10 Dark Web Sites That Are Worth Your Time

Dark Web Sites

If you have been on the internet for some time now, you must have come across the phrase ‘dark web’ several times. Even though it sounds like a place of evil, this isn’t entirely true. The news mostly portrays the dark web as a place where illegal practices take place and make you wonder if that’s all that goes on there.

Yes, you can make purchases of illegal items on the dark web, but that’s not all there is to the dark web as there are some positive benefits of being on the dark web. And so in this article, we would introduce you to some dark web sites that are worth visiting.

You won’t be able to access the dark web using regular browsers, except you have done a lot of modifications and most people get this access using Tor Browser.

Table of Content

  1. Difference Between the Dark Web and Deep Web
  2. Ensure Your Security Before Visiting Dark Web Websites
  3. Top 10 Dark Web Websites
  4. Is It Illegal to Visit the Dark Web?

Difference Between the Dark Web and Deep Web

The dark web is a part of the web that can’t be accessed ordinarily using a regular web browser. It has a bad reputation because here you can find sites that indulge in a lot of illegal practices such as the sales of weapons, drugs, human trafficking, and even child pornography. 

The deep web, however, is any online content that can’t be reached using a regular search engine. So you can say the dark web also forms part of the deep web.

Ensure Your Security Before Visiting Dark Web Web Sites

Using the Tor network to connect to dark web websites gives every user complete anonymity, so no one can tell who the other person is. By this, your ISP and the government won’t know what you are up to and you can be free from watching eyes as you go about your activities.

Apart from the anonymity Tor gives, you also need to ensure your privacy and Tor lacks this feature. So what you share can still be intercepted, but not linked to you although it depends on the data you are sharing. Using Tor over VPN at this point is very important to stay both anonymous and private. Your data would be encrypted by the VPN server, and the anonymity you would enjoy would be a synergy between the Tor network and the VPN service.

Since the dark web is unregulated, the chances of getting malware are high and you need to be protected. Use a VPN that has an anti-malware feature so you can protect your data from theft. Also, ensure that the VPN you use has an anti-DNS leak feature. LimeVPN provides you with these features and that’s why it’s a top choice to ensure your protection on the dark web. Install antivirus software and update it regularly as you visit the dark web.

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Top 10 Dark Web Web Sites

1. ProPublica

ProPublica has been around since 2016 and was the first major news outlet to have a dark web version. It’s the best place to be if you have an interest in investigative journalism.

They aren’t a profit-making organization, and their major aim is to expose governments who have abused their powers and betrayed the people’s trust. They also expose businesses and individuals who have indulged in some form of corruption. So there is a lot to get from this site especially if you are an enthusiast.

2. TorShops

TorShops make it possible for you to have your store on the deep web while remaining anonymous, so your dream to sell on the dark web can come true. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell as TorShops makes it easy for you to start up.

You can sell products ranging from pieces of jewelry, to homemade products and payment would be via an integrated bitcoin wallet. So your identity remains private. 

3. Riseup

Riseup is a dark web site that protects its users through the privacy and anonymity that Tor provides. This platform is mostly used by activists and they provide email and chat services that keep no records of your activities neither do they give your data to the government. So whatever you do isn’t stored anywhere.

Riseup has its anti-malware security to protect users from attacks in its support for human rights activists. You would however need an invitation code before you create an account with Riseup. So you can have access to the platform, but not the best feature the platform provides.

4. Imperial Library and Comic Book Library

The comic book library performs the function its name describes. It gives you a huge collection of books with entries that date back to the 1930s for your entertainment and pleasure.

You can also benefit from the imperial library as it’s a public depository of a large collection of books cutting across many topics and genres. About four hundred books have been uploaded up to date on the imperial library and you can have access to them.

5. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a private search engine that doesn’t save your search history. It’s a great alternative to Google and gives you good answers for all your search queries. The search results are fast and you are sure that your privacy and anonymity are maintained.

6. Facebook (Onion Version)

Some countries, institutions, and companies have censored their citizens and staff use of the internet, putting restrictions on platforms like Facebook. But with the onion version of Facebook, you can overcome these restrictions even if you are at work, school, or in countries that have strict policies on internet use.

Note that you still need to use a VPN while using the onion version of Facebook, so protect your privacy with LimeVPN.

7. SecureDrop

Just as the name suggests, SecureDrop is a platform that whistleblowers can use to submit incriminating information without exposing their identities. It also has a feature that journalists can use to communicate privately with their sources of information. SecureDrop is a platform that feeds a lot of other platforms with their news.

8. The Hidden Wiki

This is a great place to start if you are new to Tor and the dark web. It’s an open-source community that provides you with links to popular and entertaining dark web pages. The links are updated frequently and you can be sure to find something you like. But as you do this, don’t let your guard down because some of the links could also be malicious and lead to malicious sites or download malicious content on your device.

9. Blockchain Wallet

The BlockChain Wallet has been in existence for over 6 years and has once been rated as the most visited bitcoin website. So if you are into cryptocurrency and you own bitcoin, this is a site for you.

It functions as more than just being a bitcoin wallet as it also helps you monitor what happens in the world of bitcoin. You can get information on the blocks that have been mined, bitcoin price in real-time, and also recent transactions that have taken place on the blockchain.

10. Hidden Answers

With Hidden Answers, you can get an answer to almost anything you search for on the dark web. You can say it’s like the Quora of the dark web. Here, you can get advice, reviews, discuss various topics, and so on. The best part is that your identity wouldn’t be compromised and everything you share would be from an anonymous source.

Is It Illegal to Visit the Dark Web?

Accessing the dark web isn’t illegal and won’t get you into any trouble. This doesn’t mean that indulging in illegal activities will go unpunished if you are caught and so you should keep your use of the dark web clean.

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The dark web has its reputation mostly for bad events and this has led to a large misconception that it’s only for illegal activities. This isn’t true as you have seen as there are many good dark web websites you can get information and entertainment from. Take note however that you need to secure your connection before going to the dark web because of the high chances of clicking on malicious links and having your identity and data compromised. LimeVPN is a VPN service that gives you high-performance IPs and gives you great security and privacy. So it’s highly recommended if you need to visit the dark web for any reason.