10 Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows And How To Watch Them Anywhere

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Netflix has amazing movies, tv shows, and more entertainment on its list, but did you know that based on your country you can only view what is accessible in other languages?

For instance, the top series Money Heist is actually a Spanish show but it was available for all users including India to even view it.

But there are however certain US shows that are brilliant in its story but sadly you cannot watch it because either you’re not from the same geographical location or that movie or tv show has been blocked to exhibit in your country.

You know it Netflix exhibits the latest releases and when you can’t view the top shows that are really a restriction.

However, we believe that you can eliminate this restriction and watch any kind of US shows without anyone knowing that you can, including Netflix too.

We have covered the ultimate solution that will help you watch all the US shows without any restrictions or hassles, right here in this article:

What to expect?

1 . The detailed information displayed about how a VPN can help you watch multiple US shows without any restrictions

2. To help you get started, we have covered best rated US only Netflix shows that will keep you hooked to your seats

Let’s get started then.

How can a VPN help you watch best rated US only Netflix shows?

VPN stands for a virtual private network.

VPN is the ultimate solution that we were speaking about as great security to your routers.

The reason being VPNs ensure that whatever actions you conduct online it is always secured without your identity being revealed by any sneak peeks made by any hackers.

Let’s understand this better with an example: The image of the person sitting on the laptop is you. You are using your router to connect to the internet. While you do this, you have three different kinds of people who have the opportunity to access what you’re doing. 

They are either tracking you or capturing your information. 

Every device will have a unique IP address and that can give your location away. This can help the hackers identify you quicker and capture more information about you. So what a VPN does is, it ensures that your IP address is hidden so that whatever actions you conduct whether it is accessing social media and more is always secured behind a tough wall.

So basically say that you want to watch a US Netflix show and you are aware that only those who are in the US can watch that show. 

So what the VPN would do is, it would make your IP address change in such a manner where it will reflect that you are in fact in the US when actually you’ll be in your own country. The shows will instantly be accessible to you, isn’t that great.

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Now that we have explained to you how a VPN can help you watch the top best rated US only Netflix shows, we have curated a set of the top shows that you can get started immediately on.

10 Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows to get started with a VPN

1. The Twilight Zone

A 1959 TV series, if you’re a fan of exploring and diving into multiple worlds, this is the movie for you where you move around the land of imagination. 

IMDB Score– 9

2. The West Wing

Do you love Aaron Sorkins? Do you think that a good leader will guide the country with facts and better knowledge? or do you think that a team of rivals is what works better for you? Any of the questions asked have received a yes from your end, get on with this movie already. 

IMDB Score– 8.9

3. Twin Peaks

Twin peaks is an extraordinary story that will make you go numb after watching it. What is twin peaks all about? Well, time to start binge-watching. 

IMDB Score– 8.8

4. Dexter

Dexter is a series that will make you put down whatever you’re doing and make you binge-watch the entire season in one night. The story revolves around Dexter who follows a police crime scene investigator but is a serial killer himself and his targets are serial killers. Strange? Curious? Well, start watching right away to find out. 

IMDB Score– 8.6

5. Person of Interest

Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows What happens when an invasion of privacy is put to real good? The story is about a former spy agent who teams up with an individual who is the creator of an AI solution that will help predict murders through the invasion of your privacy partner. Interesting ain’t it?

IMDB Score– 8.4

6. Criminal Minds

Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows

The story is about identifying the criminal minds and trying to anticipate their next actions before they conduct it. Running for 15 seasons, you need to get on with it. 

IMDB Score– 8.1

7. The Tudors

Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows This is a period drama movie where the story is about King Henry VIII starting the Church of England and beheading his wife’s fame. 

IMDB Score– 8.1

8. Jericho 

Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows This is a 2006 series where the story is about a town that is fending for themselves after they saw sunshine being opened near Denver.

IMDB Score– 7.9

9. Weeds

Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows This series is a dark comedy where a woman who after the death of her husband starts to sell marijuana. But the money she earns has its own problems attached to it. 

IMDB Score– 7.9

10. The Borgias

Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows

This is a historical fiction drama series where the story is about the community Borgias who are outsiders from Spain and how they take control of Renaissance Italy. 

IMDB Score– 7.9

The Bottom Line…

And there you go.

Now you have everything you need to binge-watch the latest shows and movies, no matter which country it is from.

A VPN is a great way to hide your online identity and continue experiencing better online activities without any fear.

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