12 Horror Movies Perfect for Halloween

Hackers can be likened to the villain in horror movies as they get under your skin and cause you to live in fear of destruction. With just an internet connection, they can destroy lives, and cause a lot of trauma to their victims. Many people will stay home for Halloween due to COVID-19 control measures still in full swing and so, one of the great ways to spend the holiday would be to watch tech horror movies. Ranging from splatstick masterpieces to brain busters that will keep you on the edge of your seat, below are some of the high rated tech-related horror movies, documentaries, and series to make your Halloween a memorable one.

The activities of hackers and their never-ending quest for a new victim has made it very important for internet users to guard their data and ensure their privacy with every means possible. One of such is to use a VPN as it’s very easy and efficient to use.

Table of Content

1. Tech Horror Movies

2. Protect Your Privacy

Tech Horror Movies


1. Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

This is a sequel to 2014’s Unfriended and you can watch it on Netflix. In the movie, a teenager finds a laptop in a lost and found section of a cyber cafe and takes it home. He goes online and plays a game with his friends who he shows a folder containing cached files of people that appeared to be in danger. They get dragged into the web as they get a message that threatens their life if they disclose what they have seen to the police and just like that, their planned night of fun turns into horror. It turns out the previous laptop owner; a group of cybercriminals had access to the dark web and was watching over their every move.

2. Handy Candy (2005)

This is another movie you can watch on Netflix while you hold your popcorn tight. In this movie, a 14-year-old vigilante lures an online sexual predator into physiological and physical torture. The movie puts the child who is mostly the victim of cyberstalking and online child exploitation as the avenger to such crimes. It gives a breath of fresh air from the norm where the predator always eats the prey.

There are some brutal scenes you will witness and for some, it’s a story of a psychopath, while others think it’s a story of a hero. It’s up to you to decide which one it is for you.

3. Cam (2018)

Alice works for a website called FreeGirlsLive as a camgirl, and she is obsessed with ranking at the top of the site. Her channel suddenly gets taken over by someone who is exactly like her in both appearance and mannerism.

In Cam, the horrors of sexploitation and identity theft are exposed as they happen in a darker context here. Alice’s obsession with getting to the top makes her measure her self-worth with the number of likes she gets, and it drives her into madness. She gets locked out of her online accounts eventually, and her manufactured identity also crumbles. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

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4. Demon Seed (1977)

This movie features the creation of a scientist, which can be likened to the story of Frankenstein and his monster. The scientist creates a super artificial intelligence robot named Proteus who later becomes obsessed with the thought of impregnating the scientist’s wife.

The computer requests for an open terminal through which it can study human behavior and increase its knowledge but Alex the scientist refuses to grant the request. Proteus however finds a terminal at the scientist’s residence and uses it to take control of their automated home, thereby trapping his wife inside. His desire to have a child with his creator’s wife is so it can be immortal.

5. The iMom (2013)

It’s a short film available on YouTube that centers on our over-reliance on technology. You may begin to wonder at first why stress over raising your child by yourself when you can just solve it all with an iMom. It is great and convenient, but what happens when the language processing of the AI gets compromised?

IMom is part of a weekly series on YouTube that promises to leave your mouth open as the fear of being cooked alive creeps in when you are called chicken affectionately and the robot sees you as food.

After watching iMom, you will have a broader perspective of the merits and perils over-reliance on technology can cause. It’s only for 13 minutes but in that time, the air will be electrified as what you’ll watch will render you speechless.

6. Impossible Things

Here, the perfect horror movie was co-written by a robot after learning from human reactions and processing large data of plots from horror movies. It’s not what you would call a typical movie, as it’s more of an exposure to human’s darkest desires. The in-depth hunger for gore and shock in humans is presented in this movie in no subtle manner through the working of a robot.

7. Don’t F**K with Cats (Documentary 2019)

We will begin with a piece of advice: don’t post your vile murder videos online except you want to be humbled by a team of Facebook users.

This documentary is the story of Luke Magnota who posted disturbing videos of his murders on social media, provoking viewers to come after him. An online manhunt was formed and they were bent on going over the footage looking for clues as to his whereabouts. This was what led to his arrest eventually.

