10 Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows in 2020

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With the myriad materials and contents that are available to you on the internet, nothing gives more joy than finding the best free movie streaming sites. Then you would be able to sit back, relax, and stream your favorite movies and TV shows at no cost to you. It would blow your mind just how much entertainment you can find ranging from vintage cinema to new episodes from hot and trending TV shows.

Table of Content

1 . Best Free Movies Streaming Sites: Brief Review

2. Quick Guide On How to Use A VPN On Free Movie Streaming Sites

3. Why You Need A VPN and How to Choose the Best

4. Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows

5. Premium VPNs to Protect You When Accessing Free Movie Streaming Sites

6. The Best Premium Free Streaming Sites You Need A VPN to Access

7. FAQ

As tempting as it is to access these free streaming sites, you need to bear in mind the risk involved. Not every site is safe for you as hackers ae everywhere, placing malware strategically, and waiting for a victim. Also, some content online that is available for free is not legal, and viewing them could mean a breach of copyright. While you must avoid pirated and copyrighted materials, you also need to protect yourself from falling victim accidentally.

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The best way to ensure you are safe and protected as you stream free content online is with the use of a VPN. a premium VPN encrypts your connection and saves you from malicious attacks. This way, your data stays safe, and you are free from launched attacks by hackers and scammers.

In this article, you’ll get to find out the best free movie streaming sites, and how to use them safely with the best VPNs.

Best Free Movies Streaming Sites: Brief Review


1 . Crackle: it has a great search function that makes it easy for you to find any content you are looking for.

2. Popcorn Flix: this site is the best when you are looking for old school hits and all-time classics

3. Vudu Movies On Us: you have high-quality content for free, and come at a cost but overall the catalog is well organized and promises great user experience.

4. Tubi TV: it prides itself as the site with the largest free movies catalog and TV shows in the US.

5. Pluto TV: it’s a go-to for kids shows, live TV, and sports broadcasts.

6. CONtv: here you can get the best horror, sci-fi, and cult movies.

7. SnagFilms: a go-to site for cult classics and independent films

8. Classic Cinema Online: you can stream all your best and hard to find classics here.

9. Veoh: there is a lot of content here that is uploaded by users. You can also find classics here.

10. YouTube (USA): if you are looking to find short video clips, and scenes from your favorite movies and TV shows then this is the place to be.

Quick Guide On How to Use A VPN On Free Movie Streaming Sites


1 . Choose a premium VPN. we highly recommend LimeVPN because of its unparalleled security and encryption, blazing speed, and ease at which it bypasses geo-blocks.

2. Select a plan and install the VPN. then connect to a server in the US so you can have access to a wide variety of content.

3. Choose a free streaming site from our list of reviews and start enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies.

Why You Need A VPN and How to Choose the Best


You need a VPN to have access to every free movie streaming site because some of the best are geo-restricted. This implies that if you are in a location where the content isn’t intended for, you won’t be able to view it. There are different reasons why this happens but it usually comes down to the right to broadcast.

A VPN can allow you access as it hides your real IP and location, and routes your traffic through a different server which you have chosen. This way when you access the internet, it would appear you are in the location you have chosen. So if you are in the UK and wish to access a video that is only available to US residents, all you have to do is connect to a US server.

A VPN also protects you from cyber-attacks that you are prone to while on free movie streaming sites. Such sites lack good enough security and they leave you exposed to different types of attacks. And so while you are enjoying the entertainment they provide, you must ensure you’re protected.

Even though the sites that would be reviewed here are safer than most, you never can tell what would happen the next minute. Most of the sites have third party pop up ads that could have malware hidden in them. So it’s best to be careful than not.

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The sites could also track your activity, and sell your data to advertising companies, or provide these data to the government upon request. But with a VPN, whatever you do remains anonymous and can’t be traced back to you so you stay safe. Your traffic is encrypted and your location is invisible. So not even your ISP can track you and get hold of your data.

When choosing the VPN service to use, these features are the most important you should look out for:

1 . Encryption: choose a VPN that offers you strong encryption; nothing less than 256-bit encryption. This way, even if your data is intercepted, it won’t be useful to your attackers.

