Bech32 is an encoding scheme that provides more secure addresses, especially in multi-signature schemes. It is new and the addresses from this scheme begin with ‘bc1’ and are longer than addresses of base58.


A bearwhale is a heavy bitcoin trader who is selling a large number of coins because of pessimism.


A bear is someone who doesn’t believe good things can come from using bitcoin. He is pessimistic about it.


Bitcoin transactions usually contain one destination output and one change output. If multiple transactions are to be made, batching takes place. Batching is a single transaction with multiple outputs as opposed to having multiple transactions each with one output. This act saves blockspace and fees.


Base58 is used to shorten large numbers and makes it easier to parse than binary numbers or base10. Base58 is the scheme for encoding that is used for bitcoin addresses that start with 1 or 3. It includes all number from 1 to 9 and also all uppercase characters except…

Atomic Swap

If you swap a bitcoin for an altcoin without the use of escrow, the process is called an atomic swap. An atomic swap is made under the condition of another transaction and cryptography ensures it is completed so that no party cheats. This is a good example of a smart…