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How to Set up a VPN for Apple TV – VPN for Apple TV Without a VPN Router

VPN installation on mobile phones tablets and computers is normal these days. Unfortunately, direct installation on Apple TV is yet not introduced, however, it can be done in two ways:

Either you can connect Apple TV with Flashed Router having VPN already installed

Or Apple TV can be connected to Computer or laptop using VPN through the internet  

Flashed Router: the easiest way to Set up a VPN for Apple TV

Using a flashed Router for setting up VPN for Apple TV is the easiest and most commonly used method.

In this method FlashRouters directly install the VPN clients on the wireless router. After the installation, it now is ready to work.

Whenever a device including Apple TV is connected to this router through WiFi it gets VPN protection automatically, there is no need to install separate VPN on it.

This seems to be its main advantage and reason for popularity. It allows easy alteration network setting which will affect all devices connected to it. Moreover, you also can buy a pre-flashed router for your home appliances including Apple TV.

To protect Apple TV among other devices and get access to extra contents from overseas, there is none simpler and easier method other than Flashed Router.

Can I Put VPN on Apple TV?

In simpler words, the answer is NO. You can’t directly install a VPN on Apple TV however you can make use of flashed Router to get VPN on your Apple TV.

It is the easiest method in which you need to do nothing just connect Apple TV viva WiFi router having VPN installed.

Another way to get VPN on Apple TV is to connect it with a computer, tablet, laptop or other devices protected with VPN through the Internet.   

How I can Connect Apple TV to a PC or Laptop?

The connection of Apple TV with window or MAC computer involves simple steps, but before making connection make sure that VPN is running on it computer having internet access.

Now you only need to do is to connect the Apple TV with PC or Laptop through Ethernet Cable.

How to Share a VPN Connection in Windows 10?

Here are simple steps you can follow to setup VPN connection Apple TV and computer using window 10.

  1. Connect the computer with VPN service
  2. Now making use of Ethernet cable connect both Apple TV and computer with each other
  3. Go to SYSTEM TASKBAR right click on NETWORK icon and select OPEN NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER
  4. Now you will find the CONTROL PANEL on top of the left-hand side click on it and select CHANGE ADAPTER SETTING
  5. Here you will find VPN CONNECTION icon. Right click on it selects PROPERTIES.
  6. Now go to SHARING and check ALLOW OTHER NETWORK USERS TO CONNECT THROUGH THIS COMPUTER’S INTERNET CONNECTION. If there is any popup on the screen, click on OK. Leave all other boxes untouched.

How to share a VPN connection in OS (setting Up VPN with PPTP or L2TP)

When you want to make use of OpenVPN sharing connection through make may be a bit complex. In such a situation, it is advised to use this guide on TunnelBlick.

Mac has a built-in VPN client. Here we will describe step by step how you can set up VPN for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP).

You need to follow these steps to Share VPN connection:

  1. The first step to make the connection is to download and install VPN software on Mac computer
  2. Now take an Ethernet cable and make the connection of switched off Apple TV and Mac computer with it
  3. Now open SYSTEM REFERENCE and click on SHARING
  4. Go to SHARING YOUR CONNECTION FROM in the menu and select your VPN connection
  5. Now go to the COMPUTER USING  box and click on USB ETHERNET
  6. Select internet sharing. You will find a popup click ok
  7. When on the top beside INTERNET SHARING: ON if you find green dot be sure that everything is working properly.
  8. Now you can turn on your Apple TV and enjoy the services

How can I Test an Apple TV VPN?

Methods discussed here are tested and found correct by experts working at LimeVPN.

However to check the validity and updates of the VPN one needs to go through VPN reviews regularly. For that, you can visit

However, if you want to inquire about your VPN performance it is quite simple. You just need to select test VPN and a nearby VPN keep both switched off and your VPN switched on. Now check your internet connection through the Combined test.

These results may not be as accurate as they can be when you get your connection tested specialist test servers.     


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