Although we provide detailed specs for VPN along with the raw settings that you could really use. We thought it would be a lot better to work on an automated generator based on clickable inputs.

Select the country

you wish to connect to using our secure VPN service.

Select if you seek an embedded (single) client configuration file

or config file, certs and keys separated.

Pick the OS you use or select “Others”

which works for most including GNU+Linux and OS X.

Is your ISP not allowing or probably throttling a particular port?

Just select a non-standard port, 1194 being default.

UDP is generally best for most of the needs but in case you need TCP,

we got it.

Your system supports TLSv1.2?

We got it!

Options (advanced users only; the defaults are advised)

NAT has all ports closed and Public IP has all ports opened.

We recommend you pick NAT if you do not know why you would choose Public IP.

Download Configuration