Risks of Social Media: 14 Hazardous Apps for Kids

Risks of social media and dangers of social networking

Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, catfishing, online inappropriate behavior, and so forth — popular risks of social media that teenagers are exposed to.

Should Kids Have Social Media Apps?

Why kids should not be on social media? As guardians, we must shield our children from online predators, harassers, stalkers and each other kind of creep that could hurt our children.

The more you think about the dangers of social media, the better you’ll have the option to speak with your youngster about safe decisions.

Why is Social Media Dangerous?

When we state unsafe online networking applications, we don’t imply that the application itself is dangerous; what we mean is the violation of these applications by malicious individuals with covered up intentions.

What Are the Dangers of Social Media?

By mishandling the internet based life application, a hacker may tap into your children’s gadget and collect data. To a parent’s most noticeably awful bad dream, he may misuse the data to stalk your child on the web, make him/her an objective of cyberbullying, inappropriate behavior, unscrupulous social building, and so forth.

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14 Hazardous Social Media Apps
Popular apps that expose kids to dangers of social media

Dangers of Social Media - Instagram

1. Risks of Social Networking in Instagram

Instagram, is a highly famous photo-sharing application which is owned by Facebook. The application lets users add all sorts of filters to their pictures and create collages. The application is rated with 13+ and identified as a safer platform than the other photo-sharing applications but continues to host a lot of improper content.

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What Dangers of Social Media Has Instagram?

This application is rated 13+ and users can still get mature or improper content and comments throughout the app. A user can modify the settings to block their location or certain followers, but several users are careless about their settings, connecting with people they don’t know well or at all.

Snapchat is one of the apps that has dangers of social media for kids

2. Snapchat — Social Media for Kids to Stay Off

Snapchat is a social media application that allows a user to capture an image or video and makes it available to a recipient for a specific time period. Once the time limit is up, the picture/video automatically disappears forever or so Snapchat claims. Basically, the pictures disappear from view 10 seconds once you view but not from the database.

“How long can digital data last? This question is generally asked every day by many individuals and other organizations. The answer is a long time or maybe forever. However, it is often quite different because there are limitations to some data and its collection, storage and use by third parties.

What Risks of Social Media Has Snapchat?

The application was hacked in 2014 and a large number of personal photos or snap chats of users were publicized. Also, the app is widely used for sexting-applications by adults which give rise to the fear that the number of children will be emboldened by the application and its features.

There might be cases where images and videos created by your children could be screen-captured before they are deleted. There are a number of websites whose only purpose is to post pictures and screen-captures stolen from the Snapchat application.

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A simple Google search for “snap porn” will pop up a long list of sites like snapper party and it is the world’s leading sites for the snap chat porn.

Riscs of social media — AskFM

3. AskFM — a Social Media that Kids Should not Be On

AskFM is an application that allows its users to ask questions either as an anonymous user or as themselves and get answers from the community.

This app is listed as ‘OK’ for the 13+ age group but is most likely to be used by an under-aged crowd. It came to limelight when children in the UK and the US used it for cyberbullying that led to many suicides.

What Dangers of Social Media Has AskFM?

This threatening social networking app does not offer parental controls. Some people make improper use of its features to raise vulgar questions and shame individuals pushing them to take drastic steps.

Risks of social media — Whisper

4. Whisper — Dangerous Social Media for Kids

Whisper is a confession app where anyone can share secrets, express themselves, meet new people. It allows for creative expression can also take overly personal content viral. Although the application keeps the user’s identity anonymous it does not show the location of the area from where the messages are being sent.

In result, any pervert or online predators can pinpoint the location of the victim. In fact, a schoolgirl in Washington was reportedly raped by a 21-year-old man who met her on Whisper.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Whisper?

Many children are excited to communicate with strangers, feeling that their secrets are safer with them rather than with their friends. This application is a flawless tool for ill-intentioned strangers looking to connect with young people because it allows you to exchange messages with nearest to you.

