Best Free VPN Networks List 2019

Best Free VPN Networks List 2019

Are free VPNs better than paid ones? The term ‘free’ would capture your attention on such servers, but is it providing you the benefits what a paid VPN offers? Listed below are ten best free VPN list of VPN’s that are popular in the free VPN market today, let’s take a tour to understand.

VPN Service Free

If you’re going to choose a free VPN server, you might as well choose the one which yields your maximum benefit. Don’t get carried away with the free service, sometimes good things hold multiple restrictions.

Free VPN List 2019 — VPN Book — Lifetime free VPN

1. VPNBook – Lifetime Free VPN

The VPNBook offers free VPN servers to any device you wish to surf the internet with. The server allows you to access any pages online from any part of the world with ease and without any limitations. They use strong encryption solutions such as AES- 256 and AES- 128, ensuring that breaking these codes will prove a tough time for hackers.

VPNBook also provides a convenient channel to support your traffic routes. They provide users like you with cloud-based IP CDN which pushes your traffic to a least congested route hence improving your traffic pathway into a more convenient and efficient process.

Understanding the rules of strict data retention and snooping laws in various countries, VPNBook plays a smart role by eliminating to place their free VPN servers there. However, VPNBook doesn’t apply its smart decisions to other categories of their features. For instance, they don’t provide technical support in case of any mishaps by their servers which in turn could backfire them highly.

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They delete users logs which are captured from your IP after 1 week, henceforth increasing the risk of data leakage from the 1-week storage. Since they restrict their server placements on countries adhering to strict rules, it becomes a disadvantage for users like you since there will be a limitation to access pages from countries you highly prefer.

VPNBook Is a Donation-based Free VPN Service

Despite its free service, it only allows few server locations to be accessed to its free users which are US, Canada, Germany, and France. Your privacy isn’t restored properly since VPNBook uses an ad-based revenue model to cover their expenses.

best free VPNs 2019 – Avira Phantom VPN – free vpn providers

2. Avira Phantom — Only a Freemium VPN

A type of network which fits in the shoes of any of its user. From travelers to gamers to website owners and even to movie buffs, Avira ensures no 3rd party access or any other unauthorized users to cross your path.

Connecting across 38 server locations Avira VPN is constantly on the run to protect your online actions no matter where you are. View your subscribed channels effortlessly as you travel to any part of the world and conduct smoother and safer transactions without any hassle.

Go your way to access multiple geo-restricted sites on any device. Enjoy private surfing and gain your access to a global variety of videos and TV shows. Download anonymously and remain connected to your favorite choice of devices anywhere.

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Not Completely Free VPN

While you access global sites, the data volumes might provide difficulty in your lane for a free version. With a 500 MB data package per month, it reduces the speed and restricts you to cross beyond the line. The free version has its limitations, another being no technical support and shut down off the internet in case of a weaker VPN connection. They also use the bank-grade encryption which is a lower version of security standards.

On the other hand, if you purchase their monthly $9 VPN pro you will receive unlimited data with a kill switch and customer support assistance. You also get an unlimited data option to stream videos at any time plus top-grade encryption for your privacy. Their speeds even for the paid versions are very slow.

Only the paid version allows unlimited devices to be connected which again proves to be a downfall for the free users. They have numerous paid options such as their prime packages where you can access all the good features instantly.

This holds no value since they are promoting their paid VPN in an indirect manner. Despite offering a free version, you are still not able to receive the essential benefits of using it.

While their features may provide you ease, their system requirements are the one you need to keep a careful lookout on. View their safety and privacy measures along with their system requirements in detail by visiting their website.

best free VPN networks list 2019 – Turbo VPN – top free VPN

3. Turbo VPN — Ad-Based FreeVPN

Turbo VPN prioritizes their assistance to all their users whenever needed. Their dedicated support team is available round the clock. They even have a brilliant 2 hours response time in case of any system maintenance errors. With Turbo VPN not only are your issues cleared but installing it and using it becomes easy with their one-tap process.

Turbo VPN servers are applicable to any IP based applications which also includes the remaining three, EDI data exchange, multimedia, and emails. They have connected data speeds holding up to 10 GBit/s (symmetrical) or 100/40 MBit/s (asymmetrical). Despite having such a speed scale, few users have complained their speed not matching up to its mark.

Ad-based Free VPN

Turbo VPN is best suited for mobile-based applications which restrict the usage of devices such as desktops or tablets. Many reviews online have stated that the number of ads being showcased, even for the free version creates difficulties when setting the server on their device. It becomes a hassle to even start installations due to their multiple long permission processes which need to be filled.

Not Completely Free VPN

Plus the speed is relatively slow when compared to other VPNs.Again for free users you cannot escape from the annoying ads and have limited server locations. Only with their paid version which costs, $11 a month, you can hide away from ads, get a faster connection and access worldwide location.

