7 Reasons every blogger should use a VPN Service


Imagine if you could secure your network just by creating a layer of security.

This is what VPN does. Conventionally,  VPNs were used by big companies to their remote workers, for them to use company’s internal network. What you might not know is that VPNs can provide more benefits than this.Especially for bloggers.Who are literally at every home these days !.Bloggers needs to log into their blogs daily, they are always at high risk of giving someone an access to their content.Most of the bloggers use SSL and countermeasures to protect their blogs, but they do not want their credentials to float on internet. Cookies can be intercepted even with SSL.

VPNs play a vital role when it come to bloggers and journalists life by protecting their connection from interceptors.Although there are free VPNs available online, to get a customised one based on your needs and its performance, it is advisable to go for a paid one.It is not a complex task to set up most of the VPNs, but it can be a bit challenging at first.

Given below are 7 reasons why every blogger should use VPNs :

1. Protect your online activities

blogger should use a VPN Service to protect your online activity

As mentioned above, internet service providers have complete access over your browsing history.VPNs help avert such surveillance and keep you anonymous online.These VPNs also ensure that your connections between your device and it’s resources are monitored.

2. Secure your identity

Along with protecting your content from being misused, VPNs also keep your real identity secured .Therefore, people will not have access over it.There are various purposes for a third person to use your information.Major one of them is a “phishing scam”.It enables a third person to steal you personal data and use it online.Which a big risk for bloggers and VPNs can put extra measures to protect you from this theft.

3. Enables you to use public Wi-Fi safely

Enables you to use public Wi-Fi safely

We have to accept that each one of us enjoy free stuff.And when it’s free internet being served at restaurants, airports and hotels, as complimentary!Nothing can get better than that.Right?

Most of us won’t even give it a second thought before connecting to these networks.But, are you aware that these hotspots are not at all safe for personal logins and browsing? This is probably the biggest reason why it is advisable to use a quality VPN and secure their browsing.

Bloggers, prefer sitting at such places and work on their articles.Most of them end up using these connections to gather information for their blogs.Therefore, it is important to secure your history and logins else, you will end up sharing your hard work with an unknown person.

4. It secures the files that you upload and download

For bloggers and writers it is mandatory to upload and download their files in order to bring their content on the table so that readers can read it.Irrespective of whether your files are legal or not,  Hackers can end up adding a risky file into your uploading cue or download something illegal and make you answerable for that !

This can result in some serious consequences, VPN keeps you protected from such a situation.

5.Bypass restrictions

Bypass restrictions

Blocked sites ! the most common issue faced when you are not a freelance blogger you work for a company and use company’s device.You are not allowed to browse few websites, as few organisations believe that blocking social networking sites or entertainment sites will bring in more productivity.If you are a college student or a school student and use your institution’s device and connection to write your papers or if you just write taking help from the internet, you might face the same issue.

It is advisable for bloggers and writers to use VPN because it helps you cut through the restrictions!

These restriction and surveillance have become a major concern as,  a lot of companies are trying to control what people access online.VPNs helps you get access to such sites and also keep your connection secure.

6.Get full access to Netflix anywhere!

There are a lot of entertainment/movie bloggers these days.They share their reviews after watching a new release.These are the reviews that people look up to.They decide whether they should watch this movie or not based on what these reviews say about any movie.

It becomes a blogger’s responsibility to publish a personal review, For which he/she needs to first watch a movie or a series himself.

A major reason behind people pirating content is that they do not have access to everything on streaming portals like Netflix.As per their copyright contracts,  these sites can not broadcast all of their content outside the geographical limits of United States.

VPN can resolve this issue.It can change your computer’s IP address.Therefore, you get to unlock all the content.

7. Avoid government Scrutiny!

Avoid government Scrutiny

There are times, when a person is put under surveillance irrespective of whether that person was doing anything wrong or not.This is done due to political reasons and the power that government holds to spy on anyone and everyone for no valid reason.

VPN enables you to surf and download freely by keeping your identity private.

If you are a blogger yourself,  you should always keep your content and your identity protected from prying eyes.