2. Fast and stable connection: VPNs reduce your internet speed because of the tunneling and heavy encryption they bring to the table. But a good VPN won’t cause a significant reduction to your browsing speed, so you can still stream without lagging.

3. Adblocker: there are a lot of pop-ups you will encounter as you visit free streaming websites. You can’t be so sure of their safety but it’s better to protect yourself so you don’t accidentally click on one that has malware hidden in it. Besides, too many ads can be frustrating.

4. No logs policy: some VPN services store your activities on their servers and if this is the case, there is the chance that your data can be given away or sold to third parties. So only choose a VPN service that keeps no logs because only then can you be sure of total anonymity.

5. 24/7 customer service: choose a service that stays with you all through and attends to you promptly if you encounter any issues.


Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows


1 . Crackle

Crackle is a free streaming site that is owned by Sony, so by this, you get access to all of Sony’s catalog.  There are hundreds of content to enjoy including classics and original shows. What the website offers you is being rotated constantly, so each time you go online you can be sure to find something new to watch.

Its interface is well organized, so you can navigate easily and find what you want without stress. You can either search by title, or by actor and genre.

There is no need to sign up before you start watching, but the advantage of signing up however is that you can create your watch list. Crackle is only available in the US so if you are anywhere else, you would need a VPN to enjoy contents from this great site. Another downside is that it comes with ads and so if you are considering this site, go for a good VPN that would also block ads.

2. PopcornFlix

With PopcornFlix, you get movies and shows from a lot of genres. Even though they don’t offer you anything new, you will get classics and hits from the past that you can enjoy if you feel nostalgic.

The organization of movies in the site is according to the genre, with a different section for movies and another for TV shows. You can easily find what you are looking for with the search function.

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Just as with most free streaming sites, you don’t need to sign up before watching your favorite video. The site however lets a lot of pop on ads that can’t be trusted, so always use a premium VPN that can keep you secure from malware attack before you visit this site.

3. Vudu Movies On Us

Vudu Movies On Us is a go-to site for a wide range of both free and pay to watch movies and TV shows. There are a lot of movies and shows to choose from in every genre, and what’s even more enticing is that you get to watch them with the good video quality.

The site is properly organized, and you would immediately know which movies are free to watch, and which you would have to pay for. You can scroll through the titles if you have nothing specific in mind, or you can use the search function if you have something in mind.

You would need to sign up to use this service but the process is short and the only credentials that are required awe name, email, and a password. Nothing personal.

4. Tubi TV

Even though Tubi TV is only available in the US, it isn’t a problem as you can still have access to the site from around the world with a VPN. here, you can enjoy different types of contents including the trending ones. You would need to register before you begin enjoying this site and all you need for the registration are your names, email address, and date of birth.

It’s very easy to use and navigate this website, so you can easily find what you need here.

5. Pluto TV

Free Streaming Sites

On Pluto TV, you get to choose from different types of content ranging from sports broadcasts, TV shows, kids shows, and also live TV shows. Its major problem is that navigating the site is not as easy but once you have found the movie or show you want, playback wouldn’t be a problem.

Pluto TV is available in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Switzerland so if you are in any other location, you would need to connect your VPN to any of the above-mentioned countries before you can gain access.

6. CONtv

Free Streaming Sites

CONtv is the best choice for you if you love horror, cult films, and sci-fi movies. It’s only available in the US though so to enjoy this service, you would need to connect to a US server.

Even though they primarily provide you with sci-fi content, you have so much more like gaming, fantasy, superheroes, and martial arts. It’s very easy to navigate and you have a search function to help you easily locate the movie you want to watch. You would be required to sign up before you start watching, but the details that would be required of you are nothing sensitive.

7. SnagFilms

Free Streaming Sites

With over 2,000 titles to choose from, SnagFilms offers you a great catalog of movies and TV shows to keep you entertained for free. Sign up is required but it’s very simple and takes only a few moments of your time.

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The site’s interface is well organized, and there are ads although the ads are not as frustrating and intrusive as with other sites.

8. Classic Cinema Online

Free Streaming Sites

If you love vintage cinemas and miss classics like Charlie Chaplin movies, then Classic Cinema Online is the place you should be. Sign up isn’t required and so you can start streaming immediately. It’s worthy to note that the site doesn’t host the movies, but provides you with links to which you can watch the movies.

