Defend Yourself Against Online Stalkers And Doxing

“Within the past twelve months, 9.3 million Americans were victims of identity theft.”

And the number will continue to increase as the rate of online crime has upped its game.

The online platform was meant to be a medium for individuals like you to explore multiple information, grow better and do so much more but what today it is high on online crimes, cyberstalking, and identity theft. 

online stalkers and doxing

This is the chart of what happened when ransom attacks were taking place, while some who paid ransom received only a few amounts of data but they did lose a substantial amount at the same time.

While this is from a brand point of view, there are other serious online damages taking place that affect a person’s identity.

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Have you received messages from an anonymous person via your social media handle?

Have you wondered how wrong numbers get your information?

Have you wondered why your social media handles get hacked?

All of this is because you’ve heard of online stalkers and doxing,  and this can cause long time damage to your identity if you don’t take care of it right now.

There are multiple solutions that are present online, but we want to help you find the ones that can secure your identity which is exactly what this article will help you in.

What to expect?

1. How to secure yourself online and eliminate online hackers?

2. Factors to consider when choosing a VPN service

Let’s get started.

How To Secure Yourself Online And Eliminate Online Hackers?


1. Get a pseudo name

Getting a pseudo refers to getting a name where your real name isn’t exhibited. In simple terms, if your name is Adam, your pseudo name could be anything such as mark123 and more. This will help your hackers to not track you down as they won’t have much information about you to search for you. 

2. Regular check the online world for your details

It is always good if you could conduct a frequent search online about you. This will help you understand what information is being found about you and you can work to eliminate the private information being shared. This is another great way to secure your identity online. 

3. Avoid sharing your real details online

Multiple social media handles ask for your details, it could be your email address, text numbers, and more. Ensure that all this information isn’t being displayed on your social media handles. If they are, you’re making it easy for the hackers to reach out to you. Share only vital information and hide the rest. 

4. Invest in a reliable VPN service

Lastly making use of a good VPN service can secure your online actions and identity. 

Let’s understand this in depth.

VPN stands for virtual private network. It conducts a secure process of ensuring that your IP address is being hidden when you conduct any online actions.

As a business, the need to spend multiple amounts of money isn’t as possible as you expect it to be, does that mean your business should remain behind?

online stalkers and doxing


This is exactly why a VPN service can help you. With a VPN service you can do so much for your business and your employees. For instance, you can serve your prospects better by finding out better information about them. This means surfing from websites and other sources that are restricted and without being caught, thanks to the support of the VPN service you choose.

What a VPN would do is it would let you access any information you want by hiding your IP address and giving you another IP address that will suit the requirements of accessing that information. For instance, maybe the information you want is only allowing those users who are residing in London.

So what the VPN would do is it would give you an IP address which will tell your location as London. That is exactly how you will continue to operate with this service. It will continue to hide your real identity and keep you safe from any online activity you wish to conduct.

Another reason why VPNs are better for your business is because it helps to encrypt your traffic which means no one can see what your actions are. They will only be able to see that you are VPN connected but nothing more. VPNs are very reliable and in a business where you have to conduct multiple confidential information handling, this solution is the perfect one for you.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A VPN Service

There are multiple brands in the market that are selling reliable VPN services, but before you can invest in one, ensure that you are considering the following factors:


1. Invest in a paid VPN

Everybody likes a free service but with a free service comes security checks which are not available. Hence it is important that you invest in a VPN service that is paid and offers a good number of services for you with the pricing stated.

2. Good security

The security matters in any VPN service so you need to ensure that you are investing in a VPN service that offers great security measures. You could opt for 256-bit encryption as that is standard in the VPN industry. Remember security matters and that is exactly what you need to prioritize.

3. Faster speed

You are going to use your VPN service for multiple activities as stated above such as research and more and if your VPN slows down, it will only affect your work. Ensure that the VPN service you invest in is good for any activities you conduct.

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4. A good support team

There will be instances where you might experience a problem with your VPN. Immediate assistance can help you get back to work quicker instead of having delays. Invest in a VPN service provider that is going to assist you as and when you need them.

5. No logging policy

VPN service providers do store your internet activity and can do a lot with it. To eliminate this from happening ensure you understand what information is being stored and if you’re not comfortable ask for a no-logging policy. This will keep your internet activities safe from every point. 

The Bottom Line…

The online world can be better if individuals like you start to take your online activities more seriously.

If you love to learn better on social media, ensure that you manage your online accounts with stricter solutions just like the ones that you’ve learned above.

So tell us what did you think of this article? Have you encountered any online hackers who tried to destroy your data or your identity? What did you do about it? We would love to hear from you.

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