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How To Hide Your IP Address?

In this era of digitization, We have witnessed every small thing being done on the internet, Whether it be connecting to your friends or family, ordering food, booking an air ticket or playing games with your friends, Internet has made everything so easy that everything is at your fingertips. But the real question is are you really safe while on the internet, Is your data and other information safe? With lot of applications trying to steal or scrape website data, it is evident that your data is surely at risk, and what if you have entered your account or card details on your favourite shopping site, NO wonder every shopping site uses the most secure way for accepting payments and their payment gateways are even more advanced, But have you wondered if you data/details that you have entered on the shopping cart safe ? Are there any chances for it to be stolen, misused? Certainly yes! And what can be do to go about with this ?

Yes, VPN!! Virtual Private Network is the best service you can subscribe to if you prefer security and safety for all your data.

Why use a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, In short a VPN creates a encrypted tunnel between your device and the destination which ultimately will route all your data through the tunnel and any outsider trying to bypass or hack your data will remain confused.

By connecting to a VPN, your data is encapsulated into encrypted packets until those packets reach the right destination and the data is then decrypted. The explanation seems to be easy and so is the procedure to connect to a VPN.

There are many more features a VPN provides which will be discussed in this article.

The most important features are :

  1. Avoid ISP tracking your device
  2. Online shopping from a different location
  3. Accessing a home network when away
  4. Public Wi-Fi security
  5. Privacy from websites collecting your data
  6. Unwanted downloads
  7. Campus restricted connection
  8. Streaming blocked content over the web
  9. Bypass traffic thresholds
  10. Defeating the hackers

Let’s dig into these topics one by one.

1. Avoid ISP tracking your device :

In the recent days, It is come to notice that more than Hackers, ISPs themselves are interested in knowing what you browse and what you buy. This is been possible to the insecure network you have connected to and the ISP have been successful in collecting your data.

However, It is an offence in the US to collect your browsing data, ISPs have been doing it off the record with an intention of selling your browsing data, location history and also your the app usage data for all the apps you use to third parties.

Connecting to a VPN will keep the ISP confused about how you are using the internet as they will not be able to find out what you browse and how much you browse. It is always recommended to have even your Smart Phones connected to VPN while using Social Media applications likes Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

2. Online shopping from a different location :

For people who love to shop on the go, This is the best choice ever, There are some shopping websites or stores that are not supported in other countries, If by chances you are in a country that does not allow shopping on the site you want to, VPN can help you by connecting to a server in the country where services are not barred and you can have your shopping cart loaded without any hassle.

3. Accessing a home network when away :

It is always an issue when your main desktop is at your home and all the important files you need are stored in them, But you need to access to them from a different location as someone wanted you to share a payment receipt of a purchase you made which is not handy with you.

You might have set up NAS on your device which has all the files, Keep in mind that in order to keep you connection and all the data you are trying to retrieve safe, VPN will help you bind the connection by an encrypted tunnel thus restricting any intruder from entering your network.

4. Public Wi-Fi security :

If you are a traveller and love explore new places, then you surely might have given a thought about this aspect. While sipping over a coffee and you remember an important work to be done and you do not have access to internet like always, you certainly will connect to the open Wifi network of the coffee shop, Similarly you are travelling out of town and your flight is delayed, you want to spend time humming songs or spend time chatting with your friends or loved ones, you will surely connect to the public network facility at the airport, But have we ever realised how safe the network is ? Recently a survey has reported that only 20% of the entire public network is safe, This way we are providing a way to the hackers to get into our device and steal our data, Hacking data from your device or capturing your location data is very simple and can be done by connecting to your access point. We always come across instances in real life about photos getting leaked, morphed, photoshopped, But how? We have contributed our bit towards it, It is high time we adapt to a change by embracing the VPN technique of being safe

A VPN will surely keep you secure over the entire network without allowing anyone to bypass the network or capture any data.

