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The interconnectedness of this world has turned it into a small global village, where you can get information about the happenings from every corner of the globe. The wide network of Internet and the invention of several social media sites have made the information from the remotest areas of the world quite accessible. The enormous linkage of simple and complex networks of computer systems around the world also faces multiple challenges and security threats. Although the transmission of information and availability of transnational media content is very convenient, yet there are some factors that pose certain limitations to the access and provision of information. In addition to the challenges of computer and online security, there are other restrictions that internet users come across while accessing some content on web.

While surfing on the Internet and browsing different websites, we often come across some content or media file which gives the indication of ‘blocked content’ or ‘not available in your area.’ Such content is subjected to area limitation or geographical blockage by their authorities. We have more or less experienced such situations in the form of a blocked YouTube or restricted streaming facility.

What is Geo-blocking?

Geo-blocking refers to the technological security or protection measure adopted by some major companies to limit the access to certain online content to a user, on the basis of his geographical site or area. We often experience limited access or blockage on certain content of some popular companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix etc., and sometimes the quality and prices products are varying for different territorial location.

As every user has an IP address assigned by the Internet service, therefore when you try to precede a request on internet your IP address is visible which enables the server to identify your location. In this way, the server analyses if you are eligible for the access to the content or not.

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One example of geo-blocking is my own personal experience. While watching one of my favourite Indian dramas, which was not available on YouTube or daily motion, I accessed But the website came up with the indication that the requested media content was not available for the viewers outside of India. The web contents of other big companies like Amazon, HBO etc. are also limited or blocked in a similar manner based on their private and copyright policies.

Purpose of Geo-blocking:

The purpose of geo-blocking varies from the copyright and licence issues to controlling illegal trafficking of malicious content. Different companies limit the access of certain content for their respective reasons. Some major geo-blocked websites or content is centred on the following reasons:


When a company develops some content for a targeted audience of one specific region or country, it often limits or restricts the access to that content for the users outside of that country because the company owns or has the copyright over such content.

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Prohibition or Curfew:

Often some content is restricted to access for a temporary time period to a particular region or country, specifically during political campaigns or crisis.

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Price Variation:

Some companies set different price of their products for their local customers. These companies use geo-blocking techniques to refrain foreign customers to buy products at their local rates.

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Illicit Content:

Another reason to use geo-blocking technique is to avoid the illegal trafficking of malware and illicit content to your computer systems, which enhances your online security. Geo-blocking restricts certain malicious links and reduces the risk of hackers to reach your connections.

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Ways to bypass Geo-blocking:

Although users face many difficulties while accessing web content because of geo-blocking, yet in this technologically advanced world, it is not a matter of great trouble to evade geo-blocking websites. There are multiple ways to by-pass geo-blocking sites including proxies and DNS, but one best and the most commonly used method to bypass geo-blocking website is:


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The most efficient method employed to bypass geo-blocked sites is by using ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN). In this service, the server of the VPN provider connects you to the Internet and your data is encrypted, that is, only you and the VPN provider is able to see your Internet data. The other two methods are the least chosen alternatives for bypassing geo-blocking websites, in case the VPN is not working. However, it is only VPN the best choice to avoid the problem of geo-blocking, because of the security that it provides through encryption.

How does a VPN work?

As you usually access the data on Internet through an Internet Service Provider, which proceeds all your web requests. On the other hand, when using VPN, your Internet requests are processed via VPN service provider, with their IP address, which links you with the websites that you want to access. In this way, your Internet Service Provider is unable to see your web proceedings, and is only able to see that you are connected with the VPN.

A VPN service provider works by misleading the server to think that your IP address appears from a different geographical location than yours. In this way, you can access the content otherwise blocked for your geographical location. A VPN service is also more secure as it not only provides blocked content but also protects your system through encryption.


A VPN service can be used for multiple purposes, some of the very common being the following:

  • To access the national and transnational geo-blocked web content.
  • To evade temporary restriction of Internet access.
  • To refrain unlawful users from accessing the Internet data.
  • To secure your devices while using a public Internet connection.
  • To let safe P2P downloading etc.

To get rid of such challenges and issues that threaten your Internet security and provision of limited web content, several ways can be used. But the authenticity of the methods employed to overcome the restriction of geo-blocking is yet another complex problem. Because often these methods are also subjected to illegitimate websites and companies. You can experience the problem of malware software, viruses and worms; some companies are a blessing in disguise, because hackers can often make them look as legal businesses and companies. In this way the users are miss-lead and they end up landing into even worse troubles than the ones they are already facing. The hackers are always looking for the opportunities that they can avail to exploit users and hacking their programmes and systems to use them for their personal gains.

To reduce the risk of such threats, the Internet users should find the companies that are not only authentic and reliable, but also provide with the best of services and products. If you are looking for an authentic and competent VPN service provider, then you are at the right place. is the perfect place for you to enjoy the best of services and the most reliable VPN connections. Although the VPN service is also available for free, but they are least reliable to benefit you rather than exploiting. Therefore, it is the best option to get a paid VPN service for the actual advantages.

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We hope that with companies as reliable as, the users will not be worried about the Internet security and blocked content anymore. With the easy ways of best VPN service, users can easily bypass geo-blocked websites and limited content of other sites. So, use these techniques to enjoy multimedia and informative content from around the globe.