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VPN Testing Methodology

Our editorial team is highly independent and our evaluations are 100 per cent unbiased. We are sincere about receiving referral fees from confirmed providers when you login into our links and sign up for a VPN, although these commercial relationships have no comportment on the content of our evaluation and commendation. In regardless of who we are evaluating , our evaluation is always sincere as its critical as you can always trust our commentation.

How do we test the VPN services on our site?

We do pay for all our own personal VPN subscriptions out of our own purse to be certain  that we test the similar apps available to consumers. We have got each VPN clearly installed on its own machine, and possibly across several devices, in other words to get the nearest possible experience to more consumers.

We diligently spend handful hours putting each app through its step, we fire them up, connecting it to servers and check to see how definitely well they work with demanded sites, apps and services, like netflix, whatsapp or the BBC. We surely certify all the settings that are available and access how well they are implemented, making use of our vast knowledge of VPN market to place our research in context and to show how the VPNs drift up against one another.

We pay close attention to how simple the apps are to install and use, how broad and trustworthy their server network is, and the standard of their customer support usually in terms of live chat, email, and online resources.

We look thoroughly into providers privacy policies and terms of service to make clear in plain English how the VPN provider manages privacy, generally their logging policy. We simplify directly with each provider anytime that is not clear or decided and share that in our evaluation.

In as much as streaming is a regular activity on the net, we daily tests that each VPN is actually working with netflix, BBC iplayer and other general services available. If necessary a workaround definite streaming services, we actually make sure it adds up and discuss in full in our evaluation.

VPN services are continually changing and expanding, so we check our update often to be certain we have the newest or updated information. We always check for streaming access, updating our reviews and endorsements with our research every few days.

How do we test VPN speeds?

One of the most basic element when choosing a VPN is its connection speeds. In other words to be effective, we have  manufactured our own personal global VPN testing network that really tracks download and upload speeds, also latencies. We actually test our connections to, from and between the most common VPN servers for some of the most popular geographical location in the globe. It means you can simply differentiate the current connection speed from New York to London between VPN providers, or inversely, or from Melbourne to California , or between a full range of cities round the globe. And we are so proud of it. We actually believe the speed data we have collected is the most dependable you will find on the website.

We actually run tests several times a day between, and inside, all of the following locality:

Amsterdam, NL

Frankfurt, DE

London, UK

New York, US

Paris, FR

San Francisco, US


Sydney, AU

Tokyo, JP

Toronto, CA

Vancouver, CA

Our tests are geared towards giving you an idea of the range of connection speeds. However, the closer the server and faster your connection and the speed you get.

Conclusion :

These daily test results are used to update the speed and efficiency section of the VPN evaluation every Monday, with other speed data across the website, we are always increasing in size our global testing server network, and in short time be building on more new locations and more VPN providers. It’s so compulsory to put in mind that other VPN providers participate on our site that is not listed above are tested using a dissimilar, manual method. This requires using Internet speed test tools and calculating a set of average speeds from London to the famous locality in our testing network. We duplicate these manual tests weekly and update the analysis and guidance with the results.


VPN Benefits

Get privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, unrestricted access to content, and much more.

Don’t let the internet browse you!