Are VPN services only for Hackers and Tech junkies?

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VPN, which is a short form of Virtual Private Network is a commonly used feature worldwide, But do you know what a VPN is and how does it work?

Well, In simple words, VPN is just like an access card to a restricted area, It allows you to enter a restricted area/website by masking your identity.

The best thing you need to know about VPN is its ability to keep you safe on the web. While connected to a VPN, your data is completely encrypted through a secure tunnel with end to end encryption.

You might have noticed these connections being commonly used in companies which have branches over the world. All the data is restricted to specific IPs or which is accessible while connected through specific IPs, pre-defined by the system administrators of the company. Thus making the data accessible only through the company’s secured network.

Virtual Private Network

Meanwhile, this feature is strictly implemented in order to avoid compromising data to intruders. Hackers also use VPN for their purpose, but do you really think hackers use VPN for encryption? Certainly not, the main reason will be to mask their location or IP addresses so that their activities will be anonymous

You will also have to note that the security of VPN connections depends on the security standards used by your VPN provider. With the encryption set up on the VPN server you are using, it is practically impossible for any Hacker to enter your network unless your data is so important that they walk an extra mile to break the encryption which however is not an easy task and possibly takes years to do so.

But have we ever thought that the use of VPN is only for these or do they have any other uses as well? Yes, they do.

Primarily, VPN is used for secure browsing. You might have noticed that coffee shops, shopping centres or restaurants provide free public Wifi, which is certainly not safe for your use, It is always recommended to be connected to a VPN while using these internet connections.

There are many more uses of VPN. Let us discuss it further.

VPN in Schools:

There are schools or educational institutions which use advanced learning methods for their students, Internet connections in these places are often restricted for websites like Youtube or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in order to avoid students diverting their attention.

Vpn in schools

However, there are times when you need access to video sites like YouTube for assistance with assignments or projects. Here is when they can use VPN to unblock these websites without any extra effort. By connecting a VPN, you will be able to access these contents i.e by connecting to servers from different locations.

Facebook blocked in school

Similarly, Students from universities working on a project do not have access to all the websites or Torrents where they can download their study material due to the restrictions set by the university on their internet connection. VPN serves as a key allowing the students to take complete advantage of the internet to find the materials they are looking for.

VPN for Government Agencies/Offices:

In this era where every aspect is digitized, it is essential to be safe as well, Government Organisations are now added to the list where digitization is grown in recent years,

Governmental agencies frequently send, receive and store sensitive data. For example, citizen information in the form of their IDs or digital locker to name a few. In order to protect this data, VPN solutions have to meet very high and strict security policies as any breach in the network can lead to huge misuse of data. Since e-government is gaining popularity in almost all the countries around the world, it is essential for the organisations to be using VPN connections to avoid unwanted attacks.

VPN for Entertainment:

While we have seen that VPN is used in almost all the places, here is another use which you can take advantage of, it is using VPN for entertainment purpose. For Eg : Netflix is blocked at your location and you wish to watch a movie or your favorite series which you missed cause you were stuck at work or in traffic. You can always use a VPN to access Netflix or download them with Torrents and make the most of it.

Vpn for entertainment

Or if you play online games and you have to wait for a game to be available in your region due to different release dates in different countries. VPN will be the best solution.


Similarly, there are many more advantages VPN has when it comes to gaming like using them while you are travelling if the location you are in has restricted access to the game you wish to play, having multiple players at a time from different locations, reducing latency or even keeping your online gaming data safe.


Well, these are some important things you can do with VPN. There are a lot of other advantages of VPN and it completely depends on what you are using it for. Go ahead and make the most of it, Happy and Safe Browsing!