Through this video, you can feel the power of social media, and how it can be used to amplify both good and evil. It’s a real crime case that will horrify you, to say the least. That being said, viewer discretion is advised as the content is way different from the simplicity of the title. You can watch this documentary on Netflix. 

8. Untraceable (2008)

In untraceable, Diane is the chief of cybersecurity trying to track down a serial killer who is wanted for the brutal manslaughter on live TV for all to see. The more views his site gets, the quicker his victims get killed. It’s a movie with a fine line between society’s fetish for gore scenes combined with our increasing detachment from such. Get ready to flinch a lot as the scenes are not known to be pretty. It’s also available on Netflix.

9. Horror (2015)

This plot revolves around 12-year-old girls who are victims of cyberbullying, eating disorders, and parental neglect. They are from wealthy homes but their lives are already a nightmare which became much worse when they got stalked by a throat-slashing serial killer.

As the movie progresses, it’s seen that the girls are ignorant of the fact that their most private moments, even their murders are recorded and uploaded with a hashtag. A lot of psychos like the videos and it adds to the drive that keeps the serial killer going.

Horror is a movie that shows just how nonchalant we are about even the most horrific online content especially in this age where there is a lot of concern for child safety on the internet. The movie is available to watch on Netflix.

10. Ex Machina (2014)

This sci-fi thriller features Domhnall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander. The story revolves around a genius who is about to create and launch an AI that is so much like humans that it creates discord and brings about questions about our consciousness and shallowness.

The plot twists just as there is manipulation and betrayal of trust as the AI stimulates love in the heart of its creator to help her escape. It’s a beautifully creepy movie that is unique and will make your Halloween night a memorable one. It’s available to watch on Netflix and also Amazon Prime Video.

11. Mr. Robot (Season 2, Episode 1)

This episode will most likely reduce your trust for your assistants like Alexa. Imagine that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are under total lockdown to help prevent yourself from getting infected and you end up getting killed by the technology you are using in your home.

This episode shows how hacking a smart home turns out to be a horror-filled experience. The hack kicks off as every device starts acting up; the alarm rings together with the telephone, and the thermostat is messed with so that it keeps the temperature very hot and cold alternatingly. Just as you’d expect, there’s a hot shower scene and in the backdrop to make it all the more sinister is Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” playing.

The protagonist is wrapped in a towel as she calls for help. “Unplug what?” she asks as everything is inside the walls. This series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

12. Black Mirror (White Bear, Season 2, Episode 2)

This episode from Black Mirror; White Bear would end our list of tech horror movies that are fit to instill the spirit of Halloween in you. It’s carefully selected to keep your heart racing and bring horror to your couch.

In the series, a woman wakes up with amnesia and finds out the world is a slave to a television signal transmitted by the White Bear. The world has been subjected to surveillance and oppression and she takes it upon herself to destroy the transmitter and save humanity from its sadistic path.

This is meant to help you consider taking your privacy seriously as cybercriminals, hackers, data surveillance, and internet restrictions are real.

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Protect Your Privacy


There are several ways you can protect your privacy and the easiest include the use of a tool such as a VPN and your behavior such as activating a private browser or incognito.

With a VPN, your connection is secure as every data sent would pass through an encrypted channel. So even if the data is intercepted by hackers, all they would see is gibberish that is impossible to crack. VPNs also keep you anonymous as your requests come from a different IP address. So hackers, your ISP, and other third parties would be unaware of your internet activities.

Another way you can keep your internet activity private is to activate an incognito or private browser when online. This doesn’t keep you invincible on the internet, but it prevents browsers from saving cookies so that websites don’t recognize you.


With the coronavirus still around, safer measures have been put in place to celebrate Halloween and so it won’t be business as usual. It’s going to be mostly indoors and it can get boring if you are not properly equipped for the evening. Our top picks of tech horror movies have all you need to keep you at the edge of your seat while your jaw hangs in horror. It also points to the importance of having your privacy secured and for this we recommend using LimeVPN. So sit back and enjoy this year’s Halloween from your couch without missing the feel or experience of the holiday.