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How to Unblock Overwatch Voice Chat with a VPN?

When Overwatch was launched in May 2016, it quickly became a sensation in the online gaming community. As a matter of fact, it became one of the best-selling online video games in 2016, despite it being a new entrant to the industry.

Like other games in the same genre, Overwatch is a teamwork intensive game that requires teammates to work together in defending their forts, and in attacking the enemy. Think about Team Fortress and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and you already have the basic idea of how Overwatch works.

The player’s choice of hero also affects the performance of the team, and there are 23 heroes to choose from. Each hero has different skills and capabilities.

Furthermore, teamwork and communication play a great role in Overwatch, because it is a highly competitive game. Communication is in the form of voice chat, which makes use of VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Players who want to excel in the game are required to utilize this voice chat system in order to communicate with their teammates.

What If Voice Chat is Banned In Your Country?

There are countries that ban VOIP services, and therefore, voice chat. These countries are also quite known to be very strict in terms of internet censorship and have also censored websites, and other internet-based applications and programs.  These countries are:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. UAE
  3. Egypt
  4. Oman
  5. Kuwait
  6. Morocco

Overwatch gamers who are in these countries are finding it very difficult to win and get the most out of the gaming experience because they are unable to communicate with their teammates via voice chat.

Indeed, voice chat is an integral part of the game, and not being able to use it will greatly affect game performance.

How to Unblock Overwatch Voice Chat?

The question then, for a lot of gamers in the countries mentioned above, is how to unblock Overwatch voice chat? Is there actually a way to unblock this?

A Virtual Private Network is the answer since it allows gamers to connect to a server located in a nearby country where VOIP is not blocked.  In other words, a VPN allows gamers to virtually change their location, thereby bypassing ISP blocks and geographic restrictions.

Here are the basic steps in unblocking Overwatch voice chat using a VPN:

1. Choose the right VPN.

Try googling “VPN service providers”, and you will get hundreds, if not thousands, of results. Selecting the right VPN provider could be a daunting task indeed because of the many choices.

You have to select a VPN service provider that provide solutions to different aspects. In the Overwatch case, you need a provider that has a VPN solution for gamin. LimeVPN provides gaming solution as well as offers VPN services for other niche.

2. Install Overwatch on your PS4, computer, or Xbox One.

   You need to purchase the game first before you can install it.

3. Install the VPN software on the device where you installed Overwatch. For LimeVPN, you can click here for the installation process.

4. Connect to a server that is located in a different country, but bear in mind the following requirements:

For example, gamers who are in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia, can choose servers located in Europe. These countries are geographically near Saudi Arabia, and they do not have a ban on VOIP and voice chat.

5. Launch the game.

6. Test if the voice chat works by pressing “P” while the game is ongoing. You know that you have unblocked the Overwatch voice chat if you are able to join your team’s voice chat channel.

Speed Issue When Using a VPN

The downside of using a VPN is that it may cause latency and speed issues, which are two of the most important aspects in any game. These issues are unavoidable when using a VPN because all data packets that are sent and received are being encrypted, thereby adding more time to the normal speed at which data requests are executed.

Here are some tips on how to minimize latency and speed issues when using a VPN:

Server Location Matters

Choose a server that is located near your actual location. This is very important because it takes time to transmit data from server to server. So the nearer one server is from the destination server, the less time data needs to travel.

Your Choice of VPN Provider Matters

Choose a VPN service provider that has a fast network. The speed of the VPN service itself plays a vital role in minimizing latency and speed issues. With the right VPN, there is little to no difference in terms of speed when playing Overwatch with a VPN or with no VPN. Try out LimeVPN.

Your Internet Service Provider Network Speed Matters

Check your ISP’s network speed. You can be connected to a server that is very near you, and your VPN provider can be the fastest there is, but if the problem is with your ISP network, then the speed issue won’t be solved.

Make sure that there are no issues with your internet connection before connecting to a VPN.

Having Problems Even When Voice Chat Is Not Banned in Your Country?

So you live in a country where voice chat and VOIP are not banned. But why are you still having problems? The root of the problem may be that you have configured the wrong ports.

Keep in mind that Overwatch makes use of the following ports, and you may need to unblock them on your router to ensure Overwatch’s smooth performance.

TCP Port numbers:

  1. 80
  2. 1119
  3. 3724
  4. 6113

UDP Port numbers:

  1. 3478
  2. 3579
  3. 5060
  4. 5062
  5. 6250
  6. 12000 – 64000

To Wrap Up

When a video game quickly becomes popular and even goes as far as being one of the best sellers, that tells people that the game is worth a try. It is even worth investing some dollars, just to ensure that you get the most out of the game, such as investing in a VPN service.

This is the reason why a lot of people are already using VPN while playing Overwatch. They see the game’s value and know that they can’t do without voice chat.  


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