How to Watch Netflix’s Altered Carbon Series from China?

Altered Carbon on Netflix is a futuristic show which has gained a lot of popularity amidst the sci-fi fans. A show which is based on future premise has been successful to create curiosity among the audience. It was thus one of the recommended shows of the year 2018 which has gained a good share of popularity. If you are a fan of sci-fi futuristic drama then Altered Carbon is the one which you should not miss.

Watching the Altered Carbon Netflix series could be great fun indeed. But there are chances that people might miss it when they are travelling to China where Netflix content is not accessible due to the geographical restrictions.

It is due to these geographical restrictions that some specific content remains blocked in different locations. While there could be a range of factors which could lead to such geographical restrictions, most commonly being copyright and license issues. Netflix often practices geographical restrictions which block some of its US-based content outside the US, making it difficult for people without US IP address to watch such limited access content.

But with a US IP address, it is possible to access GEO-restricted content such as the Altered Carbon Netflix series. Having a VPN solves your problem and helps you access the US-based limited access content even outside the US, by simply providing you with a US-based IP address to bypass the geographical restrictions. Using a US IP address makes it possible for you to watch the Altered Carbon Netflix series from anywhere at your ease.

Why Watch the Altered Carbon Netflix Series?

the altered carbon Netflix

Are you a sci-fi enthusiast who loves to imagine about the futuristic possibilities? Then Altered Carbon would surely not fail to impress you as it is about the future imagination of life and how technology plays a key role in the lives is a good treat to watch. Bonus! A second season of the series is also planned and might stream in the coming year.

It is the realistic appeal which the show successfully depicts of the future Bay City, that makes it a visual treat. The way future life and technology is depicted keeps the viewer hooked up, making them imagine a future 300+ years from now.

The great star cast and the details covered in the entire series of Altered Carbon is not to be missed. Apart from science fiction, it also has a good dose of action which doesn’t fail to impress.

This makes it a good watch which cannot be missed. And the best part is since the entire episodes of season 1 are on-air, you can easily stream them and enjoy binge-watching, meanwhile the season 2 is premiered.

How to Watch the Altered Carbon Netflix Series from China

the altered carbon Netflix

For any sci-fi movie buff, missing the Altered Carbon Netflix series could be very disappointing, due to its engaging plot and ultra-realistic picturization of the future. Feeling bad about missing your favourite sci-fi series when on travel due to geographical restrictions? Now you don’t have to feel the FOMO (fear of missing out) when you are out of the US. Watching your favourite show the Altered Carbon Netflix Series whenever you are outside the USA is now possible with a VPN. Having a VPN like LimeVPN can let you enjoy binge-watching your favourite show, without worrying about geographical restrictions. LimeVPN provides you with a US IP address, making it possible to watch the GEO-restricted content which might be blocked in your area despite the imposed geographical restrictions. LimeVPN having numerous active servers across the US, doesn’t fail to offer you with US IP address. This US IP address helps in bypassing the geographical restrictions providing access to the limited access content.

LimeVPN not just lets you watch your favourite show from anywhere, but also makes sure you could enjoy seamless streaming without buffering with its high-speed VPN network. Not just that but LimeVPN also enables you with utmost online privacy, saving you from unwanted cybercrime threats and hacker’s intrusions. You can enjoy all of this by simply following just a few easy steps, which are mentioned below.

  • Sign up with a VPN provider like LimeVPN, and get a secured US-based IP address with its numerous servers across the US.
  • Setup the VPN on your system by following the instructions mentioned in the step by step installation guide. This could help you in installing VPN within a few minutes on any device such as Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone whichever you choose to watch your series on.
  • While connecting, select a US-based VPN server to get a US IP address.
  • Once you login to Netflix, you are set to stream your favourite Altered Carbon for binge-watching.

LimevPN enables you to access the geographically restricted content, at the same time maintains your online privacy, against all the unwanted threats of cybersecurity, hackers, and intruders.

Unblocking the Altered Carbon Netflix series outside the US with a VPN

the altered carbon Netflix outside US

LimeVPN provides you with a US based IP address, which helps you to access the Altered Carbon series upon bypassing the geographical restrictions, with the help of its widespread network of US-based servers. Using LimeVPN you can simply access the US Netflix and all other GEO-restricted content in your region at your ease.

Enjoy the seamless streaming at its best to binge watch your favourite sci-fi show Altered Carbon without any buffering using the high-speed VPN network provided by LimeVPN. Also, you don’t have to worry about your online privacy as LimeVPN maintains it and saves you from any potential cybercrime such as hackers and online intruders. Thereby creating a wonderful online streaming experience for you.

Watch all the season 1 episodes of the Altered Carbon and share with us your streaming experience in the comments below. Happy binge watching!