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Watch YouTube and online TV abroad?

Youtube has been the saviour for all those who do not have access to Netflix and other media streaming apps, But do you really think that Youtube is available everywhere ? Certainly not!!

Youtube also has their own restrictions and list of restricted locations where they cannot be accessed or used. This is surely a bad news for most of the Youtube fans and for the people who follow Youtube channels for entertainment, cookery shows and reality shows.

If you are using Youtube with your ISP, then it is most certain that youtube personnel are able to trace your location or at the least your region which is how they decide which content can be allowed and which can be restricted, These barriers often leave people disheartened as they miss out with their favourite shows and series. Recently we have noticed that there are certain web series or movies that are available only on Netflix for users who have a Premium subscription, The same is the case with Youtube, Incase youtube acquires rights for displaying a content on their channel/website then it is for sure that they will not be available for free.

It is often observed that some videos are locked with geographic restrictions, For example, the videos launched by Warner brothers and Sony entertainment have access only within US, Same way BBC videos or shows are available only in UK, The reason behind this is also the license fee involved for making it available throughout the world. You might have also noticed that Olympic games are not available in the US.

The content owners provide the video with a restriction such that they are available only in those regions, Let us take an example of accessing videos from India, US. There are some websites or shows that are exclusively available in US and India, If you are residing in a location other than this, then there is a bad news for you, You will be getting an error as below.

The main reason behind getting this error or page is Youtube recognizing your location through your ISP’s IP, Incase it is found that the video or the show you are looking for is not allowed or does not have the license to be made available in your region, This error pops up showing that the video will not be accessible. This often leads to a situation where you will need to change your location as per the availability of the channel or the program.

Bypassing region filtering for Youtube :

Now that you know Youtube uses your computer/ISP’s IP to filter requests, You can try this trick to avoid filtering requests.

We have noticed that videos on youtube are displayed as: –  the best option is to replace the “ ? “ with a “ / “ which will turn off region filtering. However as this step is rarely followed as there are chances that this will not work in most of the locations where the security on networks or censorship is high which leads to a new question, What can be done now?

We have a solution for you and that is using a VPN, Most of us already have a question why and how will a VPN help?

What is a VPN and how will it help you?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the most important feature of VPN is the privacy it provides when you are connected to it, However that is not it. VPN also helps you connect to a server in a different country and you can watch any programs live pretending to be a local user.

The most important part using a VPN is it provides a layer of security for your connection keeping you isolated without being tracked by your actual ISP. Having a VPN with 256 Bit encryption keeps you safe and the chances of being hacked or any intruder entering your network or stealing your browsing or personal data is impossible.

But there are somethings that needs to be taken care off when it comes to VPN, As technology is growing day by day, we have observed that there are competitors for a same product, similarly to gain attention, there are a lot of free VPN and proxy services launched which people usually think will be helpful but it is not.

Confused ? Let me explain.

Even though by browsing and researching for hours on the internet and you end up getting lots of websites that offer free VPN services, your research was wasted.

Free VPN providers do have a lot of servers around the world and the same way there are millions of users who use those servers for various activities, This leads to abuse on the server and hence there are chances that the IP gets blacklisted due to which your search will not be accurate or your connection can be banned by the youtube servers.

Similarly, When you talk about VPN, it also is the security involved in it. Free VPNs do not have a secure connections for the users from source to the destination URL that is to be accessed often leading to data being stolen, They also do not have a Log keeping policy/ No logging policy which states that the Free VPN providers will be able to keep a log of all your browsing information on their servers.

Hence, It is always recommended to go for Paid VPNs as they have set of policies for their usage, wide variety of applications and setup procedures and most important logging policies when your security is concerned.

Why LimeVPN?

With services like LimeVPN you have access to servers around 10 countries and our servers also allow High speed Torrenting on 3 of our servers help you download Torrents at a high speed.

You can simply sign up with LimeVPN and set up VPN on your device based on the operating system of your device, LimeVPN allows VPN setup on Android, Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux, and Chromebooks as well. We also support setup for VPN on routers,

All these services are provided with a pricing as low as $2.49 to $1, Our 24/7 support will be able to render all your needs with a very short response time.

With our servers, Accessing Youtube from restricted locations will not be an issue, and you will be able to enjoy all your favourite shows without having to move anywhere.

Conclusion :

It is always recommended to avoid the usage of Free VPNs keeping your safety in the first place, Go ahead and make the most of it with best features on LimeVPN at an affordable price.

Get back to us or comment below with any doubts so that we can clarify them for you.


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