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Are you missing out on the Australian online sweepstakes because you have the wrong IP Address? Here’s some interesting news. Increasing numbers of Internet users, over 24% currently use a VPN service of some type. Perhaps you have never heard or known about VPNs, you should really consider paying close attention to the description in this article.

Basically, a VPN also known as Virtual Private Network is a server that you can be connected onto while trying to reroute your web activities. VPN is a developing technological innovation used to ensure the security of communications over the web. VPNs do this by means of encrypted connections to which a user can log in, and thereafter enjoy safer and more secure browsing, or other communication.

VPN has changed a lot of things as well as itself in the course of recent years. During the early days of its existence, VPNs were only expected to be used by big organizations and businesses. Any company utilizing VPN allowed employees to access its server remotely. After some time, VPNs had to undergo some development which gave a user the ability to hide his/her identity online.

With its recent innovation, using a VPN helps you safeguard your data, keeps your time online confidential, allows you to access region-restricted content, and also enables you to change your IP address to any country of your choice. And by the way, it is perfectly legal to change your IP address and even advised you do so from time to time, for security reasons. Due to the frequent rise of internet censorship, VPNs have turned out to be generally mainstream.

Why would you need to change your Internet Protocol or IP Address to one from another country? Well, easy, many companies and sites use location finding software to block users from certain other countries. Which means you are unable to access content from these sites and companies; which could mean lost work opportunities, entertainment media such as movies, football games, educational resources like EBooks, and tons more stuff.

VPNs into Australia

On the 14th of October, in the year 2015, the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Bill started being implemented. This implied that ISPs in Australia must gather and store metadata for a period of two years. The gathered data varies from personal data on calls placed, sent text and email messages and activities on the internet carried out by every Australian.

Without a warrant, this information gathered is accessible. It is accessible by numerous government organizations. With this in place, overextending laws passed by the government might influence one to get a protection. These invasive laws passed in Australia can restrict your privacy; hence, the best way to ensure a private connection is with VPN encryption. This encrypts all information moving between your location and the ISP in Australia, therefore, the Australian ISP cannot track your online activities.

In Australia, like in many progressive countries, there are advantages for being a resident. You may not be able to visit this great country to access some of these windfalls, but you may do so remotely, through VPN, and getting an Australian IP address.

Advantages of having an Australian IP Address

  1. Access online content which is region restricted to Australia: This can include online job offers, freebies like free software, entertainment media like movies, documentaries, and books.
  2. Enjoy opportunities particular to Australia: It could be as simple as being allowed to play a multiplayer game online that comes with prizes, or something as serious as a job offer that could one day mean you are eligible for migration.
  3. Purchase goods at lower prices: If you’re patronizing online shops, the online shop tracks the IP address of your device. The prices of goods differ depending on the location of the user. While you’re in another location, the amount you’d pay for a product would be higher than the original price of the product. Whereas with an Australian IP, there wouldn’t be a need to pay more than what should be paid, therefore, you can get goods for the original price rather than the hiked cost for shoppers situated in some other location.
  4. Avoid Restrictions when browsing: Some countries have severe restrictions on internet communication, even when the sites to be visited are totally legal in most countries. A VPN which gives an Australian IP address helps you stay secure and unmonitored, while you visit your target sites.
  5. Tax Breaks or other Advantages when shopping Online: Depending on your original IP address, you might be ineligible for certain waivers, duty-free goods, or other such advantages applicable to an IP address in Australia. You can claim these, and those of scores of other countries that have signed bilateral agreements with the government of Australia. For many businesses, this is a great advantage.

Get an Australian IP address

IP address request has never run out of demands with a VPN. By just clicking, you’re able to connect your device to a server anywhere in the world and get its IP address. It is, however, quite important to have a different IP address as you might someday face a blockade and other kinds of restriction that come with government or business terms.

Being in possession of an Australian IP address can serve just anyone from any part of the world a greater purpose while using a VPN to make this possible and of course, manageable. The basic steps involved are stated below:

Why LimeVPN?

  1. Security: LimeVPN, in addition to providing you with a new IP address, will ensure the highest levels of encrypted connections for your personal and financial information while you are online. You don’t need to worry about identity theft or black hat hacking techniques, even when you are using an open network such as Wi-Fi in an airport.
  2. Privacy: Once it is legal, what you do on the Internet is your concern. Unfortunately, restrictive government censorship and surveillance in some countries does mean you can’t enjoy privacy, while you are online. LimeVPN ensures you do get your privacy from the second you log on.
  3. Speed: It is important that performance is not hampered by your VPN service. We guarantee good loading times for pages and websites across the net.  
  4. Locations: It is important that your VPN service has servers in multiple locations to ensure you pinpoint your exact locations.
  5. Logging: Our logging procedures are client biased, and totally acceptable to a wide range of clients.
  6. Save Costs: If you are a company that needs a secure network for a branch in Australia, you need not go farther as we can provide all you require with our already existing network at a fraction of the cost you would need to set yours up from scratch. This is the cost-effective solution.
  7. Price: Our pricing is competitive and fair, as a look at our pricing list will convince you of.

What You Should Know

The option of using a free VPN service does exist, but may not be the best solution for a number of reasons:

  1. They could respect your privacy less, and could log your time on the net.
  2. They will usually have not as many exits.
  3. They will most often have ads.

Why Wait?

VPN providers guarantee the kind of secure connection that is not only prudent but necessary in today’s world. In addition to this, LimeVPN will secure a dedicated Australian IP address for your individual and corporate needs, at a fantastic price. You just need to contact us right now to get it all in motion.

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