While TurboVPN stands affirmative on their security standards, they fail in providing a kill switch measure ( a process which shuts down your online activity in case of any leak detection) which at the moment should be a mandatory tool to solve the problem of leakage. Due to this missing factor, your internet activity could stand on a higher risk.

best free VPNs list 2019 - Proton VPN — good free VPN

4. Proton VPN – Freemium VPN

One of the highly secured Swiss VPN, Proton VPN is high in its speed and security measures. Their Swiss privacy laws define the kind of security their software is built upon. In case of a lost VPN connection, Proton immediately blocks the addresses restoring no leakage of data no matter the situation.

Their strong encryption contains the AES-256 encryption and tested, open VPN protocols. The usage of strong VPN protocols such as IKEv2/IPSEC and OpenVPN are the tools which ensure a higher reliability rate in terms with their security. Proton only selects encryption cipher suites which hold the perfect forward secrecy which means that the traffic being driven from the internet will always retain its encrypted form.

Free VPN — Limited Speed & Free VPN Servers

As they sustain their high-security privacy their speed is a winner already. Holding a minimum of 1 Gbps bandwidth and 10 GBPS connection, Proton ensures their speed quality never gets compromised. However, such a powerful VPN falls short in providing a few of its features when you avail their free version.

With a limitation of 3 accessible countries which are the Netherlands, USA and Japan showcased on only one device with a medium speed, a free version will never be able to portray the true potential of Proton VPN. They have 3 packs which provide high-speed data and secure streaming which lacks in the free version.  They fail to provide plus servers and tor servers which is available only in the paid version.

Not Completely Free VPN — a Paid VPN Promotion

Their monthly paid plans as well differ from $4 to 24$ wherein $24 a month you can successfully utilize the true value of proton VPN on any of your devices.

Best free VPN servers 2019 - Browsec — top free vpn

5. Browsec — Freemium VPN

Browsec free VPN servers are easy to install hence eliminating the hassle of any registrations or additional fees. With Browsec on your mobile device, it gives you the security of accessing any page you wish to online from any country whilst remaining in a secured network.

With a tap of a button, Browsec gets easily installed. However, Browsec may not be an ideal choice for those who wish to install its free VPN server on other devices. As mentioned above, it is purely accessible via a browser on mobile applications only hence restricting connections to your ideal go-to device which means any surfing outside the browser will not be safe and secured.

Not Completely Free VPN — but a Paid VPN Promotion

For free users, it delivers 1 Mbps data speed, which isn’t enough for those who depend on the online data more often. Browsec is limited to only 4 locations for online surfing activities, which are Netherlands, United State, United Kingdom, and Singapore, which again limits free users choices. To avail more VPN locations and have excellent connection stability, you need to pay their monthly ($4.99) and yearly premium ($3.33/monthly) package.

list of free VPN services 2019 - Proxy Master

6. Proxy Master — A Freemium VPN with Ads

A great tool for those who use public WiFi more often. Proxy Master can be downloaded from your Google play store and is available for Mac versions as well. Its user-friendly access makes it easy to set up on any of your devices.

In ProxyMaster, their privacy measures are what makes this VPN superior. From hiding your IP address to using military-grade encryption, your privacy remains hidden from any unauthorized access.

While you surf the internet, your traffic remains encrypted. With Proxymaster, view videos and movies from your favorite countries without any restrictions. However, despite its speed and data volumes, many users have claimed to see a fluctuation in the server speed.

Not Completely Free VPN — but a Promotion of a Paid VPN

It limits free users within 500MB/day bandwidth boundary (after this limit reached connection speed drops significantly) and VPN server selection also is not possible for free. This VPN mimics to be a free one to promote their paid plan of $11/monthly which doesn’t sound like a free option at all.

On mobile devices, they show annoying ads on top of that.

To seek a solution for such a query, Proxymaster doesn’t even have a support team to cater to problems immediately.

For Netflix users, Proxymaster may not be an ideal choice for you since their serves are limited to a few countries. You are allowed to access only 7 countries due to which the server speed remains either slow or busy. Their privacy measures are high but they fail to attend to a kill switch feature which increases the chances of identity risk.

best free VPN list 2019 — VPN Gate — free VPN servers list

7. VPN Gate — Free VPN Servers List

An experimental project designed by a University in Japan has created VPN Gate as a model to deliver free VPN servers access to many countries. VPN gate provides lifetime free VPN service. VPN Gate website hosts a list of free VPN servers that anyone can join.

Their main feature is that they can circumvent censorship while hiding your IP address in the same process. Luckily, the IP address changes at an irregular period which secures your activities better.  For those who use public wifi, strong encryption is embedded for secure internet activity.

VPN Gate supports protocols such as SSL — VPN protocol, L2TP/IPsec protocol, OpenVPN protocol, and Microsoft SSTP protocol. Despite such important pros, VPN Gate still lacks to pull in the major ones in their features. For instance, the basic feature of technical support in case of any queries is missing. They keep an account of your logs which increases the risk of unauthorized access.

