3 Things About Opera’s New Browser VPN Examined

Opera new browser

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1 . Why should you pay attention when using Opera’s Free VPN?

2. What should be a good alternative?

Opera recently revealed to the public its latest innovation – browser VPN. Everyone who had at least a bit of knowledge about VPN’s considered this a bold step forward by the Opera’s team – but was it a step forward? Although they made it clear and obvious that VPN is free and available for everyone, there are certain thing that this novelty included in Opera is actually not as good as people think it is. So what are the bad sides of the free VPN that comes with Opera?

Why should you pay attention when using Opera’s Free VPN?

First of all, the IP that this VPN gives you is public and there is a big possibility that you will still not be able to experience full VPN services because some websites can find out about those IP’s and blocks them. In other words, when you turn on VPN on Opera there is still a good chance that you will not be able to access all the websites that you desire.

Secondly, certain tests have shown that Opera’s VPN does not really provide the full specter of services that one VPN has. Moreover, instead of protecting you from harmful things, you risk of being yourself a target to many attacks and information theft. This happens due to the fact that Opera is connected to SurfEasy which helps in securing your device but asks for device’s username and password during that operation. Needless to say, this is not a safe way to use VPN.

Thirdly, there is a good claim which states that instead of being a VPN, Opera’s invention can be called merely a HTTP proxy. Do not get me wrong, it is much better than those browser extensions that offer free VPN, but it still lacks fundamental security.

One of the main reasons why this VPN is not considered good is actually because it works only within the browser and does not, in fact, protect your whole system. In other words, if you decide to go to the internet via some other browser or any kind of data transfer happens out of the Opera, you are not protected anymore.

What should be a good alternative?

If you want to take VPN seriously and you grasp the specter of protection and other features that a real VPN offers, then a paid  VPN provider, such as LimeVPN must be your first choice. The good thing about them is that they provide protection for your whole system and give you a wide variety of benefits apart from IP (be it dedicated or shared) for a very small monthly subscription. Furthermore, there is support which will help you always with everything you need to know about VPN and how it works.

To sum up, Opera indeed tried something interesting but did not quite succeed in its intention. Having a browser VPN is an interesting idea but having a real protection comes from paid VPNs which give you a lot of other options which are not available on Opera.