5. Privacy from websites collecting your data :

This is an important aspect when it comes to entering data or personal information on a site that you have very less information about, Always make sure that whenever you sign up on a website or enter your card/account details or any personal information, the website is a trusted website or/is recommended by many users, This can be done by checking the reviews or discussing in any Forum related to the service where you will surely find at least 3-4 subscribers with whom you can gather your review before you subscribe.

Websites usually collect data like your email ID, contact numbers,Location data, Payment information/account details etc and sell it to third party buyers with whom they have a tie up with, This data is then used for various purposes, It is a worst case when the data is misused  somewhere with your name leading to legal action on you.

While using VPNs, the websites that track the browsing and all other data will be able to only see the IP address of your connection which will be from a different location.

6. Unwanted downloads :

Coming to the most interesting part of the article, It is Downloading torrents, This is the most important feature most of the subscribers use VPNs for. It is just because you are sure that the movie that you missed while you were out of town, is off the multiplex and you want to watch it soon. Torrents have successfully fulfilled these needs of every Torrents users, Be it providing a Mirror link, Magnet link or a direct download link.

But you have always noticed that there are heaps of ads while accessing these torrents, and some pages tend to download unwanted or unknown stuff on your device which may be a malware or a virus, Connecting to a VPN keeps you in place without allowing Ads on the websites you are accessing and thus helps you in downloading only the necessary content.

7. Campus restricted connection :

Each and everyone who were in this phase of life i.e education might have surely faced this problem in their college, schools or universities where the internet connection had banned social media sites, gaming and many other entertainment applications. In our leisure time it was hard to spend time, connect to your family or share your pictures of the recent tour online.

VPN helps you bypass all these restrictions and keep you connected to your friends and family, You can connect to a server in the same location, sit back and enjoy.

8. Streaming blocked content over the web :

This feature is no different from the previous one, Just like how connections in colleges are restricted from accessing social media and other entertainment channels, ISP on the other end are also bound to certain restrictions which can be surpassed only using a VPN,

There are many video streaming applications that are famous the world like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar which are used worldwide but are you sure that these applications are available everywhere? Certainly not.

Whenever you have tried accessing Netflix from a different location or from a place where you are not sure if the service is supported or not, You will have received an error “ This service is not available in your region “

Youtube is not accessible in the US as Netflix is the most commonly used application, In India it is the other way round, Similarly there are a lot of applications like BBC iPlayers, Hulu which people from other countries only dream of accessing, But here’s your dream come true.

VPNs can be used to access these websites and with the same flow. You will have to connect to a server from the country where the service is accessible and you will be able to access the websites/applications without any issue.

9. Bypass traffic thresholds :   

It is considered that VPN helps you bypass the limitations set by your ISP while browsing, However it is not proved till date, VPN normally reduce the speed of your connection by 10% due to encryption involved in the connection, However there are researches that indicate that VPN has actually helped increase or rather boost the bandwidth.

It is always recommend to have a high speed connection as VPN also depends on the location of the servers as well for latency.

10. Defeating the hackers :

The actual success of VPN is the when you are not stolen by any hacker or any intruder, Connecting to a VPN makes your network encrypted so that any information passed on from the source to the receiver is encrypted and is decrypted when the information identifies the destination.

This is the best way you can keep secure on Internet, be it sending emails or texting your best friends on social media or any messenger application, or storing your favorite pictures on cloud, you would never want your privacy to be disturbed. VPN has always proved to be trustworthy.

LimeVPN servers have a 256 bit military grade encryption which encrypts data in such a way that it practically takes ages for any hacker to bypass your network due to its combinations of codes.

Conclusion :

We have discussed how essential it is for you to be anonymous on the web while browsing, shopping or watching videos, It is always recommended that you use a VPN while performing any activities online. There are lot of cases registered where stealing data/privacy has played a major role in someone’s lives, Make sure you are not the next.

Happy and Safe Browsing!

VPN Benefits

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