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Download LimeVPN for iOS

Supercharge your iPhone or iPad with ultimate security features.

  • Go private in a blink

    Simply tap Quick Connect, and the app will connect you to the best server for you.

  • Use with no hassle

    Easy to start, easy to use. LimeVPN app is so user-friendly and intuitive that you’ll never want to quit.

  • Get support 24/7

    Need help? Contact our customer care directly through the app – at any time, with any question.

  • Wander the internet freely

    Have secure access to entertainment sites, messaging apps and social media platforms at any place, at any time.

  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

    Don’t risk your sensitive data being exposed on public Wi-Fi ever again. Use LimeVPN to protect it.

  • Experience high speed and stability

    LimeVPN offers servers in 58 countries, so you can enjoy fast and stable connection wherever you travel.

  • Browse truly privately

    Keep your browsing habits to yourself. No one can see what you do online when you connect to LimeVPN.

A VPN stands for virtual private network — it reroutes and encrypts your data traffic, protecting your privacy online. It also protects your phone from getting hacked, especially on public Wi-Fi hotspots. To create a VPN connection on iOS, you first need to download a VPN app from the App Store. You can find LimeVPN here.

Setting up LimeVPN on iOS only takes a few steps. Find the LimeVPN app on Apple’s App Store and tap Download. Once you do, open the app on your device and log in with your details. If you don’t have a LimeVPN account, you can get it here. After you log in, tap the Quick Connect button, and you’re all set!

Using LimeVPN on iOS is quite easy. Once you’re logged in, tap the Quick Connect button, and the app will automatically connect you to one of 5600+ servers available. If you want to connect to a specific location, scroll down and tap on one of the 58 countries from the list.

Once you connect to a specific server, LimeVPN will keep running even when the app is closed, so you can safely surf the net. To see if the app is working, check the top left corner of your device. If the connection is on, you will see the VPN icon. If you are worried about unstable connection, turn on the LimeVPN Kill Switch feature. It will disable the internet until the VPN connection is restored.