With this information, it’s obvious why you would need to connect using a VPN as your safety isn’t assured on third party sites.

9. Veoh

Free Streaming Sites

Veoh free streaming platform offers you over 7,000 movies and a lot of TV shows to enjoy. You don’t need to create an account if you want to stream videos, but if you want to upload, you would need an account. Account creation is easy and doesn’t require any sensitive information.

Since Veoh also hosts contents uploaded by the user, you would need to be careful when using this site as an attacker could embed malware in a link. A VPN would ensure you are safe and protected from any malicious attack.

The website’s interface is well organized, and the search function lets you find what you are looking for easily.

10. YouTube (USA)

Free Streaming Sites

YouTube is one of the most popular free video streaming sites. It has a lot of content for you but unfortunately, you will be faced with many ads and pop-ups, so you need a VPN to ensure your experience is smooth and the ads are blocked.

YouTube would allow you access to a lot more content if you are connecting from the US, so use a VPN and connect to a US server to enjoy much more. You have a lot of free videos to enjoy, but they are also some you would have to pay for.

Accessing YouTube can be done without creating an account, but there are some perks associated with creating an account and they include uploading videos, creating a playlist, and getting notifications when a new video is uploaded to your favorite channel.

Premium VPNs to Protect You When Accessing Free Movie Streaming Sites


When you stream movies on free streaming websites, there is a high chance that you will download hidden malware, or have your activity sold to third parties. Either way the enjoyment you get from watching the movies could lead to a costly mistake. There is a way you can safely stream movies and other videos online and it’s by the use of top quality VPNs and that’s why we are bringing the best 4 to you.

1 . LimeVPN – Fast and Most Secure

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast connection speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • NAT firewall and Hotspot Wi-Fi protection against exploitation of loopholes
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • 8 VPN protocols available to you
  • No logs policy
  • No DNS leaks

Top on our list of the best VPN to use in accessing free streaming websites is LimeVPN. You have a lot of time to check out their features and make up your mind. No pressure with their 30-days money-back guarantee. You also get a fast speed internet connection despite the encryptions, so you can stream without buffering and have a great time.

To ensure that your security isn’t compromised as you stream on the sites, there is a NAT firewall and hotspot Wi-Fi protection. So even if there are loopholes in your network, hackers won’t be able to capitalize on them. Your data is protected by the AES 256-bit encryption, so all your details and your connection remain private.

LimeVPN takes your privacy seriously, that’s why they don’t keep logs of your activity. So whatever sites you visit, or searches you make are not saved anywhere. There is also a feature that protects you from DNS leaks to ensure that your online privacy remains intact.

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There are a lot of servers to choose from in different locations, so no matter the site you wish to access, you will have a server to choose from that would unblock the content you are looking for. A large number of servers also ensures that you can always have a server close to you for better speeds.

All problems and queries would be resolved instantly by the 24/7customer service. So LimeVPN is a service that gives you the best and stays with you all through.

2. NordVPN – Best for Streaming Movies

  • Servers in over 59 countries with 2048-bit AES encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Adblocker
  • Automatic kill switch
  • No logs policy
  • Compatible with all operating systems and most browsers
  • Works with every streaming platform

NordVPN is a service that offers you powerful security and fast speed so you can enjoy streaming to the fullest without having to worry about anything. With over 5,400 servers all around the world, you don’t have to worry about jam-packed and slow servers as there is enough to go round. All streaming sites can be accessed using NordVPN, and you will notice a seamless performance.

You can stream geo-locked content easily without having to worry about setting it up manually, thanks to the SmartPlay feature. All you have to do is connect to the country with permission to the content you want and you’re good to go.

An important feature is adblocking. This enables you to watch videos without the frustrating pop-ups, and you also get to stream safely without fear of accidentally clicking on malicious links or downloading malware. Other features that have been put in place to ensure your security isn’t compromised is the DNS leak protection, kill switch, and the military-grade encryption.

Their strict no logs policy makes it impossible to have your activities sold or handed over to third parties. So the privacy you are trying to protect would stay that way. If you encounter any issues during use, you can have them resolved immediately thanks to the 24/7 live support.

