What are the list of top 10 blocked websites in Europe (2018)

blocked websites in Europe

The internet is universal. At least that is how it is supposed to be. You can log in to any website from anywhere in the globe and access the information or data you need. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. In Europe, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that you cannot access. Blocked websites are against the principles of net neutrality, but you can access these websites universally with the help of effective VPN services like LimeVPN. 

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Top reasons for blocking websites in Europe

The US is a free country and most may not understand how you may be unable to access a website although you have an internet connection. There are several reasons for geographically restricting websites (geo-blocking). At least, in European countries, most of these reasons are legitimate.

  • Government censorship

Countries in Europe cannot be said to be internet blackholes. The situation is not as bad as  North Korea and China. Governments in these countries do not block sites for malicious reasons. Government censorship in these countries is mostly due to terrorism, hate speech, and pornography.

For instance, in a country such as France, more than 200 websites are blocked because they show child pornography or are related to terrorism. In the UK, the government has blocked more than 100 websites that promote piracy.

Observe the list below and you will realize most of the websites are streaming services. Such geo-blocking exists because licensing and copyright laws are not the same in different countries.

We have compiled a top list of blocked websites in Europe and how to bypass the restriction. Also, on this post, you will learn how to use VPN service to access blocked websites.

List of Top 10 Websites Blocked In Europe

1. Netflix




Netflix online streaming service offers a huge selection of new and classic films and television shows. Netflix is accessible in almost all European countries. However, the content available varies from country to country. Of course, the most exciting is Netflix US, which is not accessible in Europe

2. Crackle




Crackle is one of the few websites offering high-end video content free. But, all that content is not accessible if you are not in the USA.

3. Spotify




Spotify is a music streaming service. It is popular as it is available on desktop and mobile devices, offers quality music and the premium subscribers get pre-releases. Spotify is not accessible in all 51 countries in Europe.

4. Hulu




Hulu has an online streaming service that offers subscribers a huge selection of US TV shows. It is geographically restricted to the US due to copyright laws. The company expanded to the UK a few years ago. So, there may be hope for other European countries but the US shows will be still inaccessible.

5. Amazon Instant Video


limevpn/amazon prime video instant


Well, Amazon services are global. You probably bought your smartphone on Amazon. Amazon Instant Video offers a nice collection of free and paid content. But, like Netflix, the content available varies from country to country, with US customers getting the best.

6. Cartoon Network


limevpn cartoon network blocked website in europe


The Cartoon Network television channel is accessible in most European nations via paid cable TV. But, the website has amazing features. You can watch all the shows you missed and even play games based on your favorite cartoon show. The website requires a subscription and is not available in all European countries.

7. VH1


limevpn vh1 blocked websites


Are you up to date with the latest in the American Pop Culture? All you have to do is stream VH1. Aside from streaming music, you can watch interviews of your favorite stars and learn more about fashion, beauty, and relationships. In Europe, you cannot watch the American version.

8. HBO


limevpn hbo blocked websites in europe


Home Box Office is home to many popular films including the highly-rated and popular Game of Thrones. Its European streaming website, HBO Europe, is available in about 20 countries. If it is not available in your country, you will have to find other ways to watch your favorite HBO shows.

9. Texture


limevpn texture blocked webistes


Texture is a website which allows access to more than 200 top magazines. There you will find publications from National Geographic, Food & Wine, and People. Bad news for the rest of the world: you need to be in North America to subscribe.

10. CNN Go


limevpn CNNgo blocked website in europe


CNN is one of the most comprehensive news channels in the world. It is US-based but it also covers European News. On the CNN Go website, you can live stream the channel as well as catch up on any news and interviews you missed. Unfortunately, CNN Go is only available in the US.

How to access blocked websites in Europe

To understand how to bypass geo-blocking, you need to understand how it works. Any device connected to the internet has a unique identifier called an IP Address. When you try to access a website, the IP is sent together with your request. Websites with restricted regional access use the IP Address to determine your location. If access is not allowed in your location, an error such as “This live stream is available only in the United States”  will appear on your screen.

So, to access blocked websites in Europe, you simply have to hide your real IP address. The most effective way of masking your IP Address is using a VPN service.

What is a VPN service?

In Layman’s terms, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows secure internet access via a private network through the insecure connection provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Once you try to access a website, the request is received by the VPN server, then sent to the website. The website then sends data to your computer screen through the VPN server. So, the website receives the IP address of the VPN server, not yours.

So, let’s say you have already subscribed to a VPN service, such as Lime VPN, and you want to access HBO US and you are in Germany. Connect to an internet connection, then open the VPN service. The next step is to choose a server located in the US. And just like that, the website will think you are accessing it from a location in the US.

The internet is not as free as it is supposed to be due to geographical borders. But, with a good VPN service, there will be no boundaries in your internet access.