Best VPN for Fortnite 2020

Best VPN for Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most played video games in the world with over 250 million players. The updates come regularly and each time bringing with it great improvements, and the number of players waiting to compete with you increases. Its popularity is a good thing but comes with a high cost.

Table of Content

1 . Why Do You Need a Fortnite VPN?

2. Why Do Fortnite Ban Users?

3. How Fortnite Bans Users?

4. How to Regain Access to Fortnite After Being Banned?

5. Features of The Best VPN for Fortnite

6. How to Use Port Forwarding for Fortnite?

7. How to Play Fortnite with School Wi-Fi Using a Fortnite VPN?

8. Fortnite Hacks: Tips and Tricks

9. Begin Using the Best VPN for Fortnite and Protect Yourself Too

Fortnite experienced a data leak some time ago due to a glitch in the login system, exposing the details of its users. This is a call for extra precaution so you can continue to enjoy gameplay without fear of stolen data. That’s why you need to make use of the best VPN for Fortnite, to keep you anonymous and ensure your privacy is intact.

Why Do You Need a Fortnite VPN?


Due to the data breach and its consequences on Fortnite players, it has become important that every gamer on the platform makes use of a VPN service to keep players secure. The best VPN for Fortnite won’t only secure players’ internet connection, but would also protect against malware and any other threats of data leaks. This way you can enjoy your game without worry.

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One of the most important reasons why you need a Fortnite VPN is to get around an IP ban. Your access to the game could be terminated at any time for several reasons including a high network lag that is unacceptable, caused by your internet connection. Your IP address could also get banned if the game runners suspect you of cheating, or in violation of any of Fortnite’s terms and conditions.

Why Do Fortnite Ban Users?


Epic Games, the developers, and publishers of Fortnite are known to ban players during gameplay for cheating or even using a VPN. Even though the use of a VPN isn’t explicitly mentioned as a punishable offense, numerous users have reported having been banned for it.

When a player is banned, the player’s username isn’t the only thing that gets locked but also the player’s IP address. The bans are different as some are temporary while others are permanent.

How Fortnite Bans Users?


When you connect to the internet, you’re assigned an IP address that serves as your device’s identification on the internet. It’s similar to the working of your home address as it shows where your mail is to be delivered. So whatever requests you send to the web, internet servers make use of the IP address to determine where the request is coming from and where the result should be sent to.

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Epic games can ban your IP address from having access to their servers just like a website can ban you from having access to its contents. If you are caught cheating as you play, or you are making use of a known VPN service to attempt access, they would block your access.

How to Regain Access to Fortnite After Being Banned?


If your IP address has been banned, the most reliable way to regain access would be to change your IP address. This can be done with the use of a VPN. When you connect to a VPN, you would be connecting to a server in another location you have chosen. This changes your IP address when you connect to the internet and it seems like your requests are coming from that location.

You might get banned on Fortnite in any of these two ways and a VPN would help you get around them.

The first ban is for connecting to Fortnite’s servers using a VPN. It’s temporary and prevents you from connecting to Fortnite with that IP address so by changing IP address you can regain access to Fortnite. You can choose another VPN service provider, one which isn’t recognized by Fortnite’s administrators.

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The second type of ban is more serious and comes when you are caught cheating while playing. Cheating in this context implies making use of battle techniques that are not recognized by Epic Games for instance. This type of ban blocks both your IP address and your username.

To regain access after this type of ban, you would need to sign up with a different username and a different IP address. Even though everything you have earned would be lost, at least you would still be able to play the game.

Apart from the feature of allowing you to connect through a different IP address, a good VPN provides you with encryption, giving you privacy.

Features of The Best VPN for Fortnite


1 . High Connection Speed

When considering the best VPN for gaming on Fortnite and other platforms, a VPN that provides high connection speed is ideal. High speed is also necessary for other uses like in streaming videos and downloading files.

LimeVPN is known for its high speed, which makes it suitable for your gaming needs as well as other uses you may need for it.

2. Multi-Platform Support

You can have access to Fortnite from various platforms like your IOS device, macOS, Android, Windows, and others. So if you need to purchase a VPN, you need one that supports many platforms.

3. Customer Support

A good VPN has fewer chances of giving you issues, but you may encounter some problems at some points and would require the assistance of a customer care agent. It’s calming and reassuring to know that you can count on your VPN service provider’s representative to be available at all times to help you out when necessary.

Look for a VPN company like LimeVPN that offers you 24/7 live support.

4. Global Server Coverage

The need to connect from various locations would come up at some point, and so when purchasing a VPN, go for one that offers you a good number of locations. Apart from its use in Fortnite, you would also need different locations to have access to some restricted content.

5. Pricing

You don’t need to bore a hole in your pocket to get good value from a VPN. Some are more affordable than others and still provide you with all you need in your gameplay and internet activities.

How to Use Port Forwarding for Fortnite?


Sometimes you may experience connectivity issues that would limit your gameplay on Fortnite and the workaround to this problem is to make use of port forwarding. The process is simple and below is a step by step approach to follow for port forwarding on your device with LimeVPN:

Step 1: enter the default gateway on a web browser

Step 2: enter your router’s login details

Step 3: once in the router’s interface, search for a menu, tab, or category that has the name “Port Forwarding”, Applications and Gaming”, or “NAT/QoS”.

