4 Step guide to bypassing the school’s internet and unblocking Instagram

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As a millennial student, we have all been through the phase where one fine day, out of the blue – we realize that our school has blocked Instagram on its Wi-Fi, along with all the other social networking sites. Hands down, the worst day of school ever.

We understand that your school wants to keep you from being too distracted during school hours. But blocking these sites is definitely not the solution.

So here we try to give you a simple 4 step guide to bypassing the school’s internet and unblocking Instagram and other social sites using a VPN. It’s easier than you’d think. It would take you less 5 minutes to get to the world of Instagram’in on your smartphone.

First you need to understand that your school is able to block Instagram on your school computers and your personal devices using the unique IP addresses. Your IP address is a numerical representation of the network you are on and each device has a unique one. So, when your device connects to the school intranet, the server obtains your IP address and restricts your access. Logically, the best way to surpass this block is to connect to a different, private network that manipulates the IP address of your device. And viola, Instagram is accessible again!

To be able to do this there is a simple solution- a VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are a lot of VPN providers on the internet, a simple Google search would give you a plenty. Here I use LimeVPN because it’s the cheapest and most effective VPN.

4 – Step Guide To Unblocking Instagram While On Your School Internet


  1. Sign Up For LimeVPN

Firstly go to the website www.limevpn.com . Choose a plan you want. They also have a seven day money back guarantee, which works out well! If the VPN website too has been blocked by your school intranet, then access it via proxy sites like www.limeproxies.com . You can register using any email address and your phone number to receive a confirmation message. Payment options are a plenty too –

This entire process takes less than 2 minutes. Now that you have signed up, next step is setting up.


  1. Install LimeVPN On The Device

If you are on your school desktops you will have to download the VPN program for Windows  from the LimeVPN website after signing up. After running the program, it will be installed on your PC.

However, it’s important to note that while downloading the VPN on the school desktop you may need the Administrator password.

On your smartphone, LimeVPN sets up l2tp and openvpn. It sounds complicated but it isn’t. You can follow this easy guide to setting up l2tp network on your phone

Setting up L2TP/Open VPN on Android Phone

This manually sets up the VPN on your device.


  1. Connect To Any VPN Server Via The VPN

Open the LimeVPN, select a VPN server to connect to. It’s a simple choice. You can choose literally any server location and your school server will be bypassed, which is where Instagram is unblocked. You can choose a location in your own country which will give you a faster connection, or just any location from anywhere on the globe.



  1. Enjoy The Access To Instagram In School

And here you are – with renewed access to all your social profiles while in your school campus. You’re technically still using your school’s WiFi but as if you were in a completely different location. So use it to your heart’s content!

The reason we recommend VPNs is for the added privacy and protection it provides. VPNs do a lot more than just unblock Instagram. They can protect your online identity and data, block unwanted marketing, keeps you safe at Wifi hotspots, provides a virtual firewall, bypasses Internet censorship restrictions, and shields you from cyber crime. I have been using VPNs on my phone at all public Wi-Fi locations for two months now. Also, it is compatible with most operation systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android OS.


You’re welcome! To see how to unblock netflix click here



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