12 Reasons Why Use Anonymous VPN

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The best way to ensure that you stay anonymous and secure while browsing the internet is through LimeVPN. The following are the 12 most important reasons for you to sign up for anonymous VPN.

  1. Browse Public Wi-Fi Anonymously and Safely

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are open to all kinds of predators on the internet. In fact, most of online criminals have perfected their skills as far as stealing personal data through public Wi-Fi networks is concerned. You should not make the mistake of trusting your Windows Firewall, because the online criminals can easily bypass such a firewall. When you use LimeVPN, you will be connected to the internet through a remote server, which will ensure that you stay anonymous and browse the internet safely.

  1. Safeguard your Online Identity

According to the 2015 Identity Fraud Study, in 2014 sixteen billion U.S. dollars were whipped from 12.7 million customers in the U.S. The best way to protect your online identity against identity theft is to use LimeVPN. You can use LimeVPN to secure access to your own network or internet access spots. It is the finest way to keep your private data safe, such as: ID information, personal exchange, banking details and your credit card details.

  1. Avoid ISPs Tracking

You should know that each time you connect to the internet; your network device is identified by a unique IP address. Therefore, your internet service provider can monitor each website you visit and revisit. ISPs normally keep internet users’ metadata for a period ranging from six months to two years. In the United States, for instance, ISPs share internet users’ metadata with the government. LimeVPN will encrypt your connection and mask your real IP with a remote IP address. This will keep your 100% anonymous and private.

  1. Avoid Government Tracking and Surveillance

According to the Freedom on the Net 2015 Report, internet freedom has degenerated for the fifth successive year. Thirty three out of the sixty five countries evaluated recorded a downward slope as far as internet security is concerned since 2014. A number of countries have advocated for widespread internet surveillance following the uprising terrorist organizations. However, you can avoid all government tracking and surveillance with LimeVPN. LimeVPN encrypts your connection and keeps your real IP address private.

  1. Circumvent Search Engine Tracking

Normally, you use personal queries to carry out searches on your desired search engine, such as Google Search. The bad news is that such queries along with your profile are saved and they can be legally accessed. Moreover, advertising companies can use the information to target ads. LimeVPN will prevent search engines from tracking your online activities.

  1. Prevent Websites from Tracking Your Online Activities

Websites track personal information you enter and then store such info in their databases. Websites today are like information sponges. There is a big question about how much privacy users have to give up in order to visit or shop on company websites. On the word of Hacker News, experts can easily track your online activities. This is regardless of whether or not you have cleared your browsing history and cookies. Therefore, the most effective way of avoiding website tracking is by using LimeVPN, which will mask your real IP address and keep you completely anonymous.

  1. Keep Yourself Protected from Data Capped Networks

Data capping refers to the activity of internet service providers to limit the accessing speed of cable modem so that they can easily distribute bandwidth among users. The upload cap in particular is intended to discourage users from downloading important software updates. You do not need an expert to tell you that outdated software are recipes for disaster. LimeVPN will ensure that your internet connection is encrypted keeping you 100% anonymous and secured regardless of the network status.

  1. Protect Your Business Accounts

The current technology and market encourage businesses and individual to conduct transactions online. This significantly increases security breaches, particularly with small businesses. Statistically, 71% of cyber-attacks have been recorded to take place at small businesses. Therefore, as a small business owner you are strongly encouraged to sign up for LimeVPN in order to prevent cyber security breaches. LimeVPN will protect your sensitive correspondences and valuable business data from being leaked.

  1. Unblock Your Favorite Streaming Website

Geo-restrictions have been the biggest problem for most internet users across the globe because their most favorite streaming websites are blocked. For instance, Hulu is only accessible in the U.S. and Japan. Well, you can easily circumvent website censorship by signing up for LimeVPN. This will give you access to streaming websites, such as HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, SoundCloud, Spotify and Pandora.

  1. Unblock Websites at Work and School

Research states that over 54% of organization ban Twitter and Facebook at work and 98% of learning institutions filter online content available to students. These restrictions make it impossible for workers and students to access their social media accounts and personal emails. However, you can easily unblock websites at work and school by using LimeVPN. LimeVPN will create an encrypted tunnel between you and the internet, allowing you to bypass firewall restrictions.

  1. Unblock Your Favorite Social Networks & Apps

Blocking of social networking websites has extended beyond workplaces and schools. In some countries, such as China, major social networking websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are completely blocked. Turkey has blocked Twitter for a number of times, and Brazil had Whatsapp blocked for 48 hours. LimeVPN is the best solution for people leaving in countries where social networking sites are blocked. LimeVPN will help you bypass any kind of website censorship.

  1. Save Money on Software & Streaming Subscriptions

A large number of software and services, such as Adobe CC and Microsoft Office can be purchased at significantly affordable cost outside their country of origin. By using LimeVPN, you can save hundreds of dollars by making purchase with the correct IP address. Costs for media streaming services discriminate across nations. However, LimeVPN will mask your real IP address, allowing you to enjoy the best streaming subscriptions at convenient prices.