8 Unexpected uses of VPN.You Must Know!

Unexpected uses of VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network is certainly a unique and interesting experience, allowing us to hide our identity and surf the web anonymously. Apart from that, VPN’s are great for accessing certain websites that we were unable to access previously due them not being allowed in our country.

So these are just some of the uses that we know of- but, what about the uses that you and the majority of the VPN users are not familiar with? There are quite a few and some of them can really make your life easier. As a matter of fact, maybe it is the one of the uses listed below the thing that you were looking for all this time.

1. Get cheaper accommodation in hotels all around the world

There is this truth that has been hidden from you as the Internet users – certain websites are appearing in each country differently. If you access a website from United Kingdom and United States you might get different data showing.

That is one of the reasons why it is important to use VPN – you will always see data from different perspective. This can be especially important when booking a hotel or a flight – certain websites will show higher prices for people from US and lower for the people from UK (or vice versa). Therefore, it is always important to check that and you can save up to several hundred dollars.

2. Google and other search engines will not log your searches with the use of VPN

Google and other search engines which are free have one downside as well and that it the fact that they mostly store every action of yours into their huge databases. We cannot deny that these are the services which we use on a daily basis and that it would be impossible nowadays to live without them.

What you can do, on the other hand is to turn on your Virtual Private Network and casually turn off the option of your movement and searches being stored anywhere. Why is this important? Well, whenever you search something, Google stores that information and then all the advertisements that you see around the web will be based on your searches. Sounds like a bad sci-fi movie? Well, welcome to the reality.

3. Use VPN to make your online calls private

Believe it or not there are some countries that have a high level of internet surveillance and you may just be located in one. What does internet surveillance mean? Well, let’s say that you are in Cuba (although Cuba is a somewhat extreme example) and you want to make a Skype call with your friend in the US and talk about very private stuff. But, Skype, however protected, is still a very easy target for governments and their systems to intercept calls and listen to people talking.

Well, using a VPN can change that for the better. This is one of the uses that most of the users are not even aware believing that they are perfectly safe.

4. See what else Google can show you about certain people

If you live somewhere in European Union you are probably unaware of the fact that, due to certain laws passed down in 2014, Google does not show personal information about people that you search. In other words, if someone does not like his personal info being shown on Google, he or she can report to Google and have all those pages removed from the search. However, they will be removed only in their country and people from the rest of the world will still be able to see everything that they are interested in about that specific person. Using a VPN can make you overcome the boundaries which are country-specific and see the other side of the Google.

5. Play games and do not let your ISP slow you down

When you play games online there is a huge possibility that your ISP may slow you down due to the fact that certain games use BitTorrent in order to update. For example, playing the immensely popular World of Warcraft can be quite a nightmare if your ISP stops downloading updates because they are huge. In order to avoid all of these problems you need to turn on your VPN and simply avoid all these hardships that you might come upon while playing your favorite game. Apart from that, VPN can be helpful if you want to play games on private or illegal servers, protecting your actions and your information that you have when it comes to gaming.

6. Connect to any Wi-Fi without the fear that your data will be stolen

The thing with Wi-Fi is that people are massively unaware of how insecure they are and that they can be hacked by anyone who knows just a bit more about this illegal activity. If you are one of those people who visit cafes and restaurants often and sometimes works from there or even makes big data and money transactions, then you should definitely consider using a Virtual Private Network as an option. Virtual Private Network will place several additional layers of protection to your connection and then you will be able to access whatever Wi-Fi you like without the fear of being robbed by some high-tech burglar.

Since many people use their smartphones to connect to a Wi-Fi, it is always a good idea to protect the phones as well with a Virtual Private Network.

7. Use VPN to make extensive research without anyone knowing about it

When you need to research some confidential things and you do not want to be discovered by anyone, then using a VPN is a great idea because then you will not leave any kind of trace behind you – at least not real trace. Let’s say your boss wants you to access certain websites which are competition to you and your business and you do not want them to know that you have visited them. Once you turn on your VPN connection, there will be no problem visiting anything you like because the IP left on the website will not be yours at all but it will be an IP given to you by the VPN provider that you use. Therefore, protect your internet whereabouts and spy on the competition as much as you like and at the same time make your boss excited and happy about your performance.

8. Download everything without the fear of being caught

In one of the previous posts we have discussed using VPN for torrenting. However, what we did not mention is that you can use VPN for every other kind of download, even if it is a download conducted via your browser. Once you set up a Virtual Private Network, you will be protected from anyone who wants to know what you are downloading, and by anyone I mean your Internet Service Provider. This is also made possible by the fact that you are given a different IP and that your level of anonymity is very high – it is impossible for anyone to see what you are downloading unless someone is standing right behind you and watching you download. In that case, a VPN cannot help you.

To sum up, you need to choose a good VPN provider, such as LimeVPN which will make all of the uses mentioned above available for you and therefore, you needn’t worry about your activity. Whether you just use VPN to secure yourself or you need it for something in particular, such as the uses mentioned above, you will certainly not regret becoming a member of the VPN users club. The Internet is a much more interesting place from the perspective of the VPN users. Come and check it out yourself!