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How to prevent Netflix from banning your VPN service?

Your VPN got blocked by Netflix? No doubt, Netflix discovered that you are using a VPN. This is how it goes with NetFlix and VPN. In normal scenario any Netflix member connects using the IP provided to them by their ISP. As this is an ISP IP they never get blocked by Netflix. But when it comes to VPN it is shared among the pool of users, and the moment a certain number of members start accessing the Netflix using the same IP with VPN connection. Netflix gets a “VPN detected” alert and in the next moment Netflix ban that IP.

Netflix mostly blocks IPs from Data Centers or blocks a complete range of IPs that were previously detected, etc

In this article, we will be discussing how Netflix blocks VPN and how you can safeguard your VPN against Netflix blocking. It is the time to dive in deeper.

GeoIP databases and Netflix

There are firms like MaxMind, who prepare GeoIP databases. Their database includes every possible detail about the IP addresses, like the location of the IP, whether the IP belongs to any VPN or proxy server. IP is blacklisted anywhere or not.  

Many other similar firms like MaxMind sell these details to Netflix. Without giving any second thought, Netflix blocks all the VPN and proxies IPs.

All that you can do from your end to bypass Netflix Geo-restriction.

Tweak browser Geolocation

Sometimes the problem is not from the VPN provider side, it is actually from your end. Suppose you are connected to a VPN and the location being reflected by your VPN is somewhere in US, but at the same time location shown by your web browser is of Australia. Without any surprise, Netflix will get to know, and in seconds your VPN will be blocked.

Disabling your Geolocation in the browser will be a great move to prevent your VPN from getting blocked.

DNS Leaks

There is a critical thing known as “DNS LEAK” which needs to be checked once you are done with the configuration. The next question will be “Why this needs to be done?” The answer is when you are using anonymity or privacy service, it is extremely important that all traffic originating from your computer is routed through the anonymous network. Any traffic leaks outside the secure connection to the network or any adversary monitoring your traffic will end up getting blocked by Netflix. Basically, a DNS leak happens when you are using a VPN but your regular ISP and third parties are able to see what you are doing.

If you are wondering how to check? Here we are with a ready-made tool


Delete the cookies

You can again get tracked down by Netflix if there are cookies on your system or browsers that indicates Netflix about your actual location different than one shown by your VPN.

Keep clearing the cookies for a better experience.

Disable WebRTC

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a technology which helps websites  to establish a communication channel using your browser for a better and smooth web browsing experience. To establish the connection they need to your real IPs, and in case some other webpage shared your real IP address with Netflix, different than the one shown by your VPN, your VPN will get blocked by Netflix. Please disable WebRTC in your browser.

Dedicated IP address: The Best tool against Netflix.

There are few VPN providers who give dedicated IP address, you will be the only person using that IP. So, Netflix won’t be able to discover that you are using a VPN as this IP is being used by a single user. Some VPN providers keep static IPs and some keep pool of dynamic IPs which is shared by a certain number of limited users.

But, since you will be the only user, this service will be a bit costly for justified reasons.  


Now you know every tips and trick to stop Netflix from banning your VPN. In case if you get blocked again by Netflix, the best approach will be to try different servers provided by your VPN service provider. If this didn’t help, feel free to ask your VPN provider to guide you to the best available server for Netflix.


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