Premium Dedicated VPN with Static IP

A Static IP VPN service with dedicated VPN node and fresh & clean static IP for the price of a regular dynamic IP VPN — from $19.99 monthly to $11/mo paid each 24 months.

What You Get with LimeVPN’s Dedicated IP VPN

Empower your internet connection with a VPN static IP server packed with features: personal dedicated IP, clean and fresh, that would never be blocked; dedicated bandwidth of 1Gbps; VPN port forwarding.
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Dedicated VPN Server

Static IP VPN comes with a personal dedicated VPN server with guaranteed blistering speed, reliable connection and a powerful hardware.

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20+ Concurrent VPN Connections

With Dedicated VPN node you can connect more than 20 devices simultaneously. Or you can connect 20 users.

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Multi-Device Applications

We provide native setup step-by-step instructions for any devices; or use free VPN apps like OpenVPN and SoftEther

Dedicated IP VPN

Regular VPN

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Static IP (Clean & Fresh)

Static IP address VPN node that will be exclusively used by you with dedicated VPN resources. New IP will not be blocked.

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Guaranteed Speed of 1 Gbps

A high-speed VPN solution that allows users to have VPN node with a dedicated guaranteed speed of 1 Gbps.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Corporate class VPN service offers unlimited bandwidth with efficient results and reliability.

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10x Internet Security

256-bit encryption with 1024-bit key. NAT firewall. Your personal node is fully in your control so it can't be compromised.

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8 VPN Protocols

SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, SOKS5, Softether and IKEv2.

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Use TOR over a VPN to insure your anonymity inside public networks.


DDoS Protection

LimeVPN offers DDoS protection for its clients. We have DDoS blocking capable of defeating the most complex DDoS attacks.

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Personal Account Manager

Dedicated management with dedicated VPN account. 24/7 human support.

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Dedicated VPN Server

An exclusive VPN node with blistering speed dedicated to your account that only you can control it. You can connect 20+ devices simultaneously.


P2P File Sharing & Torrenting

Download privately without any chance of surveillance, use torrents with port forwarding VPN that allows P2P file sharing. Leave no traces having VPN anonymity.

LimeVPN Server Locations

Having a dedicated IP address is really something because I am honestly tired of sharing IPs. LimeVPN provides the best service ever when it comes to dedicated IPs. The IP is also static and there is no way that it was blacklisted somewhere. The best thing of all – it is the cheapest IP and VPN combo.

Mr. Brian (anonymous)
Posted on 06.2015

It is really a good thing to have a static IP which means that it is clean and good IP which means a lot if you are working on a network whole day long. Luckily for me LimeVPN provides the best dedicated IP address VPN for the users and they are also very affordable.

Clarence D. (admin)
Posted on 10.2015

Once my son explained to me the importance of having a dedicated and static IP, I started questioning around which VPN can provide the best service for the least money and then I stumbled upon LimeVPN. They really are something for the price, I tell you. I can now enjoy the bouth VPN and static IP.

Dianne J. (developer)
Posted on 01.2015

Sometimes working in the IT needs extra security, especially when a lot of confidential data is sent and received. Having a dedicated IP from a reliable VPN provider means a lot in terms of confidentiality, security and stable network. LimeVPN really helped me with my job and I am getting a new contract soon.

Eugene P. (IT guy)
Posted on 01.2016

Get Your Dedicated VPN with Personal Static IP Address
Setup & Ready in 24 Hours

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You can choose preferred IP location and our support service will make your new dedicated VPN server setup in one day.


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6 locations

San Francisco Silicon valley Los Angeles Silicon Valley New York Seattle
1 Gbps


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1 location

1 Gbps

Amsterdam IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

Sweden IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

Germany IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

France IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

Canada IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

Australia IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

Singapore IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

India IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

Russia IP

clean & fresh

1 location

1 Gbps

A Static VPN with a Personal Dedicated IP Address

Affordable dedicated VPN with clean and fresh IP. The best static IP VPN service for the money.

Our VPN service provides you with the cheap dedicated VPN node with a clean and fresh IP. With Lime VPN, you can have your own IP address from a different country or from your country.  You can have a personal fixed IP address even if your internet provider(ISP) gives you only a dynamic IP address. LimeVPN provides you with the first class dedicated VPN server with a static IP that can be used beyond the ISP.

To be sure the new IP won’t be compromised you get a clean and fresh static IP that was never used before. Along with the personal fixed IP VPN you get ultimate security as well as total freedom online that you can get only with a dedicated VPN service. You can connect to the Internet with military grade 256-bit encryption, DDoS protection, NAT Firewall and with advanced anonymity using TOR over VPN.

When you buy a dedicated VPN package you get static IP VPN service and fixed VPN node. There are way too many internet services that need you to have a static IP address VPN in order to be able to gain access to specific databases, such as corporate data and banking terminal accesses. Therefore, LimeVPN static VPN is what you need to access secure servers, networks and databases.

Lime VPN dedicated IP server offers you the following:

  • Clean and fresh static private IP;
  • Dedicated bandwidth of 1 GBPS;
  • Dedicated private VPN node with Static IP;
  • 20+ concurrent connections;
  • P2P file sharing, TOR over VPN;
  • NAT firewall and DDoS protection.

LimeVPN dedicated IP ensures that your online reputation is risk-free, because the dedicated IP is always under your watch and control. Lime VPN dedicated IP enhances your server security since only your IP is allowed access.

Your own Dedicated VPN server that is fully controlled by you.

Dedicated VPN Locations

UK, USA, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea and the Netherlands. 

Top notch VPN security and anonymity.

Clean & Fresh IP

Get your own, exclusive personal IP, not shared by any other users. Your new IP will have no unwanted history (such as a blacklisted IP address) that might harm your Internet experience.

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Unlimited IP Addresses

LimeVPN maintains massive pools of IP addresses at every server location so LimeVPN customers can always rely on having a new clean & fresh IP.

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Get Static IP Beyond ISP

If your ISP can’t provide a static IP address, you can still get one by using a dedicated VPN service. This will give you access to your desktop, servers and anything else running remotely on your device through a VPN tunnel.

Connecting globe

Fixed IP for Travelers

LimeVPN accounts include multiple VPN protocol options so you can be connected to static IP address at home, at work, and even while traveling. Use your home IP and location from anywhere in the world.