Unblocking Content

What should I do if certain websites are still blocked while I’m connected to LimeVPN?

When you are connected to our VPN, it will instantly protect your internet security and privacy without any restrictions on the internet and to the streaming services.

If at all, you are facing any issues with accessing your favorite websites, please check the following settings.

1 . Make sure you are connected to VPN – You can click on this link and make sure it displays the IP of the VPN you are connected and the country.

2. Try clearing your browser proxy settings – If you have previously connected or configured a proxy, make sure it is disabled. You can follow this article for instructions.

3. Browse in Incognito/Private mode – You can also try connecting using the incognito/private mode in the web browser.

4. Flush DNS Cache – Computer might be using the saved DNS entries that it got from the ISP. These settings may be set wrong intentionally wrong in some countries to block websites. To remove those settings and to automatically connect to the LimeVPN DNS or the public DNS, you need to flush your DNS cache(instructions).

5. Clear Browser Cache – The browser will store the cache of the websites you have previously visited. So if you got an error previously, there are chances that the browser to load the stored cache page again. It is better to clean the cache and try connecting to the page again after connecting to the VPN. You can follow the instructions for different browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer.

6. Anti-virus/Security Application – You can check whether the security application you are using is blocking the websites which can be a problem.

7. Disable Location ServicesYou can also check if your location services are left turned off (if yes) turn it off.

If you are facing issues even after completing the above steps, please contact us and we will help you.

We’re available 24/7 on the chat too.

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