Unblock websites in China, in the Middle East or in any other country with censorship.

Use VPN secured tunnel to circumvent any filters and prohibitions in your area.

Unblock your websites at work and visit any sites you like, it’s up to you to decide.

Unblock websites at school and browse them with your friends freely and conveniently.

Are you tired of your school, workplace or country restricting access to sites and services, such as Facebook, Skype and Netflix? For instance, if you browse Netflix.com, you will observe a message saying that Netflix is not available in your country. Furthermore, if you try to access Facebook in China, you will see this message “This webpage is not available”. There is a very simple way of how to access websites that are blocked from any location in the world. This is through a VPN such as LimeVPN.

However, the real question is, “How to use VPN to access blocked sites?” In order to use a VPN as a website unblocker, you need a foreign IP address to make the website think that you are currently in the preferred country. LimeVPN is your one-stop VPN to access blocked sites. By connecting to LimeVPN servers, you promptly get a new IP address, allowing you to use VPN bypass blocked sites and use the internet as if you are in another country. Apart from solving the problem of how to get access to blocked websites, LimeVPN encrypts your connection so as you can simply circumvent government surveillance.

A feature unique to LimeVPN for blocked sites is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac iOS, Android and more. In order to unblock the websites, open LimeVPN and select USA server and finish the process. You will instantly get a new American IP address; therefore, when you revisit Netflix.com it will not provide you with a message telling you that Netflix is unavailable in your country. Instead you will be redirected to Netflix homepage and you can watch any movie or TV show you want. You can unblock Facebook and many other sites too; all you need to do is type in the websites on your browser.

You will notice that it will only take you a few clicks to access the website of your choice at any given time. Get LimeVPN from limevpn.com and access Netflix, Facebook and any other site that is blocked. Say goodbye to website censorship, regardless of your current location and browse the internet your way. There are a few reasons that should motivate you to use LimeVPN to bypass website censorship, and they are: 6,000 + IPs; dedicated bandwidth of 1 GBPS; and 24/7 customer support to mention a few. Access to blocked websites any of 19 VPN locations, among them are, Netherlands VPN, Singapore VPN, Canada VPN, Japan VPN, VPN Australia and many more.


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