3. CyberGhost – Best to Get Over Geo-Blocks

  • Over 6,400 servers in more than 90 countries, each having AES 256-bit encryption
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DNS leak protection
  • No logs policy
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Can unblock all video streaming platforms
  • Compatible with every operating system and most web browsers

CyberGhost gives you all the features you need to stay safe while streaming movies from free platforms. It gives you great security and ease of use, making it a top choice for those who are not really into tech.

You can bypass geo-blocks easily and watch content only available in other locations. So nothing is out of your reach. The encryption also ensures that nothing gets into the wrong hands as your data and online activities remain safe and private. No logs policy and DNS leak protection are all put in place to give you the anonymity you need.

Even in the event of a failure to connect to the VPN servers, your identity won’t be leaked as the automatic kill switch would step in and prevent any unsecured connection to the internet.

4. ExpressVPN – Offers Smooth Streaming Experience

  • Fast connection speed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Over 3,000 servers in 160 locations with a 256-bit encryption
  • DNS/IPv6 leak protection
  • Automatic kill switch
  • No logs policy
  • Works with all video streaming platforms
  • Compatible with all operating systems and most browsers

Connection speed is essential especially when video streaming is what you intend to do, and ExpressVPN offers you a lightning connection that allows you to watch movies smoothly. Their servers are located in many locations, giving you many options to choose from so you can access a lot of content no matter the location.

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You can use this VPN to get the most out of most video streaming platforms as it is compatible with them all. You also get top-rated security features like military-grade encryption, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch. The VPN service provider doesn’t keep logs of your activities so your privacy remains intact.

If you require assistance, there is a 24/7 customer service waiting and ready to provide you with the help that you need.

The Best Premium Free Streaming Sites You Need A VPN to Access


You don’t always have to stream movies from these other sites that are not completely safe as some TV networks and studios have free premium streaming sites. These sites give you access to new episodes of shows after they are aired and a lot more. The videos are all of high quality, and they are safe and legal.

A downside to these sites is the restrictions they have. Many sites restrict access to only viewers in their own countries. So if you live somewhere else where the content isn’t hosted, you won’t be able to view and can only do so with a VPN.

The UK

BBC iPlayer: BBC is the biggest TV broadcaster in the UK and every resident can find almost every one of their shows in their archives.

ITV Hub: this TV offers a lot from reality shows to soap operas

All 4: here you can get comedies, dramas, and documentaries.

In The US

NBC: NBC gives you access to some of its popular shows and series.

ABC Go: ABC allows you stream popular TV shows as well as classics on their site

Disney Now: Disney Now can help keep your kids entertained with all their favorite shows in one place

Fox: with Fox, you can stream the biggest shows, news, sports commentary, and a lot more for free

In Canada

CBC Gem: CBC gives you the best TV shows and movies from Canada and other parts of the world.

In Australia

ABC iView: with iView, you will have access to every show on the channel from all over the world.

SBS OnDemand: on SBS you will get to stream dramas, sports, classic movies, and comedies for free from all over the world.



1 . Are There Free VPNs That Work for Streaming TV Shows?

Yes, there are free VPNs that work for streaming TV shows, but the services you would get can’t be compared to those from paid VPN service providers. So for the best performance at all times, go for a VPN that asks you to pay. That way you can be sure they are not making a profit with your data.

2. Is It Illegal to Use VPNs to Access Geo-Blocked Content?

The use of VPNs is legal as long as the source is legitimate. It’s only illegal to use VPNs in countries that have placed bans in their use.

3. What Else Can A VPN Be Used for Apart from Accessing Streaming Services?

A VPN encrypts your connection and saves you from data breaches when you access free streaming sites. It also makes you anonymous and hides your real location.



There are a lot of free movie streaming sites that offer great content to keep you and your household entertained, but most of them come with a price. There is the issue of security, and it’s easy to fall victim to hackers on these sites as some of them allow users to upload content. The uploads could have hidden malicious content. Some also redirect you to a site where you can watch the movies, and such third party sites could have anything.

Ads don’t only take away the pleasure of seamless navigation of the site, but they could also have malware hidden in them. So to ensure you are safe, you need a good VPN. LimeVPN is highly recommended for you on free movie streaming sites to ensure your data remains safe, and you are anonymous and untouchable by attackers.