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How To Use a VPN?

What is a VPN and How Do You Use One?

VPN is a shortened term for Virtual Private Network, the purpose of using VPN is the security it provided when connected and there are various other aspects that are included in VPN which will be explained in brief in this article.

VPN is commonly used for having a secure connection between the source that is you and the destination that is the website or the point you are connecting to.

It provides a secure channel of encryption while you are connected making sure that any intruder or in other terms a hacker cannot bypass your connection to steal your data or misuse the information.

If you are a techie and you have used VPN before then there is nothing new to read, But if you are new to this topic or the service, then this guide will surely help you with the setup.

VPN can be set up on your device depending on the OS you are using, Recently a lot of protocols have come up which has confused a lot of users as to which will be the ideal protocol for setting up VPN on your device.

Here’s what we recommend our users for the best experience, LimeVPN supports VPN set up on all the major operating systems like Windows, MAC, iOS, Android and Linux.

Windows usually has the best range of set up protocols like PPTP, L2TP with a Pre shared Key, L2TP with a certificate, OpenVPN and of course SoftEther.

We always recommend our clients to proceed with SoftEther VPN client for VPN on WIndows,

This application is available for all versions of Windows and the set up steps remain the same.

How to set up VPN on Windows using SoftEther.

Wonder if you are MAC user?  The best and easiest way to set up VPN will be using L2TP/IPsec with Pre shared key. The steps are simple and you can set up VPN without any issue.

How to set up VPN on MAC using L2TP

Similarly we have steps for Android and iOS smartphone users as well, the UI is simple and will be available in the “ Settings “ of your device, the only thing needed is a paid subscription to enjoy streaming or play games without facing even a minor glitch..

How to set up VPN on your Android SmartPhone

How to set up VPN on iOS using L2TP

FInding it difficult to navigate to setting everytime and turn on VPN? You can use OpenVPN making sure that you have extracted the config files in a proper way. To set up VPN using OpenVPN for Android and iOS, here are the steps :

How to set up VPN on Android using OpenVPN

How to set up VPN on iOS using OpenVPN

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN setup is simple if the guides are followed thoroughly, But before you use a VPN have you ever asked yourself, Why should I use a VPN or What does a VPN do?

We will answer your question:-

Once connected to a VPN, your entire internet connection is surrounded by encryption protecting it from hackers and unwanted attacks from intruders,  A secure tunnel is created between the source and the destination so that the browsing data is safe or in other terms not misused. Here the source refers to you or the device you are using and the destination is the server you are trying to connect or in simpler terms the website you want to access.

There are chances that some websites are banned in your country due to various reasons, Using a VPN you can pretend to be in a location where there is access to the website you are trying to access and you will be able to proceed further.

Similarly, in case you are using VPN for gaming, your connection to the game server is secure and the data will not be access by anyone who is spying on you.

With LimeVPN using a 256 bit military grade encryption, it is highly impossible to enter the network to steal data, In rare conditions, it will still take years to break the security of the network.

How a VPN Works Abroad?

You might have often heard people telling that they were not able to access certain social media sites in certain locations, This is due to the restriction imposed by the governments in the respective countries, For example, In the US there is no open access to Youtube as they have Netflix as their main streaming site, It is the either way round in India. The same way Skype Features are banned in the Middle East as they have their own video calling application, However there are people who would still choose Skype over the local applications, VPN is the best choice where you can manage to access Skype and all the features  without any hassle.

Recently, due to a large release in TV series over streaming sites, The usage of VPN has increased, But it is not just limited to accessing Streaming sites, VPN have also been used by Techies to keep their activities and their research secure from any attacks.

How Does a VPN Improve Your Overall Internet Experience?

A VPN configuration will not only keep your browsing safe online, it will also improve your overall Internet experience. Using a VPN service can help you defeat throttling and bypass network congestion. When you use a VPN your location and the IP address of your internet connection is masked, helping you to avoid any restrictions and also being a prey to localised pricing which is captured due to the IP address of your connection.

Now that you know how VPN is used and what can it be used for, Make the most of it.

Any questions, comments, doubts? We are always at your service with our 24/7 support.

Happy and Safe Browsing!!!


VPN Benefits

Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more.

Don’t let the internet browse you!