How to Delete Your Tinder Profile?

Tinder is one of the most popular matchmaking apps, with a record of over 9 million matches made up to date. If you are on Tinder and have finally found that one special person or you are just tired of swiping to find a match and want out, then it may be time to delete your Tinder profile. Your internet privacy is another concern as Tinder collects your information.

So in this article, we would walk you through on how to delete Tinder.

Table of Content

1 . Tinder and Your Privacy

2. Deleting The App Doesn’t Delete Your Account

3. How to Delete Tinder Account

4. Why Should You Delete Tinder?

5. Some FAQs About Deleting Tinder

6. Downloading Your Tinder Data

Tinder and Your Privacy


Tinder is a free dating app that is based on location. Users can browse the profiles of other users and swipe right if they are interested in a particular person. If the other user also swipes right, then the two can connect. The Tinder interface provides you with a game-like experience and increases the possibility of meeting your soul mate, but it also collects a lot of information on you. It includes:

  • Your name, physical address, phone number, and email address.
  • A valid Facebook account information
  • Your location each time you use the app
  • All pictures and videos that you upload

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Just as with other platforms, Tinder uses the information it collects to send targeted ads your way. They also have the right to use your information the way they want so when using Tinder, you need to ask yourself the following:

  • How much do you trust Tinder with your personal information?
  • Are you okay knowing that Tinder uses your data to generate revenue?
  • Are you willing to exchange internet privacy for a new relationship?
  • Have you considered the risk involved when you meet your Tinder match physically?

Deleting The App Doesn’t Delete Your Account


Tinder is unlike some mobile applications that delete your account once you delete the app from your device. It doesn’t let you off that easily as your profile remains active together with your pictures, messages, and matches. This is so that you can easily pick off from where you left off if you decide to come back. All you need do is download the app again and sign in to continue.

If you want to close your Tinder account, its best that you take your profile down to avoid problems. If you already have someone, it would be a big problem if they find out that your Tinder profile is still up. If you are concerned about your privacy, leaving your data in the system could leave you vulnerable.

How to Delete Tinder Account


Step by Step Process

1 . Open the Tinder app and tap on your profile icon located at the top left corner of your screen.

2. Click on “Settings”

3. Scroll down to the end and click on “Delete account”

4. You will have options of “deactivate account” or “permanently delete account”. Click on “Delete my account”.

Delete Your Tinder Profile

5. You’ll be asked your reason for leaving. You’ll also be asked if you want to delete or just hide the account. Choose the delete account.

Delete Your Tinder Profile

6. With this, your account would have been deleted.

Why Should You Delete Tinder?


Hopeless romantics aren’t the only ones you can find on online dating sites. They are hackers and scammers there too and you need to be careful at every point.

1 . Catfishing

In catfishing, some users would try to impersonate someone else for malicious intents. They do this by sealing and making use of photos and personal information of someone else and creating fake accounts with it. Such imposters will try to convince you to send money to them, click on links that have malware hidden, or buy them gifs. They could ask for some compromising photos after they have gained your trust and with these photos, they would blackmail you.

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2. Tinder Bots

The use of Tinder Bots is similar to catfishing. Hackers set up these bots to reach multiple users at once, and since they require less maintenance they are feasible. You can recognize that you are chatting with a bot due to the type of responses you get, the sort response time, and most importantly the random answers that do not seem to follow the chat.

The hackers who are running such bots would ultimately try to lure you into sending money to them, clicking on links with malware, or ask for provocative photos of you which they intend to blackmail you with. If you don’t respond to their requests, they would stop messaging you.

3. Phishing

Tinder is a ground for hackers to use in their phishing campaigns. They do this by getting your contact and then sending you an email asking that you confirm your account details, or click on a malicious link. They may even ask that you verify your payment details and Tinder would never ask for that.

Some FAQs About Deleting Tinder


1 . Does Deleting the Tinder App Delete My Account?

No. the deleting action doesn’t delete your Tinder account. Deleting your Tinder account would require the steps mentioned above.

2. What Happens After I Delete My Tinder Account?

When you delete your Tinder account, you will permanently lose every message, all your matches, and every other detail linked to your account.

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3. I’m On Tinder Plus. Will Deleting My Account Also Cancel My Subscription?

No. when you delete the app it doesn’t cancel your Tinder subscription and you can continue by downloading the app again. If you however want to cancel your Tinder subscription, you would need to go to the app store or google play store and unsubscribe. IOS users can go here to submit a request for refund, while android users would have to send an email for a refund request.

4. What Happens If I Log in Again After Deleting My Account?

If you try to log in after deleting your account, a new profile would be created for you.

Downloading Your Tinder Data


  • Visit Tinder’s Download my data tool using a web browser.
  • Log into your Tinder account.
  • Provide the email address you would want a link to your data to be sent.
  • There is no specific time for the link to your data to be sent, so check your email regularly as the link is only useful for only 24 hours.
  • Click on the link to download your data. The downloaded data can be opened using a JSON editor or by simply opening the html file format.


Tinder is a great way to connect to new people and get matched with that one special person. But just like with other online platforms, you need to be careful. Hackers and scammers are at every corner and are ready to extort or steal from you. If you have so much concern about your online privacy, then you could delete your Tinder account by following the detailed guide.

For general online privacy and security, a good VPN like LimeVPN is highly recommended as it will keep you anonymous and encrypt your data so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.