Facebook Security Tips You Need to Implement Today

facebook security tips

The place where you live or work is Facebook blocked? Are you afraid of using Facebook because anyone might find you and you could get into trouble? But no need to worry anymore, here is the solution – you can safely unblock Facebook with VPN from anywhere in the world. You can Unblock Facebook in China or Iran using Facebook VPN. The best part is the government; employer, landlords, school or even the Internet Service Provider will not know that you used Facebook.

What a Facebook VPN is?

Facebook VPN is an online service that allows its users to do two things which are very important so that they are not detected or found out : –

VPN creates an illusion that the user is in a different country and allows Facebook VPN users to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger from a country where they are banned by the government.

Facebook VPN has military level encryption which keeps secret what a VPN user is doing online from the Internet Service Providers or Local network administrators. This digital privacy program lets you use Facebook without being found out and it has no loopholes.

Unblocking Facebook While Travelling

Facebook VPN is also very helpful if you are travelling to countries like Russia, China, UAE, Iran. As Facebook is banned in these countries. But VPN will let you use Facebook anywhere you are. So you don’t need to worry about using Facebook in a country where Facebook is banned when VPN is by your side. Special care should be taken while using VPN for UAE or China.

Using Facebook without any fear

You might be afraid to use Facebook at home or especially when you are living as Paying Guest or in a rented apartment in a country where Facebook is banned. But you don’t need to worry because this is a watertight process where no one will be able to know you are using Facebook. Your IP address would not be known to anyone for using Facebook.

But keep in mind that when you log in to Facebook, they will know who you are, although your location will be bluffed and they will know that you are on a different location and not at your original location. However, you can use a fake name and fake information to sign up for Facebook and use VPN privacy to make your Facebook use anonymous. So if you don’t give any real information Facebook will never know who you are when you log in Using VPN.

Unblocking Facebook at School or Work

Employees or Students may be addicted to Facebook and this may affect work or studies respectively so according to the instructions of the school or office authorities the local network providers block Facebook. But just simply you can you VPN network and it will seem as if you are not at workplace or school or college campus.

The best feature is that it’s impossible for any college authority or office administrator or ISP to know what you are doing online. You will be caught only if anyone sees you using Facebook with his/her own eyes.

It’s also interesting to know that as more and more organizations are getting to know about VPNs they are being blocked. But there is also a guide on ways to bypass VPN blocks.

Here are the simple steps on how to Unblock Facebook using VPN:-

  1. Choose a VPN for Facebook – First, you need to select a VPN in order to unblock Facebook. You can use LimeVPN as it has all the facilities you need to unblock Facebook along with a stealth mode to unblock Facebook book even when VPNs are being blocked. It is trusted and reliable too. Other VPNs in the list are also very good and you can read in a detailed format about VPNs and then choose one.
  2. Subscribe your favourite VPN – After selecting a VPN of your choice, visit their website and subscribe the VPN
  3. Log in to the VPN – After subscribing the VPN login to the VPN website and then download “VPN client” – the VPN software.
  4. Selecting the right VPN – keep in mind to select the right VPN for the device where you want to use Facebook. LimeVPN gives the facility to use VPNs for 5 types of devices. You get the privilege of using Facebook at the same time on all five devices by connecting to that VPN.
  5. Selecting VPN Encryption – By selecting OpenVPN Encryption you will be using the most protected and strongest encryption so we recommend using it.
  6. Turning on Stealth Mode – Turn on the “VPN stealth mode” and “VPN obfuscation technology” also known as VPN Cloaking. It is evident to turn on VPN Cloaking in order to use Facebook in a Place where Facebook or even VPNs are blocked. Express VPN or LimeVPN have brilliant Cloaking features.
  7. To hide from the world – To stop anyone finds you using Facebook you will have to turn on DNS Leak Protection.
  8. Selecting a Fake location – you will need to select a VPN server that chooses a place where Facebook is allowed which will be used as your fake location. This means that Facebook will know that you are using Facebook from that location where Facebook is allowed. To get good speed you need to choose the nearest location. For example, Chinese residents can use Indian locations.
  9. Click on Connect Option.
  10. Connect to Facebook – after all the above process gets completed you will need to sign in to Facebook with an e-mail ID and password. You shouldn’t use your regular email id for security purposes.
  11. Using VPN always – after making the subscription you will have to connect to your VPN every time you will be using Facebook.

FACEBOOK VPNs: Security Considerations

If you will be using Facebook in a country where Facebook is banned then you need to need to be completely secure because there are a lot of risks of being caught by government officials. There are around 850+ VPNs available in the market but most of them are not at all trustworthy and they can compromise your safety, you can get caught or get detected. So it is very important to use the latest and the best VPNs which are specially designed to use Facebook in a place where Facebook is banned. A lot of old and cheap VPNs are available which can be used to unblock streaming online content but is not at all reliable to unblock Facebook. So to have the complete privacy you should use the specially recommended VPNs for Facebook.

