Gamer's VPN Guide

How To Play Watch Dogs 2 with a VPN

LimeVPN enables you to play multiplayer games such as Watch Dogs 2 in different countries with players from all over the world. VPN has several benefits for players such as faster speed and encrypted internet connection to safe your data and files properly secured. Using a VPN will enhance your gaming experience by simply following these five steps:

  1. Sign up for a VPN such as LimeVPN. This enables you to select between a variety of VPN protocols and is not compatible with the third-party servers.
  2. Download and launch the LimeVPN application on your device
  3. Select a server location: You can select from 70 server location from across the world
  4. Click to connect and connect to VPN
  5. Lower latency when playing game and increase your connection when playing Watch Dogs 2.

VPN for Gaming

VPNs are particularly growing in popularity among gamers. Many gamers use VPNS to access content and servers all over the world, since using a VPN enables a gamer to change their IP address and access content from any part of the world without been restricted geographically. VPN also keep gamers off from players seeking revenge and attacks from DDos by increasing online privacy and ensuring that their personal information is well protected. Using a VPN also enables players to expand their competition and have access to DLC content from all over the world. Gamers can as well connect and play with friends from any location by simply using a VPN.

Increase your Speed When Playing Watch Dogs 2


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With the rapid growth in the gaming industry, lots of gamers are looking for ways to have a competitive edge and enhance the speeds of their connection. Using VPN for gaming such as LimeVPN can help gamers to reduce the connection routes between them and the gaming server to reduce ping time and shorten lag. Shorten lag for adventure games such as Watch Dogs 2, you will experience a faster game and play without any delays. Using a VPN also enables you to conquer throttling done by your ISP and traffic networks, thus, you have a faster speed every time and have a competitive advantage.


VPN Benefits

Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more.

Don’t let the internet browse you!