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How To Defeat Australian Metadata Retention Laws with a VPN?

What Influence does Australian Metadata Retention Laws have on the Privacy of Users?

The Australian metadata retention laws require or mandate all Telecoms and ISPs in the country to store their user’s data for up to 2years. The data collected will be used by security agencies and courts for investigations and court proceedings. They supply that information to the government.

Information gathered includes:

  1. Mobile Number.
  2. Time of Communication.
  3. Date of Communication.
  4. Place where the Communication is made.
  5. User’s Name and Address.
  6. Recipient of Communication.
  7. E-mail details.

In other words, an accurate profile of a citizen which talks about the financial status, medical history and report, relationship status, political interests, social views and so on can be gotten by the government. If this information gets into the wrong hands, it makes every citizen vulnerable to attacks. Hackers can get their hands on these details and use it to defraud or attack the owners of this information.

How to defeat the Australian metadata retention through VPN

The best way of avoiding the Australian metadata retention laws is through the use of a VPN. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It secures users using private and public networks. It shields and protects data of users over the network. When VPN is used, privacy is increased because the identity of the user is hidden. The user’s IP address is not revealed because the VPN’s IP address is substituted for the user’s own.

The main reason of using LimeVPN is its security feature. While it is easy to hack information over the internet, the LimeVPN employs advanced encryption protocols and creates tunneling way to secure data transfers. It encrypts data so that it will be hard or difficult for someone else to hack. LimeVPN has lot of servers from which users can choose from.

A good VPN has high encryption, no-logs and strong protocols. Most free VPNs do not have this. LimeVPN  has all the features and this makes it a very good VPN.

Using a VPN

If you want to use a VPN, follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase a service from a reliable VPN provider that has lots of server locations around the world. LimeVPN gives you chance to pick from myriads of server locations.
  2. Run your VPN on your device(s). Simple instructions to follow on how you can manage your connections on your device(s) are provided.
  3. Connect to the internet and use your apps, LimeVPN creates an encrypted tunnel through which your network traffic is sent, so your data is secured and your privacy is ensured also.

With the advent of this metadata retention law, many Australian citizens have made use of different VPNs. It is good to choose a VPN that will secure your data and give you privacy. Choose LimeVPN for  good value for your money.

VPN Benefits

Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more.

Don’t let the internet browse you!