The following steps must be used in order to ensure privacy while using Facebook VPN:-

  1. Domain Name System leak protection needs to be turned on so that your device doesn’t send DNS requests to your ISP. DNS leaks will make the ISP known that you are using Facebook.
  2. Killswitch feature needs to be turned on. This feature will further prevent any leaks to the ISP and thus prevent you from getting detected.
  3. Stealth or cloaking mode allows people to use Facebook in places where it is blocked and banned and also hides VPN use.
  4. Turning on the Auto Connect option will let you automatically connect to VPN when the connection is lost.

Working of a VPN

When you normally connect to the Internet Service then the computer is first connected to the Internet Service Provider and then you connect to Facebook through the ISP. Your entire internet traffic passes through the Internet Service Provider’s server, so he can view all your internet traffic.

But when you are using VPN you connect to a VPN server provided by your VPN provider. This meant that all the data that passes between your computer and the VPN server is end-to-end encrypted.

Thus, anyone monitoring the data travelling between your computer or smartphone or tablet and the internet can see what you do online including using Facebook. Not even your ISP.

There are many governments around the world who have banned the use of Facebook in their country. Countries where there is an Autocratic rule or Absolute Monarch rule social media is banned. The rulers of those states feel that if their citizens would talk or discuss the flaws and negative features of the government with people around the world on a social platform like Facebook it will pose a threat to their power. Thus, they have banned Facebook.

  • Facebook Unblocking in China

The autocratic Chinese government has banned Facebook In the mainland of China, at least officially. The Great Firewall of China lets Facebook available at the selected location and during selected periods. But this is not a problem for Chinese citizens because they have their own social platforms like 51.com, 开心网 (Kaixin001), Renren.

According to sources, there are about 0.5million Chinese Facebook users and expatriates or tourists or visitors to China want to use Facebook or other social media. So to access Facebook in China we recommend checking specialized guides on Best VPNs for China. There is no ban on Facebook in Hong Kong.

  • Facebook Unblocking in Iran

Iran is one of the most dangerous places to use Facebook in the world. The Iranian government has not only banned the use of Facebook but also has special police force constructed by the name of “Cyber police Unit” in order to hunt down people visiting banned sites. There have been many cases reported where Iranians trying to use Facebook through cheap local VPN providers have been caught by the Iran Cyber Police Unit. These local VPN providers are mostly traps laid down by the unit itself to hunt visitors to such banned sites.

The people who try to break the rules of the Iranian government face arrest. They are interrogated, jailed, tortured and even face deaths. So this is our strong advice and warning that those who think of using Facebook inside the Iranian soil please think a 100 times before doing it.

If you think that you want to do it by risking your life then keep in mind to use foreign VPN providers especially the ones from Europe, even if they are costly and also use overseas VPN servers.

The most important point to be kept in mind is to USE ALL THE VPN SECURITY FEATURES AVAILABLE.

  • Facebook unblocking in Syria

In Syria due to the political as well as because of the continuous war between combined security forces and ISIS Facebook is banned so that misuse of social media is not made by terrorist groups. Thus if you want to use Facebook there huge care needs to be taken. It is a strict advice to use foreign VPN providers while using VPN servers in Syria.

  • Facebook unblocking in North Korea

The most repressive rule in the world is present in North Korea. The whole country is as if a jail where people have to go through hair-cuts or watch television or use vehicles or access internet according to government rules. So using Facebook which is banned by the government can be very dangerous. Though VPNs makes work much easier but if caught one may have to face severe punishment. Thus the careful use of VPN should be made in North Korea as their surveillance system is also very strong.

  • Facebook unblocking in Vietnam

Unofficially Facebook is banned in Vietnam but 15% of the population of Vietnam uses Facebook i.e. 13.5 million people. Tourists can access the VPN servers provided at many cafes and hotels but be careful as they are heavily infected with viruses. For safe usage, you can check the Best VPNs in Vietnam guide.

Countries like Iran, North Korea, and China have a permanent ban on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. But Bangladesh, Egypt or Syria orders a ban on Facebook or Facebook Messenger due to different reasons like riots or disturbed political situation or ongoing war. Like the Saudi Arabian government places a ban on Facebook Messenger in order to protect the business of State-owned telecommunication firms.

By the use of VPN, you can also secretly use Facebook Messenger just like Facebook. Messenger also has a new feature of secret conversation where the messages are end-to-end encrypted and even Facebook cannot read those messages.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK or VPN lets you use Facebook or Facebook Messenger privately without anyone getting to know about your activities online.

Conclusion for Facebook VPNs

There are many countries like China, North Korea, Iran, UAE where Facebook or Facebook Messenger is banned and even in countries where Facebook is legal it is prohibited in Workplaces or Schools or Colleges Or Universities so whether you are a citizen or a tourist or a simple visitor or an employee or a student you may want to use Facebook and to do so VPN is the best and only solution. There are a lot of VPNs available on the market so you can choose your favourite VPN after reading this entire article and then knowing in detail about the VPNs especially recommended for Facebook.

We recommend LimeVPN to be the best Facebook VPN of all time as their servers include all the essential features needed to be secure online.