10 Apps that will keep your IOS Devices protected

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The newest member of the iOS family has become quite popular and you certainly want to be part of it. It has many new and interesting features but all of them are not protected very well. In other words, iOS 10 has several security problems that you manually must solve.

Luckily for us, there are now many different solutions that can be used to increase the security. This article will show you 10 of the most popular ones.


1Password has a unique way of raising the security levels – by locking all of your passwords under one big password. This is a particularly neat app for people who cannot remember all the passwords for the websites that they use and for people who generally have a lot of passwords.

Furthermore, the app also works as a password generator. This means that it can come with really great passwords for you and store then under the AES 256-bit encryption. It is completely free for download and you can


Keeply takes it all to a new level. Unlike 1Password which stores only your passwords, Keeply stores all the confidential data. Whether you have to deal with numbers, pins, credit cards or just simply private notes, Keeply will make it all safe and locked under a password.

The best thing about this app is the fact that it can provide fake passwords for people who ask. When they enter the fake password and enter Keeply, they will see that you have nothing added in there. Creative, indeed!


A virtual private network provides maximum encryption and an additional layer of security to your internet connection. Currently, VPN Services are used by tens of millions of people worldwide in order to protect their data and increase the levels of anonymity.

In other words, if you have a new iOS, a VPN is a must-have that will help you save all of your info on the Internet. Installing a VPN can be done in several ways – PPTP VPN, Open VPN, L2TP IPSEC. Once you have it installed on your iOS, you will not have to worry anymore about your security.


Mailbox Zeo

This is a rather unique mailbox that is very important when it comes to the security of your mailbox. Its primary function is not security, though. In fact, its primary function is to sort the emails that you receive by relevance and other parameters.

The thing that makes it the ultimate mail security app is the fact that it does not use distant servers to store your password and your information – it all stays on your phone and once you delete it, it is deleted forever.


Tor browser is the best encrypted browser that ensures all your whereabouts on the internet remain encrypted. The iTorChat is a chat app that you can use in order to protect your messages. The encryption levels with this app are very high and combined with a VPN you can have protection like the big companies such as Apple or Microsoft.


Signal is another chat app that uses end2end encryption for chatting. What makes it different from other chatting apps with this kind of encryption is the fact that you are able to verify who is on the other end of the chat anytime and they cannot remain anonymous. Furthermore, it has an algorithm for checking integrity of the chatting channels that are being used.

Another difference from iTorChat is the price – Signal is completely free while you have to pay 1.49 pounds in order to be able to use iTorChat.


Yet another email security app is called Mynigma. It also uses end2end encryption for your emails and the encryption itself does not require cloud servers in other to work. This means that, just like Mailbox Zeo, the information sent and received will be seen only by you on your phone and it will disappear completely once you decide to delete it.

Lock It Up!

Lock It Up! is actually quite a friend in need that you will use when in real security trouble. The program is installed on iOS and it runs in the background and does not consume much energy. So what is it for? Well it is for remote locking up for PCs and MACs via an iPhone. Thus, if you need to lock up something remotely, you can do it in a couple of steps with Lock It Up!

Knock 2.0

Knock 2.0 is also used for locking a Mac remotely via an iPhone but its originality lays in the idea that you only need to tap twice on the screen in order to lock it. Unlike Lock It Up! this app does not support PC remote locking. On the other hand, the simplicity of this app made it popular and there is even the app for Apple watch that requires a unique fingerprint in order to perform the locking.

To sum up, these were the 10 popular and useful apps for increasing protection levels on your iOS. Some of them you will find more and some less useful. One thing is certain – whichever app you choose, it is a good idea to connect it with a VPN in order to enhance all the levels of security and make sure that you can go anonymous online anytime and not have to worry about potential data theft or hacking.