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How to Stay protected from government and ISP surveillance?

Ever Since technology has developed, it has had both the faces of it hand in hand, The positive face being the help it has rendered to all the users through various aspects and the negative face which has changed thousands of lives. Yes, You see it right!! Technology has changed lives in both ways for people around the globe.

We often read about hacks, data breach, security breach in news but do you really know that we are the reason for it, Our carelessness towards the data is responsible for it.

Internet came into existence with wired connections in the early 20th centuries with it origin of research being the United Kingdom, It developed since then and now internet is the only means of communication for people. But have you ever given a thought that it is still unsafe for people to use the internet without any security?

Ever heard about the Wannacry Ransomware that had created such a terror in minds of common people ? From attacking upto 2 Lakh computers to gathering ransom amount for the data, It made a huge terror in the around 150 countries. This was caused by a Worm that attacked Vulnerable systems and due to the transport mechanism used in the ransomware the data was transported encrypted and could be decrypted through a decrypt patch which was available only with the attackers.

ISP surveillance

This raised a concern in every individuals mind as to how important security was for the devices that are connected to internet, Ransomware just existed for 3 days, But have you ever imagined that your data can be still stolen or is monitored by agencies around the world with the help of your internet IP,

Normally it is noticed that criminals, accused on bail/parole are the ones who are monitored but this is not it. You should know the ISPs also log your browsing data and sell them to advertisers for money, Ever wondered why you are getting mails to your email IDs or your phone number when you have not registered it anywhere? Yes this is how it works.

Similarly have you ever imagined that the government is interested in you? Yes they are !!

There are agencies around the world in some countries which keep a track of your online activities, your social media accounts which is actually illegal. With growing technology we will have to make sure that our data is safe where we are and whichever device our accounts are used on.

Also, You need to know that whenever you visit a website, your data is vulnerable to the corporate website which is then sold to the government, And you should know the worst thing here i.e corporate websites are most vulnerable to the hackers.

Another instance, if you ever remember using open internet networks at cafes, airports or railway stations? These networks are easiest means of hacking as they do not have any encryption key for connection nor do they have any encryption on their network.

Recently it was brought to notice that NSA a government organisation in the US is keeping a track of all the online activities worldwide, when keeping a track is stated, It means that even your calls can be intercepted for security reasons. Although this is illegal and totally immoral, the US government states that this is for security reasons. You should also know that NSA has track of 98% of the online activities, As of now it is heard that NSA is building a datacenter in the US in Utah which is bigger than the Google and the Facebook offices combined together. This is surely to keep a watch on the all the global activities which will also have your data in it. Now it is your call to make sure that your data is not present in the NSA’s data centers.

Make sure that the ISP you choose do not log your data, But it is better follow the proverb “ Prevention is better than cure “, Usage of VPN will protect you from all these attacks, Know how and why you need a VPN ?

Why do I need a VPN ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the most important feature of VPN is the privacy it provides when you are connected to it, However that is not it. When you connect a device to a VPN server, the entire network is tunneled using 256 bit encryption and the data is encapsulated until it reaches the right destination server or the URL you are trying to access and then the data is decrypted making it difficult for any hackers or intruders to enter your network.

When you are connected to a VPN, your internet IP is masked by the server IP of the VPN and hence your actual location cannot be traced,

But there are somethings that needs to be taken care off when it comes to VPN, As technology is growing day by day, we have observed that there are competitors for a same product, similarly to gain attention, there are a lot of free VPN and proxy services launched which people usually think will be helpful but it is not.

Say “ NO “ to Free VPN!

Free VPN providers do have a lot of servers around the world and the same way there are millions of users who use those servers for various internet activities, This oftens causes abuse on the servers and hence there are chances that the IP gets blacklisted due to which your search will not be accurate or your connection can be banned by the destination servers.

Similarly, When you talk about VPN, it also is the security involved in it. Free VPNs do not have a secure connections for the users from source to the destination URL that is to be accessed often leading to data being stolen, They also do not have a Log keeping policy/ No logging policy which states that the Free VPN providers will be able to keep a log of all your browsing information on their servers.

Hence, It is always recommended to go for Paid VPNs as they have set of policies for their usage, wide variety of applications and setup procedures and most important logging policies when your security is concerned.

With us at LimeVPN, we have a no logging policy where we do not keep any logs of your browsing information, you have access to servers around 10 countries and our servers also allow High speed Torrenting on 3 of our servers help you download Torrents at a high speed which is an additional advantage.

You can simply sign up with LimeVPN and set up VPN on your device based on the operating system of your device, LimeVPN allows setup on Android, Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux, and Chromebooks as well.

Also, all these features are avail on Monthly, Annual and Biannual plans with considerable discounts,

Conclusion :

Now that you have all the reasons to buy a VPN, Start it today with LimeVPN, Our 24/7 support will always be at your service.

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VPN Benefits

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