Step 4: under internal or external, enter all ports you want to be opened. Alternatively, you could enter a range of ports in the Start and End fields.

Step 5: choose a protocol between TCP or UDP, or choose both and enter the ports.

Step 6: put in the static address

Step 7: Click on Enable and save the changes.


For PC Windows, ports to forward are;

TCP: 5222, 5795-5847

UDP: 5222, 5795-5847


For PC PlayStation 4, ports to forward to are:

TCP: 1935, 3478-3480

UDP: 3074, 3478-3479


For PC Xbox One, ports to forward to are:

TCP: 3074

UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500

You can get port forwarding ports for other purposes here.

How to Play Fortnite with School Wi-Fi Using a Fortnite VPN?


Internet access in school has a lot of restrictions such as sites that can be accessed and contents that can be viewed including Fortnite. But with a VPN, you can bypass those restrictions on the school’s Wi-Fi and IP to gain access to Fortnite.

After signing up and making payments for your favorite VPN, download the app and connect to any server location you wish to connect to. You can either connect manually or allow automatic connection to the fastest server. Once you have connected, launch Fortnite and you will have a smooth connection and gameplay as the IP would be that of the address you choose, and not that of your school.

Fortnite Hacks: Tips and Tricks


1 . Look Through the Walls

While building in Fortnite, the walls become transparent and you can use this as an edge to catch your opponents off guard.

2. Fly Using Fire Hydrants

Even though there are no fires in Fortnite, you would see fire hydrants and they can be used to your advantage. Shooting the top of the hydrant would cause a gush of water that can help launch you to higher places you want to have access to.

3. Slide Without Losing Health

One of the risky moves in Fortnite is getting down from high altitudes and you can lose health while doing it. To prevent losing health as you slide down, keep moving in the opposite direction as you slide downwards.

4. Locate The Hidden Loot Room

There are rooms filled with treasure on Fortnite, and if you are a treasure hunt enthusiast, this will appeal to you. To get this treasure, go to the tomato tunnel and locate a hidden room behind a car.

5. Locate The Battle Bus

After arriving on the island, you can find a bus with a golden treasure box at the top. You will find it if you head to the east side of the map.

6. Skip Your Daily Challenge and Replace It

You do have to carry out your daily challenge if you don’t like it because you can change it. Open the “inspect challenge” page and then abandon the one you don’t want to do. By this, it will be replaced with a new one.

7. Watch The TV

Did you know you could watch a TV even on Fortnite? There are a lot of TV stations on Fortnite and what you have to do is enter one and press the interact button.

8. Stay Protected While You Fall

In some situations, you may need to come down from a place of high altitude and sliding isn’t an option. Doing it will reduce your health so how then do you go about it? Build a floor panel with materials as you fall so you can protect your fall.

Begin Using the Best VPN for Fortnite and Protect Yourself Too


To overcome the two types of bans from Epic Games to players of Fortnite, you need to use a good VPN such as LimeVPN. LimeVPN is not only ideal for this purpose but serves other purposes of anonymity and privacy too.

For gaming and other internet activities, you would need high speed. Passing your requests through a tunnel-like connection when using a VPN can cause some delays but that is not the case when the VPN is good. LimeVPN offers you a high speed of up to 10 Gbps so you can enjoy smooth and fast gameplay and connection. You also get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited VPN servers switching to ensure you get good value for your money.

Your privacy is very important and that’s why you get a NAT firewall and hotspot Wi-Fi protection. This way, there are no loopholes in your network that hackers can exploit. All shared data under the network get 256-bit encryption to ensure that no third party gets access to your data.

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Even though the possibility of a user having any problems is low, it may happen and you can count on the 24/7 live human support that would be available to take care of your query. There are a lot of VPN protocols that you can choose from with detailed guides on their configuration; PPTP, IPsec, L2TP, Softether, IKEV2, OpenVPN, SSTP, and SOCKS5.

To ensure that the chances of anything going wrong are reduced, LimeVPN writes their code and manages every network and server. So you are fully covered with an assurance of more stable servers with high speeds, and low latency. The strict no logs policy also takes your privacy to another level, and the DNS protects against DNS leaks.

With more than 20 locations in 10 countries, you can choose to connect to any of the popular available locations to gain access to restricted content or bypass the ban on your IP from Fortnite.

You get easy installation with instructions guiding you through every step for every device and protocol you choose. So from the start, you get it easy.

With LimeVPN pro, you can make use of torrents without leaving any trace. All downloads would remain private. The IP addresses you get would be used exclusively by you and so you don’t share the performance with anyone else. You can also boost your anonymity by using TOR over the VPN, and the DDoS protection would help to defeat even the most complex DDoS attacks.


It can be frustrating when your access to your favorite game gets denied because of some rules you broke. For temporary bans, it’s not much of a problem, but when the ban is permanent it’s a big deal. With the best VPN for Fortnite, you don’t have to worry about bans as you can bypass the blocks and regain access to the game. You can also protect your data on the platform from hacks as all data and requests would be encrypted. So now you can play with less worry and unlimited access.