Risky Social networking apps — Kik Messenger

5. Kik Messenger — Risky Social Networking App for Kids

Kik is an informing application that enables your children to send group and private messages and stands out as truly newsworthy as it is one of the most perilous applications for youngsters. Users can send fast text messages, pictured, and even sketches.

However, the application lacks age verification. As a result, the application can be downloaded by children who are younger KiK additionally makes it hard to recognize – both the sender and collector of messages, as there is no profile check. Despite all these, this application is amazingly prominent for children younger than 18. It is also extremely famous with sexual stalkers.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Kik Messenger?

This application is rated ages 17+, but there is no age verification so anyone can download it. Like some other instant messenger applications, Kik lets your child connect with other users using just a username ( instead of texting from their phone number).

It makes it simpler for your kid to converse with outsiders without your insight since it sidesteps the remote supplier’s short message administrations ( SMS). Youngsters can also ‘’sext’’ without guardians discovering. Also, outsiders can send your kid a ‘’companion demand.’’

Tinder — Dangers of social media

6. Tinder — The Most Hazardous Social Media for Kids

One of the world’s most common dating applications to meet new individuals essentially utilizes your location from your cell phone to coordinate you with other Tinder clients who are close by. To build your odds of getting coordinated up, the client can change its setting and upgrade their profile by expanding area separation run.
Swipe, Match and Chat with Tinder!

What Dangers of Social Media Has Tinder?

There are a parcel of things to adore about Tinder, however the phony profiles and pretend bots are no mystery in this web-based dating world.
In the light of a few reports, this application is rated ages 17+ but Tinder’s privacy policy lets teens as young as 13 to register (this application normally connects with Facebook).

Tinder always supports people to find others in their geographic location and permits users to view each other’s picture and start immediate messaging once both users have ‘’liked’’ one another. The geolocation features and anonymous nature of the app put kids at danger for catfishing, sexual harassment, stalking, and worse.

Omegle — risks of social media

7. Risks of Social Networking in Omegle

Omegle application is a free online chat website that lets users communicate with others without the need to register. The service randomly matches users in one-on-one chat sessions where they talk anonymously using the handles “You” and “Stranger.” Similar apps: Oovoo

What Dangers of Social Media Has Omegle?

Many teens use this site; most of these teens will use a fake name and age to talk to other users. Usually, they get an inappropriate response from their peers but they do not end the conversation there. Instead, they continue on by replying with another comment to impress their friends or just for a laugh. The commentary they make could come back to bite them. What these teens do not understand is there is a way to find your partners IP address.

Blendr - hazardous social media apps - dangers of social media

8. Dangers of Social Media in Blendr

Blendr is a web-based dating application that enables clients to message, trade photographs and recordings, and rate the ‘’hotness’’ of different clients, who are near the client’s GPS area. This represents an undeniable issue for adolescents and teens who are basing their personality and confidence on the input they get from their companions.

In spite of the fact that Blendr is evaluated of grown-ups, there is no age check, so your youngsters can conceivably have traded with grown-ups through this application. Likewise, with some other dating applications, guardians ought to guarantee their children are not utilizing Blendr.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Blendr?

Blendr is one of the most vulnerable applications wherein the users can text and transfer pictures and videos with other users and also evaluate them based on their “hotness”. The location of the users is also visible to other users.

Teens often fall victim to such applications as they are at an age where they regularly need a boost to their self-esteem. The specialities of this application are absolutely not a fit for your kid and it is very dangerous since it even shares the spot location of your child publicly.

hazardous social media apps periscope - dangers of social media

9. Periscope — Dangerous Social Media for Kids

As per the latest statistics, over a million clients use Periscope consistently. In any case, similar to some other application, Periscope can be abused for dishonest exercises.

Periscope enables clients to stream sound and video substance and offers it to different clients. Where video talking or spilling is included, security perils consequently emerge.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Periscope?

It should be a concern when it comes to Periscope which includes cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and access to your kid’s location. Since Periscope isn’t tracked, its users are often free to perform whatever they want.

