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Why are Netflix blocking VPNs?

Before we dive in deeper into why Netflix is blocking VPNs, below is a brief information about Netflix.

Netflix got established in 1997, from then till now Netflix is the best or I should say the leading source of video entertainment all over the world. Netflix has 130 million memberships across 190 countries. This tremendous number of memberships is due to the following features provided by Netflix.

  1. Netflix has TV series, documentaries and feature films that too with a large variety of genres and languages.
  2. Netflix members can watch as much as they want.
  3. Members can watch from any location.
  4. They can play:pause:resume any content any time.
  5. Netflix is device independent. It could be watched on any screen
  6. There are no commercial add popups in between making the watching experience very smooth and hassle-free.

There is one more not so interesting fact about Netflix. Netflix program list is different for almost every country. Some have more content while some have comparatively less content. Netflix offers considerably much more content in the US than it offers in other countries.

Many users are not very happy with the difference in available content. After all, everyone pays almost the same amount for the subscription, so why the bais.

The content list of Netflix is location-based and not subscription based. So, a considerable number of international (non-US) Netflix members are using or trying to use VPN for overshadowing the location barrier to get access to all the content. But, it’s not that easy as it sounds. It is the time to dive in deeper.

The reason behind the geo-specific watchlist.

There was a time when TV and TV stars were nothing in comparison to big screens like Hollywood and big screens stars. But that time flew away, now you can see many great talents over the small screen. It is possible due to platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime and more importantly Netflix. Netflix has its own production house where big actors, directors, writers and many other groups of famous talented people work together to create surprisingly amazing contents.

As Netflix retains this original content outright, it can make it available to members across the world. You must be thinking then why Netflix has the different content list for different country. Because the majority of content with Netflix is not really produced or owned by Netflix.  Netflix is not the one who is creating this geo-restriction hassle. Actually, these restrictions are forced by the actual copyright holders of the content providers.

Netflix actually prefers to show all its contents worldwide with the same subscription plan for every location, it wants to make it fair to everyone. But, unfortunately, Netflix won’t be able to do so unless and until its own content is sufficient or appealing enough. For now, Netflix depends on third party content providers and so is unable to share everything with everyone. So, Netflix is not the real evil here.

This is the collective reason behind why Netflix blocked VPN or I would say why it is forced to block VPN services. Till Netflix gets freed from these third-party restrictions, we are here, with an amazing VPN service which will help you to watch all the content present on Netflix without any hassle. Please, sign-up for LimeVPN.

It’s the time to unveil the truth. The Content producers and copyright holders are the real money maker. What is entertainment for you, is a source of handsome money for them. If they sell the Global rights to Netflix, then they will earn a little. But, they earn a huge amount by selling separate location-based license to different companies in different countries.

For example, a content owner can sell its license to Hotstar in India, Netflix in the USA,  Sky in the UK, Foxtel in Australia, and cable TV in Singapore. Again to earn more, these distributors want to preserve the license for a particular location without any parallel competition.

Why Netflix banned VPN?

There was a time when it was easy to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions with any VPN or proxies by just masking your public IP with any US based IP. With time, local distributors started complaining to license providers that they are not earning well, as the contents are easily available on Netflix with the help of free VPNs and proxies. As a result, license providers asked Netflix to block members using VPN.  

Cutting down your customers who are the ultimate payers of your service is not at all a good thought. But due to increasing pressure from the content providers, Netflix decided to Ban VPN instead of banning users, and that too after releasing Netflix in most of the countries. Netflix wanted to increase its member base. Which every company wants.

How Netflix banned VPN?

Netflix, after being forced by the content providers and being a company with a huge capital, invested a lot in detecting and blocking VPN providers as well as the proxies providers. As a result, there are only a few paid VPN providers like LimeVPN, which can help you to bypass Netflix restrictions.

Can VPN be used to bypass Netflix restrictions?

The answer is “YES”, you can use VPN to bypass Netflix geo-restriction. But, officially it is not permitted and it is also against the Terms of Service. However, we never came to know about any Netflix user who was banned or fined for using VPN.

Netflix never wanted or wants to block VPNs or its valuable customers. This game of blocking every possible VPN providers is due to content providers pressure and dependency of Netflix on them for content.


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