Lifetime Free VPN Servers List

VPN Gate supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, Ipad, and Android devices. No user registration is required. Due to its unlimited and free VPN servers access, the connections run slow. Setting up VPN Gate might be challenging, and since the free VPN servers are volunteers from Japan and South Korea, it becomes all the more difficult to get a better connection. Free VPN access for everyone means that the performance will either be delayed or low in quality.

list of free VPN services 2019 - Opera VPN - free browser VPN

8. Opera VPN — Free Browser VPN

Opera VPN claims to be the first and only main browser to integrate a free unlimited VPN service. Using Opera browser VPN is very easy since it has no added extensions or payments or even subscriptions. It can be easily set up and used even in your private browsing window. It supports computers but not mobile devices. Opera free browser VPN is simple to use — all you need to do is to click a VPN status option where you can turn the server on and off anytime you want.

It works well in blocking cookies and ads which is a major plus-point. To retain your anonymity via IP addresses, Opera VPN simply switches a virtual one thereafter. Just like the above-mentioned VPNs, Opera VPN doesn’t have a technical support team to cater to your queries. Their help is more in a textual form which consumes your time and patience highly.

Free Browser VPN

Many reviews have claimed that this free Opera VPN is more of a proxy rather than being an actual VPN. This means that it will only hide your IP address and not encrypt it which is a major downfall since it is putting your privacy at stake. Opera VPN has also failed to put kill switches which means that if anything happens for instance if your signal is weak or any other interruptions occur, your activities will not be shut immediately.

Despite having an unlimited bandwidth feature, their speed fails to meet your expectations. Their server locations too are limited because they are based continent wise which means that free users have access to only countries such as Asia, Europe, and America for private connectivity usage.

best free VPNs 2019 - Savage VPN - good free VPN with ads every 30 minutes

9. Savage VPN — Ads Every 30 Minutes

The best part of Savage VPN is its access to free premium features. Savage VPN gets connected with a click and delivers unlimited bandwidth for its better performance. It stores no log histories and server interruptions are very less when compared to others.

It doesn’t restrict its users to access content from anywhere and works well with networks such as WiFi, 3G, LTE or any other mobile networks. Despite its unlimited free VPN features sometimes, the server stops working which creates a difficulty. Some users are still experiencing connectivity issues.

Timer-based Free VPN — Annoying Ads Each 30 Minutes

The main drawback of Savage VPN is its timer which disconnects after a shorter time period hence creating a hassle to set the timer each time.

Free VPN List 2019 - Dot VPN - top free vpn

10. Dot VPN — Good Free VPN

Dot VPN’s security measure is the one that will leave you in awe. They use a very powerful and stronger 4096-bit key encryption which is the highest when compared to their peers. Their easy interface makes it quicker for setting its server up and their integrated compression allows you to save 30% of data traffic.

Dot VPN can be used on your phone, computer or tablet devices. It doesn’t store your log history and eliminates any occurrence of ads or trackers. They allow unlimited data usage and has a cloud firewall protection for safer internet activity. It’s faster server speed allows you to access content from any country instantly.

You Can’t Watch Videos and Listen to the Music on a Free VPN Plan

While Dot VPN looks like your ideal choice for a VPN server, its free access puts many restrictions for free users. For instance, the strong encryption they use doesn’t apply to free access. There is no faster network, peer to peer download or even the strongest encryption which Dot VPN uses.

Not Completely Free VPN Service

Many reviewers have also detected IP leaks while testing this VPN. DotVPN doesn’t have a support team nor a desktop feature. They don’t even have a kill switch feature which makes you rethink your privacy agreements with them. Sadly for Netflix users, this VPN doesn’t provide access. Free users don’t even have a video or streaming or even a peer to peer download.

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In case you want to access the fastest network DotVPN offers, you need to use their paid version which costs $2.99 a month. Without the paid version, free users are limited to just 2 features which don’t even cover what dot VPN has to offer.

Top 10 Free VPN Servers 2019

If you’re going to choose a free VPN server, you might as well choose the one which yields your maximum benefit. Don’t get carried away with the free service, sometimes good things hold multiple restrictions.

The Best Free VPN — Does It Exist?

‘Free VPN’ may sound assuring but remember, all good things come with a price. Despite free VPNs, a paid VPN is offering you multiple benefits which are equivalent to all your requirements.

Are free VPNs better than paid ones? The term ‘free’ would capture your attention on such servers, but is it really providing you the benefits what a paid VPN offers?

Buy $1 VPN Today – No Ads, 1Gbps Speeds, Worldwide locations, 24/7 Support

What’s the point of a free VPN server when your privacy remains at risk and your online activities are restricted? I understand that paid VPNs burn a hole in your pocket but it is 2019, there are many paid VPN servers who assure you that your confidentiality and privacy stay anonymous. One such is LimeVPN, fast vpn for the cost of $1 get access to numerous countries, witness high privacy security and other multiple benefits at that cost. Buy vpn Now!