Zero-knowledge is a type of cryptographic scheme that shows the existence of a solution to a puzzle without revealing any information about the puzzle. It can take different forms like proving that the sum of inputs and outputs in a transaction are equal to each other but without revealing the…


This is an alternative form of BTC and is in compliance with ISO 4217 which requests that all non-government issues currencies begin with X.


The whitepaper outlines the functionality of bitcoin in its eight pages and was released on 31 October 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto.


A whale is someone who trades with a large amount of bitcoin.


It is not necessary to calculate the size of SegWit transactions as they are split between the transaction and the signature. A unit of weight is equivalent to 1/4,000,000 the max size of the block. An alternative form of weight is vbytes.


A wallet is anything that holds your bitcoin. It could be software, paper, or even hardware. Wallets either contain the private keys or derive more than one private key. Watch only wallets only contain public keys and can be used to check balance and create unsigned transactions.

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