10 Best Movie Streaming Websites in 2019

We collected the best movie streaming sites in 2019 that offer full-length movies and not just the trailer as some sites do. The other plus side is that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the genre. But streaming from overseas comes up with its own set of problems. Most of the movie streaming websites out there geo-restrict their content. The best movie streaming website – Netflix limits the video content, which means that movies on US Netflix, may not be available on EU Netflix.

Streaming services restrict access to their content because of distribution rights in different regions. Another reason is price differentiation. For example, Netflix or Amazon Prime, have different price model in Asia compared to the US and Europe.

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movie streaming sites in 2019

How to Unblock Video Streaming Sites

When you want to unblock a streaming service website that is where a VPN comes to your rescue, with streaming-friendly VPN servers, you will now be able to unblock any geo-restricted videos and movies. We have robust UK VPN server to unblock BBC iPlayer, and US VPN servers to unblock Netflix and much more.


The 10 Best Movie Streaming Sites in 2019

1. Sony Crackle — Free Online Movie Streaming Website for the US

Sony Crackle — free online movie streaming service

Sony Crackle is an OTT platform straight from Sony Pictures Entertainment. They have included original content as well as other content purchased from other organizations.

Although the service is available in 21 countries and can be accessed on devices like mobile, smart TVs, PCs/Mac, and even on PlayStation, it is yet to flex its muscle in Asian and European countries

The best part is that Sony Crackle is available in the US and Australia at absolutely zero cost. They also provide services in many Latin American countries using a subscription model.

How to Watch Free Movies Online via Sony Crackle

Use any of LimeVPN’s US server to start watching your favorite shows on Crackle. Use us4.limevpn.com server to unblock free movie streaming service from Sony.

Site: https://www.crackle.com/

2. Popcornflix — One of the Best Free Movie Streaming Websites

Popcornflix – best free movies websites

Here comes another one that lets you watch movies completely free, although with some ads in between. Popcornflix is launched in 2011 and to be honest, it cannot be compared to streaming giants like Netflix or Prime as Popcornflix mostly has feature films and series.

Watch Free Movies Online via Popcornflix

It is a great place to enjoy some of the best independent films. As it is available in almost all countries, a VPN is not necessary but one is recommended to risk-free viewing.

Site: https://www.popcornflix.com/

3. Popcorntime — Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading

Popcorntime — watch free movies online without downloading

Popcorn Time free BitTorrent application that is available that can be used on almost all devices and includes a blend media player.

Popcorn Time is a free “choice” to subscription-based video streaming services that include Netflix, Prime and so on.

So in short, instead of downloading video content using Torrent, you will be using Popcorn Time to directly view them over the internet, hence the legality of using the software depends on your countries torrent law.

Watch Full Movies Online for Free Without Downloading

The best way to bypass any Torrent restrictions is by using LimeVPN’s eu10.limevpn.com server

Site : https://popcorntime.sh/

4. Tubi TV — One of New Movie Streaming Sites

Top free movie streaming sites in 2019 — Tubi TV

Tubi is absolutely free, they do not ask for sign up for credit card information to view the content but the service is ad-supported.

Their library has more than 12,000 movies and TV series and supports almost all devices including media boxes like Roku.

Watch Free Movies Online via US Tubi TV

Tubi is based in the US but available all around the globe. But depending on the country the content will differ, so first connect to LimeVPN’s us4.limevpn.com server and then open Tubi to unleash its real potential.

Site: https://tubitv.com/

5. YouTube — the Best Free Movie Streaming Website

Youtube is the most popular of free movie streaming websites

Surprising it may seem, but Youtube does host a ton of movies, documentaries, sitcoms and much more, most of which people can stream for free. The two significant drawbacks being that you will have to sit through a lot of ads in between and it is a bit difficult to get a hold of the right movie or whichever video you wish to watch.

YouTube recently launched a paid subscription plan called “YouTube Premium” using which you can view any content uploaded on YoutTube without annoying ads, and you get access to YoutTube Originals movie streaming service which is their version of Netflix Originals.