Other accounts can potentially uncover your kid’s location if they aren’t careful. If the location feature isn’t disabled, this application automatically tags broadcasts with a GPS marker.

hazardous social media apps houseparty

10. Houseparty — Dangerous Social Networking App

Houseparty is an interpersonal organization that enables clients to speak with one another by means of writings and video visits in a room. This implies your children could in all likelihood be presented to the unseemly substance. Clients can also take screen captures and send interfaces through a visit.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Houseparty?

Houseparty application does collect a user’s name, email address and phone numbers, so this information is “out there”, but there is no indication that this is more of a risk than with any other network.

Found from the Houseparty’s policy that they may collect user location information, which does appear like an unknowable risk. If they are using your spot location to somehow develop the service, it’s probably no big deal, but if they at any point they choose to broadcast user location to other users, your ward is at risk. If they prefer to suggest “friends” based on a user’s location, that could be a nightmare.

voxer - risks of social networking

11. Voxer — Dangerous Social Media App

This is a push-to-talk application that empowers clients to rapidly send and get short voice messages. Clients can talk with numerous individuals all the while, and just need to press the ‘’play’’ to hear their received messages. The administration generally has a grown-up client base, and a few people even use it to speak with groups at work.

Voxer is picking up fame among teenagers who can submit to the hooks of cyberbullies. There are numerous malevolent people on the system who frequently send vulgar or disturbing messages.

WWhat Dangers of Social Media Has Voxer?

Harmful messages from cyberbullies can be even more worrying when they’re expressed. The application is still evaluated 4+ on the App store, in spite of being connected to some genuine instances of cyberbullying.

tumblr — risks of social media

12. Tumblr is Dangerous for Kids

Children and youth utilize this ‘part blogging and part person to person communication’ application for sharing – be it content, photographs, sound, or recordings. As mentioned by Common sense media, “Tumblr is ‘unreasonably uncivilized for tykes’ as improper, brutal, and explicit substance is effectively available to clients”.

It is worth noting that unless you have selected the proper privacy settings for your account, which is too difficult of a task in itself.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Tumblr?

Tumblr is dangerous because users can effortlessly access pornographic, violent, and improper content. Users need to go through circles to set up privacy settings — and till then, all of a user’s photo and content is public for all to see. Tumblr can be harming to teenagers’ mental health because it tends to glorify self-harm and eating disorders.


13. Vsco — Risky Social App Kids Should Avoid

A photography app that grants users with a variety of tools to capture or upload photos, edit and add Vsco filters, and then shares them to a profile, sort of like Instagram does.

All things considered, understand that you have physically limited area sharing and allow security settings.
There are additionally other photograph altering instruments available for purchase inside the application, and these could finish up costing you a great deal of hard-earned cash if your child downloads them.

What Dangers of Social Media Has Vsco?

Parents should manually turn on privacy settings and restrict location sharing to safeguard their wards. There are also in-app purchases for more serious photo editing tools that could cost you a good load of money if your child chooses to download them.

14. BiGo — Hazardous Social Media for Kids

BiGo - dangers of social media

Bigo Live is a live spilling application that welcomes individuals to feature their gifs and converse with charming individuals. It’s undeniably being used by youngsters to live stream their exercises or make video websites with the target of procuring cash.

However, since the content is user-generated it can incorporate nakedness, terrible language, and brutality.

What Dangers of Social Media Has BiGo?

This is a platform where no age verification is done and users have to give personal info like their age and location. This is a place where bullying, nudity, violence, and abuse is common.

Social Network Security for Kids

The applications listed above can’t be faulted in any capacity for how they are utilized. All things examined, a client should be more clever than an application. Additionally, requesting that your children quit utilizing any application isn’t the perfect method to prevent them from getting presented to online dangers. They could always locate some other application and begin utilizing it.

The most ideal route is to remain mindful of the threats of the applications you children are utilizing and teach them on their risks. Besides, you may likewise use encryption instruments like a VPN.

Best would be using the ( Limevpn.com service provider with their amazing features and server environment) service to shroud your children’s area and deaden programmers from gaining admittance to their area and individual data. Buy VPN Now!