How The Pandemic Is Being Abused to Chip Away at Our Digital Freedom

How The Pandemic Is Being Abused to withdraw at Our Digital Freedom

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major health concern around the globe, but it isn’t the only thing you should worry about. COVID pandemic surveillance report by a new Freedom House shows that the freedom to internet use globally has been on a decline for 10 years straight. The pandemic has…

Unblock TikTok With A VPN In 2020

TikTok was banned recently since it was a Chinese product and whichever country continues to have it such as America they too have plans to block it. TikTok is an online application where videos were posted from each user who had an account. You could watch multiple funny and different…

The History of the Internet

The internet has become an important part of everyone’s life as basically everything we do revolve around it. It came up in the late 90s and has taken over the world. Internet connection today is a basic part of everyone’s daily routine and most even depends on it to work….

How to Keep Multiple Online Identities Separate

In keeping multiple personalities separate, and unrelated to a legal identity, understand how a false identity can be de-anonymized.

All you need to know about Censorship

The internet freedom you enjoy isn’t that way for everyone as some countries have strict restrictions and surveillance put in place.

Top Cult Movies on Netflix

10 Best-Rated US-Only Netflix Shows And How To Watch Them Anywhere

Netflix has amazing movies, tv shows, and more entertainment on its list, but did you know that based on your country you can only view what is accessible in other languages? For instance, the top series Money Heist is actually a Spanish show but it was available for all users…