How not knowing these Google Playstore hacks using a VPN makes you a Rookie

Using VPN on google play store

Google Playstore is yet another of those services that are not really serving the whole world, but just certain countries. In other words, if you live in a country where a certain app is not supported, you will have a lot of trouble downloading it via Playstore. Instead, you will just get the usual and boring message – „This item isn’t available in your country“ or the item would not be shown in your Play store at all. We all know what this “item” is right now – it is Pokémon GO.

Luckily, there are certain hacks that are very easy to learn and that can help you with removing that block on certain applications and making them available in your country. Take a look below to see some useful information on that.

Please take into account that this article will focus on installation of Pokemon GO, but you should definitely find it useful for other applications on Android phones as well.

How to ‘Fix this item isn’t available in your country’ using LimeVPN

The first step in overcoming geoblocking is finding a suitable Virtual Private Network that will help you in this matter. What VPN does is they switch your IP address for another region ip address which shows the data of that region (in which your desired app is available for download). This is the main reason for using a VPN, but apart from that, a good VPN provider, such as LimeVPN, will give you additional option that will increase your anonymity and security as well.

Setting up VPN is not a difficult process. Most of the information to be filled in are given to you by your VPN provider. All you have to do is to manually configure it on your Android or iphone, thus enabling all the benefits that Google play store service offers.

Set up LimeVPN on Android to download geo-restricted content

So, here is the short summary of the whole setting-up process.

Lets see,How to get to the VPN option on your android phone.

  • You need to go to settings option on your phone. Settings option is usually located in the upper right corner of the drop down menu.


settings in android phone

  • Under the Wireless & networks tab, you should find the option More on which you should click. Some androids have separate wireless & networks tab while others have all in one tab.

under More you can see VPN

  • Once clicked, it will show the VPN as an option, so click there and you will enter the menu where you can set up VPN.

Now, there are several protocols through which you can connect to VPN. The most popular one is PPTP, and here is the instruction how to set it up.

  1. Choose Add VPN profile (sometimes it can be just shown as a +) and name it LimeVPN.
  2. Choose the type to be PPTP
  3. Enter the server address that will suit you the most. You can find addresses
  4. Be sure to check that PPP encryption is available.
  5. Connect by clicking on the connection that you’ve just created and by entering LimeVPN email and password. You should choose the Save account information option and then you are ready to connect.

The two alternative protocols are OpenVPN and L2TP. Both of them are very easy to configure, just closely follow the steps that are provided in the hyperlinks and your VPN will be up and running in no time.

How to change currency in Playstore with VPN

When you go to the Playstore, nothing important will happen and you will get the usual prices that have always been there based on your IP address. However, VPN offers something that will make your life easier – change of currency. Let’s say that you use US dollars, but you have traveled to UK and hence you will get the play store apps in pounds based on the region you are located. All of the applications on Playstore will show their price in pounds and so you cannot use your payment method in USD. In this case you can use VPN to change your currency.

here the movies ice age is in Pounds as we using a UK ipaddress.

Here the movie Ice Age is in Pounds as we are using a UK ipaddress.

What you need to do first is turn on VPN that you had previously set up by going to Settings -> More -> VPN and turning on your network.

Coonected to US limevpn server

Coonected to US limevpn server

In order to bypass Google play country restriction, you need to delete all the previous traces of yours that you left in the Play store. You can do that by:

Selecting settings on your smartphone and then selecting apps

There, you will find all the in-built and downloaded apps that are currently installed on your phone and what you need to do is to find the Play store app.Play store app cannot be deleted, since it is built in the system, but you can still delete cached data from it.

Once you click on it you will get a screen where you will have several options – to force stop, to disable or to uninstall updates.First of all, you will need to force stop the app.

clear cache

Connecting to US limevpn server

Then, what you want to do is wait a little bit until the phone computes the storage of this app and click clear cache button which is located in the storage section.

When you check the Play store again, the currency will be changed to a country where your VPN server is set.


Using a US VPN to access Playtore shows you change in currency.

The most important reason is definitely the difference in price, as some apps are cheaper in some countries.

How to download Pokémon GO safely with VPN

How to download the popular game called Pokémon Go which has recently been released in Google Play store but only for US, Australia and New Zealand? The most popular way for downloading Pokémon GO on Android is downloading apk files from unknown sources and that resulted in phones being infected. There is even a fake Pokémon GO app that takes many pieces of information from Android, making it an easy target to hackers.

In order to avoid all of that, you should use a VPN

  • Turn on VPN for Android and set your location to United States. For everything else in this step, you should check out previous set up instructions.


  • Find Pokémon GO app in Playstore.

Pokemon ready

  • Install and run the game.

The application should work well, but do not get too excited. Since your country is probably not supported yet because the game is still in beta phase of development, do not expect it to run smoothly and expect servers to be constantly down due to high number of players.

Even if you decide to download as an apk file, rest assured that you will be completely protected from the malicious threats due to the fact that VPN provides extra layer of security. There are websites which are proved to be safe, and here is how to install Pokemon GO with apk.

  1. Turn on VPN in order to increase anonymity and security.
  2. Go to this website and scroll down until you reach download.
  3. Download the apk file for your Android. But beware, you need to have at least 4.4.2 version of Android for this game to work. It is recommended to have 6.0.
  4. Go to settings and under the tab security enable installations from unknown sources.
  5. Go to the explorer and find apk file for Pokemon Go, which is probably located in downloads.
  6. Run the installation and enjoy the game.

Test it out on other apps

Now that you have a VPN set up and the data cleared from the Playstore, you can test it out by going to that app and selecting any kind of app that you want to download. If the app that was not there before and now is, you can consider this mini experiment successful and you can start enjoying all the apps and games that you always wanted to play but you could not because of the geo-blocking.

To sum up, the whole procedure should be more or less the same for all the Android phones and if everything is done well, you will have access to some of the applications that have really specific region targeting such as Pokémon Go, Hulu Plus, Sling TV, Amazon Instant Video, and many others. It is certainly no rocket science, and it can help you financially as well due to the fact that some apps are cheaper (or even free) in some countries while they are expensive in yours.

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