Unblock websites in China. Unblock Facebook, DuckDuckGo & Instagram in China

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Table of Content

1 . Why Facebook, DuckDuckGo & Instagram blocked in China?

2. What sites are blocked in China?

3. How to bypass censorship in China and unblock Facebook, DuckDuckGo and Instagram?

4. You can circumvent censorship in China by doing the following

Why Facebook, DuckDuckGo & Instagram blocked in China?

China conducts internet censorship under a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations with the intent of silencing political rivals. In addition to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, China extend its internet censorship to Instagram and DuckDuckGo. However, this should not worry you since you can easily circumvent censorship with the help of a VPN.

DuckDuckGo in now blocked in China?

China will be celebrating its 55th birthday soon. The celebration involves a big spectacular entertainment, which is surrounded by tight internet security and land security. The country blocks the internet with the Great Firewall, which is well-known for blocking many websites in China. According to reports, DuckDuckGo was recently blocked by the Chinese authorities.

The only search engines that do not face any censorship are Yahoo and Bing, because they collaborate with the Chinese authorities. On the other hand, DuckDuckGo and Google are blocked since they refuse to comply with the censorship efforts of China. According to recent reports, the Chinese authorities have blocked Instagram in Mainland China as well.

What sites are blocked in China?

China rules and regulations are extreme, and websites and services such as YouTube, Picasa, Google+, and online Google services are all blocked. You should not make the mistake of saving all your files on Google drive without backing them up in your PC when you’re going to visit China.

This is so since the moment you land in China you will no longer have access to Drive and other online Google services. The rules and regulations are even worse for social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The country blocks these sites to insure that they are not used to spread any negative measures in the country. It does not end there; streaming services are also geo-blocked, including music services, Hulu and Netflix.

How to bypass censorship in China and unblock Facebook, DuckDuckGo and Instagram?

Whether or not you have lived in China, you should know that it is extremely impossible to do whatever you want online while connected to the Chinese network. You cannot store your files on Google drive and you cannot conveniently reach out to people outside the country through the social media platform. You cannot use streaming services to watch your favorite series, TV shows and movies.

All the above mentioned censorship problems are hectic and annoying. However, you can avoid all these by using a VPN. VPN allows you to unblock websites in China and connect using an encrypted tunnel through the Chinese network to another country IP address while masking your real IP address, providing you with the freedom you need to use all search engine services; gain access to all your social media websites, unblock Facebook and unblock Youtube; and use any online Google services.

You can circumvent censorship in China by doing the following:

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You do not have to put up with the Chinese authorities anymore, since you can easily unblock websites in China with LimeVPN.