VPN for Business

Sign up today and get the best corporate VPN solution for only $11/Mo (billed for 24 months).

How Your Company Can Benefit From a Business VPN

Power your enterprise with LimeVPN’s business class VPN service packed with military-grade encryption and privacy.
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Your Own VPN Server

Our VPN solution for business comes with a dedicated VPN server with blistering speed, reliable connection on a powerful hardware.

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NAT Firewall

An additional layer of security that will be auto-configured on your VPN, providing you with an extra layer of security to keep those unwanted data packets away.

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Amazing Discounts for Small Business

Our small business VPN comes with amazing discounts and service packed with features.

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DDoS Attack Protection

We understand the importance of your business, so we provide protection against DDoS attack.

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20+ Concurrent Connections

With Business VPN you can connect more than 20 employees and with 2-year billing plan, it would be less than $0.5 per user per month.​

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Multi-Device Applications

Your employees work on multiple devices and so will our VPN. We provide custom native setup services for all devices.

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True Dedicated 1 Gbps Speed

When it comes to business speed is one of the factors that affect the most, so at LimeVPN we offer dedicated 1Gbps node.

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Unlimited Usage

Know no bounds for your usage with LimeVPN, we believe in unlimited bandwidth.

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24x7 Human Support

Real human support, dedicated account manager, 24x7 support by email, chat, voice and remote desktop support.

Dedicated VPN Node

Business VPN solution
Static Private IP (Clean & Fresh)
Dedicated VPN node
1 Gbps Unlimited Dedicated Bandwidth
17  VPN Locations Worldwide
20+ Concurrent Users
24/7 Human Customer Support
39.99 /Mo
$11.oo /Mo
Billed in advance for 24 months (73% off)

Best offer for small business VPN

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Choice of 17 Locations

We have a global network to place an affordable small business VPN node. From US, UK, NL, SW, CA, AU, JP, FR Asia and Oceania.

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Anonymous Market Research

Hunt down your competitors and collect business intelligence while hidden under VPN anonymity. Change GEO location of your device to research distant markets.

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Yearly -50% off and Customisation

We offer our small business clients discounts for purchasing multiple business VPN connections and stand ready to customize our offerings in any way necessary to suit your needs.

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Unblock any Restrictions

This makes sure that your online activity is not limited by any restrictions nither by local corporate network nor by your country geo restrictions.​

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Unlimited Data at Unmatched Speeds

With no restriction on bandwidth and unmatched speed, we will make sure your business is not interrupted.

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Priority Business Support

Our team will be there assisting you 24x7 through emails, chats and voice.


Business VPN

Regular VPN

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Guaranteed Speed

A high-speed VPN solution that allows users to have VPN node with a dedicated guaranteed speed of 1 Gbps.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Business class VPN service offers unlimited bandwidth with efficient results and reliability.

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10x Internet Security

Offer top VPN security and the best level of speed through our network servers.

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Use TOR over a VPN to protect your anonymity inside public networks.


DDoS Protection

LimeVPN offers DDoS protection for its clients. We have DDoS blocking capable of defeating the most complex DDoS attacks.

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Personal Account Manager

Dedicated management with business VPN account.

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Private IP (Clean & Fresh)

IP address that will be exclusively used by you with dedicated VPN resources.

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Dedicated VPN Node

A VPN node with blistering speed dedicated to your account.


How much does Business VPN cost?

Our VPN solution for small business is LimeVPN Pro service that costs $39.99 monthly or $11.00 per month if billed for 24 months.

However, we often have special offers so check VPN price here.


Do you provide refund/money back guarantee?

We provide an unconditional and no questions asked 7 days 100% money back guarantee to our Business VPN solution.

Why is my order marked as a fraud while signing up?

Make sure that while placing the order, you are not connected to a VPN/proxy.

The physical address from where the order is placed should match the address mentioned on the sign-up page.


How do I cancel my account/subscription?

Please contact support@www.limevpn.com if there is a technical reason so that we can try to resolve together. If you still want to cancel your account you can cancel via client area or sending a cancellation request mail to sales@www.limevpn.com.

What is included in my Business VPN solution?

Dedicated VPN Node
100% Online Security
No Logging policy
Wi-Fi Hotspot Protection
NAT Firewall
DDoS Protection
Dedicated IP address
TOR over VPN
1 Gbps Unlimited Dedicated Guaranteed Bandwidth
OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and Softether VPN protocols
Free VPN apps (OpenVPN, Softether)
7-day Money Back Guarantee
Dedicated account manager
24/7 human support (chat, ticket, voice, remote desktop)

Do you keep any logs which would allow you or a third party to match an IP-address and a timestamp to a user of your service?

LimeVPN does NOT log any VPN usage or user activity. Neither we nor third parties are technically possible to match an IP address to an account. For more information please read our No Log keeping policy.

We are located in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. Please see our full No logging policy here.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept and support PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoins and 120+ more payment options. Please contact billing for other payment requests.

How many users can connect to the VPN simultaneously?

With your Business VPN Pro account, you can connect up to 20 devices simultaneously, provided they are all connected via same modem/IP address.