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How to use LimeVPN for Nook HD?

Nook, Although it is a rarely used or rarely heard device, This developed popularity in the mid of 2012, Nook HD was started by Barnes and Noble for using their restricted DRM files.

Nook HD is reported to have a advanced version of Android on it and comes in two variants as every android devices are launched, i.e 8Gb and the 16Gb models, Just like any other device, Nook HD also has a expandable slot for memory upto 64Gb, Even though having issues with Advanced android for the devices, Nook HD was not a so stable device in the market due to lack of features and restricted access to apps on Play Store.

However, In 2013, B&N the founders of this device lifted the restricted which allowed access to all the applications in the Play Store, As they could not develop popularity for the device, they had announced to stop manufacturing/developing device any further, However the decision was changed and in 2014, they came up again with Samsung and launched the Samsung Tab 4 Nook which was then a most sold tablet in the smartphone market.

Nook with the concept of Android :

Android being the most user friendly Operating system for smartphones till date is the most in demand software for all the devices, Hence developers suggested Android over any other OS for Nook HD devices, With having more than 5 lakh activations for Android per day as reported by Google, This was the best platform for Nook HD to gain fame in the smartphone market.

Developments on the Nook HD Softwares :

Although Nook HD was not so famous in the market, the developers have never stepped back in developing the firmware until they founded a way to root the device, Rooting is usually done to gain access to the hidden files of the device, Rooting also helped users for the applications that needed access to hidden files for your device, For example, Titanium backup for Android could be used to backup and restore files from android devices.

With the development in Android, Cyanogenmod was also released officially for Nook HD and Nook HD+ devices in 2014, Since then Cyanogen actively released monthly builds for the device and also released the official Nightly and Snapshot version of their OS.

Need for VPN on Nook HD :

With the increase in demand for devices, The need for VPN was also recommended, As Smartphones have slowly started replacing PCs and Laptops due to the portability such as making calls and sending messages instantly without any hassle, Moreover Nook also provided file sharing, remote connections on their devices, the only disadvantage was the more the people use these device, the more the vulnerability occured for the connections with too many people waiting to intrude the files.

Nook HD being portable, the chances of using internet on the go, accessing or sharing files, checking your emails would be more likely, and there is the need to use a VPN so that your files, accounts can be secured with one tap.

Using VPN for Nook HD :

VPN is a Virtual Private Network which encrypts your data through a secure tunnel making your connection safe, While connected to a VPN, it is impossible for any intruder to bypass your connection or steal your data.

It is very simple, Once you are connected to VPN the entire network is encrypted with a layer of security deployed by the VPN server, It also helps you mask your IP address with the IP address of the VPN server and your location will be based on the server you are connected to.

When it comes to VPN you will have to also make sure that there are companies that provide Free VPN services as a part of campaign or offers, It should always be noted not to choose Free VPNs, Here’s why, Free VPNs are largely used around the world for various purpose, And there is a chance that the IPs on the servers are constantly used for different websites or even on websites that have high security often leading to blocking or blacklisting of those IPs,

Similarly, Free VPN providers will not be having any policies for keeping logs, it is often reported that Free VPN providers log data of the customers browsing and then sell the data to government/organisations risking your privacy.

With us at LimeVPN, we have wide range of servers around 10 locations around the world, these servers have a 256 bit encryption on them making it impossible for anyone to bypass your network.

LimeVPN does not keep any logs of your data other than the information about your login intervals, We care about your privacy concern.

How to Setup VPN on Nook HD :

With Nook HD having access to all the applications in PlayStore it is clear that even OpenVPN can be used for the device, It is very simple,

  1. Sign up with us at LimeVPN
  2. Go to playstore and download the OpenVPN connect application.
  3. Once installed, You can download our config files from here
  4. Now that the config files are downloaded, you can go to OpenVPN connect application and import the files from your device.
  5. Enter your Username and Password for the VPN connection.
  6. Once you get the “ Connected “ status option, Sit back and relax.

All your files or browsing will now be directed through a secure tunnel and you will not have to worry about anyone trying to gain access to your device.

Conclusion :  

With internet being the only medium for communication, you will also need to think about ways to secure your privacy,  it is always recommended to choose VPN in such cases.

With LimeVPN, you can enjoy high speed browsing on our servers which have a 1 Gbps node speed, Our support is 24/7 at your service, Write to us if you have any issues or questions for the same.

VPN Benefits

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