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How to Unblock Youtube Videos

YouTube is a geo-specific provider, so if you wish to watch US YouTube from Europe, connect to LimeVPN’s us4.limevpn.com server and enjoy the US contents.

Site: https://www.youtube.com

6. Netflix — the Best Movie Streaming Website?

Netflix – the best online movie streaming site

It is not incorrect to say that Netflix is now the king of streaming service where the content ranges from the originals to almost all types of series and movies. They are perfectly divided into genres, available in HD and Ultra HD and very easy to find.

It will also suggest movies and series based on your viewing history. Netflix comes up with three monthly plans and recently added the fourth plan in countries like India, which is the cheapest for streaming only on mobile devices.

How to Watch US Netflix

It is 2019, and we are more than ever pinned to Netflix, you may find a handful of people that aren’t into Netflix. The reason for that might be the limited movie libraries for all other countries except the US.

As Netflix also has geo-restriction, you can use LimeVPN’s us4.limevpn.com server to break this barrier and watch US Netflix.

Site: https://www.netflix.com/

7. Amazon Prime — US Version Has More Movies

Amazon Prime – one of the best online movie streaming sites

Amazon announced their arrival in the streaming world with Amazon Prime, a service that offers lucrative one-day shipping and access to a ton of movies and series.

Amazon is yet to reach the level of Netflix but their cheap monthly pricing, as well as fewer restrictions, compared to Netflix makes up for it.

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How to Unblock US Amazon Prime

As every streaming service that we saw until now, Amazon also likes to put geo-restriction for its content. Use LimeVPN’s us4.limevpn.com or us3.limevpn.com for accessing US Prime.

Site: https://www.primevideo.com/

8. Hulu — a Good Movie Streaming Website for US and Japan

Hulu – good movie streaming website, but it is geo-restricted. Use VPN to unblock Hulu outside US

Although you may not find Hulu in equal competition to Netflix, they are steadily getting there.

Netflix’s subscription costs are skyrocketing with each passing day, and Hulu’s foremost plan, of course with ads is becoming more inexpensive. The greatest advantage that Hulu has over other streaming service is that they provide live TV

Compared to its counterparts in this list, Hulu is only available in the US and Japan as of now, they do have plans for international expansion but seems to be a far fetched dream as of now.

How to Unblock Hulu Outside US

As Hulu is available only in Japan and the US, use LimeVPN’s jp.limevpn.com or us4.limevpn.com server to enjoy the streaming. However, you will need a cable subscription to watch live TV.

Site: https://www.hulu.com/


HBO GO — unblock US HBO NOW online streaming service

Moving away from the cable seems to be the future of the Television Entertainment industry. This was well received by HBO when they started first of its kind online streaming service.

Available as HBO Now and HBO Go, they started a new revolution in the cable industry. It is also important to know the difference between Go and Now. To your relief, both have the exact same content without even a single difference. So why different services? Well, to put it simply, HBO Go works if you have a cable subscription and the cost depends on your cable provider. So no cable subscription, no access to HBO Go.

Whereas HBO Now was launched as a standalone streaming service, where there was no need for a cable subscription, just the monthly membership fee.

How to Unblock US HBO GO / HBO NOW

As this is a US-specific service, you will need LimeVPN’s US server to watch it. Go for us4.limevpn.com server to unblock US HBO GO/ HBO NOW.

Site: https://www.hbo.com/ways-to-get

10. BBC iPlayer — the Best UK Streaming Service

Top movie streaming sites in 2019 bbc iPlayer — best UK streaming service

BBC iPlayer, founded in 2007 is a streaming, television and radio service provided by the BBC. You will be able to access it on Mobile phones, Desktops, gaming console, and even smart TVs.

As of now, the BBC iPlayer unrestricted access to all the content is only available in the UK, so it is important to have a UK IP address to get on with iPlayer. It is also important to have a cable subscription to have access to television content.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer from the Outside UK

When it comes to streaming BBC iPlayer outside of UK, LimeVPN’s uk8.limevpn.com server comes in handy.

Site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer

Unblock US-restricted Movies and TV-series on Streaming Sites

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