Unblocking Content

How can I access Hulu, BBC, and ITV with LimeVPN?

With LimeVPN, you can access geo-restricted websites and applications that are restricted to specific countries or regions. But occasionally, for some services, it will show that you are out of the location they provide service even though you are connected to the correct VPN location.

This can be due to various reasons which needed to be checked one by one. We recommend trying the below steps.


1 . Clear your temporary files, cookies, and cache.

2. Disable location services in the browser settings and other location services in your devices which uses WiFi or GPS.

3. Google caches your IP addresses which will reveal your actual location. So log out of all Google accounts.

4. Try connecting using different VPN protocols.

5. Try connecting to a different VPN server location.

6. Try changing the time zone of the device to the service provider and adjust the time.

7. Change the WiFi’s SSID with  _nomap at the end. This will opt-out from Google using your WiFi connection for location.

Please note that we do not guarantee that the service will unblock such Geo-restricted websites because lately they have been detecting VPN connection and blocking it.

But you could definitely try. Just sign up with our pro service and if it doesn’t work we will refund you the complete amount under our 30 days money back guaranty.


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