you were looking for and after that, they will increase the flight rates and charges accordingly. Usually, the websites can determine your geographical location by looking at your IP address, cookies, GPS on handheld devices, Wi-Fi and Geo-location coding on sites.

How do I save money on airfare without being caught while doing my searches from my geographical location? Simple. Just use LimeVPN that will suit your needs for keeping off the websites from tracking your IP, search histories or cookies. LimeVPN will help change your IP address to countries with lower incomes or change the IP to that one of a country that the airline is based. This trick will save you several dollars


  1.    For Torrents


While using torrents, you can quickly put yourself in a position for others to monitor your download. It’s impossible to realize it, but you can take precautionary actions to hide your IP address from every computer. Nowadays, using LimeVPN software will have your connection (including torrents) protected. This means you can quickly distribute a file in a peer-to-peer network.


  1. Securing VoIP calls


Voice over the internet protocol (VoIP) is a method for voice communication between two persons. We can describe it more of a telephone call over the web. It was made more famous by providers such as Skype and Viber. Actually, VoIP fits the budget for the sole purpose of cutting down telephone bills. In some countries, especially those with a government censorship block, are not allowed to use of VoIP service. Using unsecured connection will allow other devices turn on VoIP message waiting for an indicator. This will grant access for intruders to listen to a conversation. It is challenging to stop these attacks. So, to prevent them, you may have to use LimeVPN tunnel rather than just making a voice call remotely. Virtual Private Network creates a platform for secure VoIP calls for business enterprises and hence, the information can securely flow without any possible risk of hopping involved.


  1. Bypassing Government censorship


The continued rise of internet era lately has created a platform where the access of information today is virtually endless. Educated societies have embraced the rise of the internet with both hands whereas some governments watch over public web preferences, and it denies access to certain websites. If you live in a country that has government censorship policy, you can easily bypass any internet censorship by connecting through LimeVPN. While connected using LimeVPN; your internet connection becomes protected over the third party. The created tunnel gets encrypted through a trusted access point, and no one can see or control whatsoever activities happening inside that tunnel.


  1. To stop being tracked by ISP


Regardless from where you are surfing the internet, your internet service provider can quickly follow up on every action you take online. The ISP can get access to your browsing, download history and any applications and programs you use and probably sell this information to the third party. This means that every website you visit and the files you download have records with the ISP provider. Be assured that anything you do online is tracked by internet service provider unless you use a VPN connection such as LimeVPN. With using this incredible virtual private network, the ISP can see you are connected through a private tunnel but cannot know what you are doing.



Where do I get my LimeVPN from?

Having realized the benefits of using a Virtual Private Network so far, you must be asking yourself where to get my LimeVPN? There are a lot of companies offering VPN services around the globe. But you don’t want to make choices that you will regret later. Let me give you an assurance that using LimeVPN will give you 100% protected connections over the internet.

LimeVPN is available for as low as $1.49 with all the features to keep you safe while surfing.

LimeVPN have its own server software and manage all their hardware and networks. Hence, these features enable them to deliver fastest VPN connection in the world. LimeVPN includes multiple protocol options for safe internet connection at home, work or smartphones and computers whether you are using android, iPhones, Mac or Windows.

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