How to delete skype account?

how to delete skype account

With the rise in technology, businesses and even users have moved away from their current solution platform to try on the unique solutions that technology has introduced. 

Skype was one such solution. Skype is a popular name amongst users and brands that highly depended on it to conduct video calls no matter the location. Logging in with a Microsoft email address and conducting the Skype calls, the years of Skype has managed to sustain in the desktop and smartphones of its users.

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However, as they say, all good things come to an end, the development in technology has introduced simpler and better solutions for video calling. Today in the market there are many unique videos calling solutions such as Goggle Duo and more that are increasing in demand due to the features being offered.

Hence the downfall of Skype became evident. No one wants to have multiple videos calling platforms being downloaded and hence will look for one that has all the features. 

If you want to delete your Skype account because you feel that you are not using it much, conducting the below steps will help you.

Let’s get started.

How to delete your current skype account?

Before you hop in to delete your Skype account, it is wise if you first start to detach the Microsoft email id you had created to sign in. That email id would be associated with multiple of your other work and hence unlinking it with Skype can help to eliminate any risks.

  • Go to your Skype account and enter in the login details
  • Once in, head to the ‘ Account’ settings which is visible in the ‘Settings and Preferences’ section
  • Find the Microsoft email id you had listed and next to it there will be an option to either Link it or Unlink it. 
  • Click on the Unlink and immediately move the email id away
  • Once the confirmation alert appears as a pop-up, simply hit ‘Confirm’

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Once you have conducted the above action, you can delete your Skype account in just a few steps. For those of you that want to conduct such actions via a desktop/Macbook/Windows, follow the actions below:

  • Download the Skype app on your device
  • Hit your ‘Skype Name’ being shown
  • A pop up will appear, head downwards and hit the ‘Setting’ option
  • On your right-hand side of the page, you need to again go downwards and hit on the ‘ Close your account’ option
  • Enter in your email id and password for the verification process to take place
  • Read through every information present in the ‘Ready to move window’ so that you are alerted about what loss you would incur for such an action. On completion, hit the ‘Next’ option
  • With the boxes present, hit only the relevant ones
  • Choose any one answer for your reason to delete your Skype account
  • Continue further by clicking on ‘Mark account for closure’
  • Once completed, the process of deleting your Skype account and all the relevant data will be conducted.

 For those of you that want to conduct such actions via your Android/iOS smartphone, follow the actions below:

  • Download Skype on your device
  • Hit your Skype Name
  • Head towards the ‘Settings’ option by clicking on the gear image present in the top right-hand corner
  • Select ‘Account and Profile’ and then choose ‘Close your account’ option
  • Enter in your login details so that the verification process can begin
  • Read the list mentioned and then hit on the ‘Next’ option
  • Select the reason for your action from the boxes stated
  • Finally, end the process by clicking on ‘Mark account for closure’

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Conducting the above actions will help you move away completely from your existence with the Skype account. However, also ensure that before you conduct any of the above steps, the below measures are completed:

  • Unlinking any of your Microsoft email address associated with the Skype account
  • Eliminating any active subscriptions
  • Deleting any Skype number being stated by you
  • Eliminate the ‘Recurring payment’ option by simple heading towards the Auto Renew option and disabling it
  • Conduct an update on your ‘mood’ message
  • Ensure your status is either ‘offline’ or ‘invisible’
  • Any device which you have used to sign in on Skype should be removed
  • Eliminate any information you mentioned on your Skype profile

In Conclusion…

Ensure that before you eliminate any of your social handles, all your details and personal information are deleted.

Leave no trace of your existence anywhere. While deleting a Skype account for privacy measures can be done, it cannot be the ultimate solution as such.

Invest in reliable solutions that help you to conduct online activities more securely