What Is Google Preps New Service?


According to a Google new report, specific countries are purposefully preventing Secure Sockets Layer requests from initiating. This significantly undermines industry efforts to make email encryption better.It has been revealed that the overall email security has been better compared to a couple of years back, according to a study in partnership with the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan.

There has been an increase of 33% to 61% of encrypted emails sent to Gmail by non-Gmail senders. On the other hand, there has been an increase of 60% to 80% of TLS encrypted messages sent from Gmail to non-Gmail addresses. It has been verified that some form of authentication has been observed with respect to over 94% of incoming messages sent to Gmail.

In a supporting blog written by Google, there were causes for concern to deal with. To begin with, Google said that they have unveiled internet areas that are vigorously preventing realization of message encryption. According to Google, they achieve this by interfering with requests to initiateSecure Sockets Layer connections. In the blog, Google stated that they are working in proximity with associates through the M3AAWG (the industry association) to strengthen ‘the opportunistic TLS’. Google aims to achieve this by using technologies that they forged with Chrome aimed at safeguarding websites against interception.

Then again, Google said in the blog that they unearthed malicious DNS servers that publish phony routing material to email servers in search of Gmail. According to the blog, the extremely wicked servers are similar to telephone directories that deliberately list deceptive phone numbers with respect to a specific name. Regardless of the fact that such attacks are uncommon, Google and their associates believe that the attacks are alarming. This is so since attackers can easily alter or censor messages before they are successfully delivered to the email recipient.

In the following countries: Lesotho, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Iraq and Tunisia, over 20% of messages are known to be relayed without encryption and in Tunisia the figures are reported to be over 96%. These scenarios exist because computers in the aforementioned nations force communication to be in plain text. The situation is also referred to as the ‘STARTILS Stripping’, which takes place on over sixty percent of the seven hundred thousand SMTP servers that Google has unearthed in regions across the globe that are poor in encryption.

According to The Mountain View Giant, to help alert users of conceivable dangers is to aim at rolling-out newfangled functionality that will call them to a state of preparedness when they receive email/ messages via non-encrypted connection. To combat the certainty, it is important to watchfully observe digital certificates. According to DigiCert Chief Security Officer, there are largely automatic certificate monitoring technologies that are available. Certificate monitoring is now a must have risk lessening in severity measure. Generally, it is crucial for IT pros and companies to pay close attention to digital certificates. This is so because it is one of the most promising ways of making the internet more secure. And as you probably know the another way is to encrypt your entire internen connection with a VPN. VPN connection establishes encrypted VPN tunnel protecting all data incide it. Always use encryption protocols and never use e-mail with no proper encryption algorithms