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How To Play Origin Games with a VPN?

VPN has been famous around the world allowing all the gamers to connect to servers and access all the games globally, A gamer can connect to a VPN server and change his location and IP address which does not allow anyone to trace his/her location making the gaming very safe. This also prevents DDos attacks and a gamer can secure all his gaming data from anyone trying to bypass or steal the data, It has also helped small group to connect through the same IP for playing multiplayer games.

Origin is a one such online gaming platform from the 90’s that was very famous with its PC games, developed by Electronic Arts(EA). EA games are very famous due to wide range of gaming versions, These games can be download on your PC directly and can be run on the Origin client which was formerly known as EA download manager, EA link.

Origin gaming has been so advanced in the recent years that they have included a in-game chat interface with video streaming powered by Twitch TV, to share the gaming experience and albums on social media platform such as Facebook, XboxLive, Nintendo,

The Origin store allows you to download the game after purchase directly and connect to the Origin account rather using a access key, CD or a gaming box. Origin also has guaranteed that the number of downloads for any game will be unlimited. As per a recent update, you can download any EA game and connect it to the Origin account using the client key or digital key obtained from any other retail distributor other than Origin store.

You should also know that Origin was once criticized for not having proper security o their internal chat interface which included chat keys, account information and many other sensible data which could be easily available for any intruders. As security was at risk it is well recommended to use VPN until you wait for Origin networks to enhance their security protocol.

The idea of a VPN is simple, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the most important feature of VPN is the privacy it provides when you are connected to it, However that is not it.

Once you are connected to the server, Your IP address will be masked with our VPN servers IP address and anyone trying to enter your network remains as a spectators finding out ways to bypass them.

Nowadays, as the competition has increased and the number of games and gamers have increased, each gamer is finding a feasible way to get the best connection to the game server using his connection, This although is not that easily possible due to huge number of connections to a single servers, VPN have helped them in finding the best connection without any delays at the best ping rate,

Hence it is highly recommended to choose a best VPN service for gaming, With us at LimeVPN, We have wide range of locations for our servers which will help you play the games with ease.

Once you receive all the details pertaining to your VPN connection, The only thing you will have to do is choose the best protocol to connect to VPN. With having 21 locations for our servers, you can experience quality gaming.

Here’s how to proceed with the same.

  1. Sign up for a LimeVPN account
  2. Set up LimeVPN on your device based on the OS you are using and the protocol you want to set it up with and the servers as listed.
  3. Connect to any server that is near to the gaming server to reduce latency and delays.
  4. Sit back and relax to experience high quality gaming.

Conclusion :

Now that you have the tips and tricks as to how VPN can be used, Make the most of it with our services, Do not forget that our 24/7 support team is always at your help, Do write to us with your suggestions or queries.


VPN Benefits

Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more.

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